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Logicalis US Advises IT Pros: Choose a Managed Services Provider Based on ...

"We live in an always-on society where compute, storage and network resources are expected to be available around the clock, 365 days a year, to support mission-critical workloads," says Ed Konopasek, Vice President, Cloud and Managed Solutions ... August 4, 2015

Jeb Bush: Federal Employees Are Paid Far Better Than Their Private Sector ...

Bush said the civil service system “runs on automatic” which he says has led to federal employees being “hired, promoted, and given pay increases often without regard to performance.” He added that some select reforms would go a long way towards ... July 20, 2015

Choosing the Right Activity Tracker

I also really enjoyed waking up to the silent alarm -- a vibrating wrist is far less abrupt at 5:30 a.m. than a blaring alarm clock. Built in GPS. Because the GPS is built in, you Limitations Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor. I'm still not completely ... August 6, 2015

5MP Wi-Fi fisheye dome cloud IP camera

The model HK-FD501P2P-G/HK-FD502P2P-G 5MP indoor and outdoor fisheye dome IP camera from Ningbo Hentek Bluview Communications Co. Ltd adopts cloud P2P technology. The device is capable of motion detection, alarm trigger, event notification ... July 18, 2015

Can the Swiss Watchmaker Survive the Digital Age?

In response to Apple's plans to introduce a high-tech watch this year, the chief executive of Frédérique Constant, Peter Stas, decided the company would produce its own. It would not be a minicomputer with a He led me to a large microscope and ... June 3, 2015

Can big data help you get a good night's sleep?

Breathing heavily, I carefully disentangle a gaggle of wires twisted around my neck and roll over to glance at the clock. Just after 3 a.m. My procedure was administered in the offices of Fullpower Technologies, one floor down from where I had ... June 29, 2015

Man shot in Roslindale was under 24-hour surveillance

A man under round-the-clock surveillance by an anti-terrorism task force was shot and killed Tuesday by a Boston police officer and FBI agent when he lunged at them with a menacing military knife, according to police. The shooting sparked an ... June 3, 2015

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North Korea celebrates new time zone, 'Pyongyang Time'

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korea now has its own time zone. Bells were rung in Pyongyang and celebrations held at midnight as the nation's clocks were set back 30 ... the defeat of the Japanese, which led to the establishment of the communist ... August 13, 2015

Only connect: Punkt and Jasper Morrison reveal no-frills phone

A time before unplugging and digital ... Rather, Punkt’s aim is to solve a very modern problem, and ‘tame technology’. Previously, Morrison worked with Punkt on a cordless phone and an analogue alarm clock, which have both enjoyed success, confirming ... August 9, 2015

A Brief History of Time

Clocks ... mobile phone alarm set to 5 a.m., and the global GSM network keeps both identically accurate. Only the hour shifts with the Sun. Exceptions are concentrated in the middle third of Asia, led of course by mighty India. Half-hour time zones are ... August 9, 2015

Frederique Constant smartwatch review: Time-tested activity tracking in a beautiful Swiss watch

The red hand will advance to the little icon of a crescent moon at 12 o ... somewhat meaningless tips, like “Avoid using loud alarm clocks” (which can be stressful ) and “Go camping and hiking” (which benefits stress reduction more than exercising ... August 6, 2015

Gallery View: GSM alarm systems app-, smart home-compatible

Comprising Chuango Security Technology Corp.’s GSM ... Electronics Co. Ltd shows on its colorful LED display time, arm/disarm and battery status, messages and other settings. The unit has two sets of alarm clock functions. Ringing features are adjustable. July 30, 2015

Pedometer sports watch has call reminder, alarm clock

The model TS-H03 pedometer sports watch from Shenzhen Family Moment Technology Co. Ltd features a 316L stainless ... sensor and is powered by a 2032 button battery. Call reminder, alarm clock and sports management are among its functions. July 6, 2015

High Schoolers Brought in Alarm Clocks for a Senior Prank. They Caused a Bomb Scare and Got Arrested Instead.

Two North Carolina high school students were arrested after officials mistook their attempt at a senior prank for ... The ticking clocks led authorities to evacuate the building. “It raised suspicion because, number one, the alarm was going off inside ... May 27, 2015


GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker & Wooden Alarm Clock w/ LED Time + Temperature Display for Phones, MP3 Players, Tablets, & More Review

Marxzo 11.20.14

GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker & Wooden Alarm Clock w/ LED Time + Temperature Display for Phones, MP3 Players, Tablets, & More Review GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker & Wooden Alarm Clock w/ LED Time + Temperature Display for Phones, MP3 Players, Tablets, & More


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