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Cute Pets Waking Up Their Owners ⏰ Best Alarm Clock Ever! [Funny Pets]

March 18, 2018

Cute Pets Waking Up Their Owners ⏰ There's no hitting the snooze button when you own these pets!⏰ Subscribe: | Facebook: Submit...

What is the best animal alarm clocks?

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Maynard police log, March 30-April 5

6:05 p.m.: Police were unable to gain information from a caller on Second Street, with screaming and banging heard on the open line. An officer on scene requested MFD and ALS. 7:38 p.m.: A caller reported a commercial burglar alarm on Clock Tower Place.... April 11, 2015

How to Fight Inflammation

Take supplements. Get plenty of animal-based omega-3 fats by taking a high-quality fish oil supplement. Eat low-mercury fish such as salmon Optimally, you shouldn't require an alarm clock to awaken you. Although not always practical, try to go to ... April 10, 2015

How Not to Eff Up Room Service

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Sheriff's office still looking for 'escaped' jail dog two months later

#But there is no cause for alarm — just sympathy. #Deputies, county animal control and volunteers have been tirelessly trying to bring the dog home, with one animal control officer even spending time off the clock to search, Volkodav said. There ... April 8, 2015

12 clever new uses for cats and dogs

What can a new Pet Dog do for you? Not only do you get a vacuum cleaner, alarm system, and co-pilot, but also a gardener, a babysitter and a concierge. Have different needs? Pet Cat may be the ticket! With Pet cat you get an alarm clock, exterminator, ... March 26, 2015

'Rug Rat' lovable animal companion and early-morning alarm clock: People and ...

BRUNSWICK, Ohio -- Rug Rat is the love of our life and our 5:30 a.m. alarm clock. We do not have an alarm clock. Never did, but Rug Rat seems to know when it's time to get up. We are an older couple. All our kids are gone. When my daughter was going to ... March 3, 2015


Columbia Road Flower Market


I naturally tend to wake up early on Saturdays, admittedly not as early as I have to for work, but generally somewhere between 8. 00 and 8. 30 which is pretty early for a weekend. I pine for my student days when I was able to listen to my own body clock and go to bed at 3-4am and then wake naturally without the intrusion of my alarm around 12-1pm (admittedly sometimes later), it was fantastic and I was so much better for... Now, my precious lie-ins tend to take place on Sundays only, by which time my body has realised that it's not a work day and I can sleep for a little longer than I normally would. However, this has its disadvantages in that Sunday mornings are pretty much a write-off for me. No brunching, no early morning trips to Westfield Stratford before it gets really busy, just sleeping. They are both larks (I am definitely the cuckoo in the nest in my family) and so I found a trip to the flower market was on our itinerary for the weekend and therefore an early morning alarm was in order. I'm not normally a huge fan of flowers as they make me sad when they die (I prefer plants for the slow death from neglect that they tend to suffer at my hands despite my hopes that they'll live, rather than the inevitable death of cut flowers).

things i’ve been meaning to tell you: april 2015


Lent ended last week, and while I’ll be the first to tell you that I am a horrible Catholic, I really failed quite spectacularly at my 40 days and 40 nights of sacrifices this year. For the love of all that is holy, a few years back I gave up pizza for Lent. And I made it through even though I probably would have traded my own mother for a slice of sausage and mushroom two days into the Lenten season that year. But this year pizza wasn’t even part of my sacrifice and I blew it. I mean like flagrant disregard for any promise I made to myself and the holy trinity. So the upshot is I’m probably going to hell, which is unfortunately because I hate being hot, but I am planning on bringing some marshmallows and hot dogs, so hopefully that will make it a little better. I’ve spent a goodly amount of time in airports lately which means there has been an inordinate amount of people watching time, and I have discovered that there seem to be a league of people out there sporting fanny packs un-ironically. Granted, I could just learn to pack lighter, but as that is incredibly unlikely, I think it’s just best if we all collectively agree that yes, fanny packs ARE un-ironically stylish, and bring them, well, not back into fashion, but into fashion to...

Caravanning in the Kgalagadi – Veldrift to Molopo Lodge to Mata Mata


Prior to this It has been a week of stressing, faffing and fussing to get everything ready for a month long trip away in the Kgalagadi. I think this is going to be so much fun. Not gonna happen honey – we have to be prepared for the odd discomfort – and don’t panic – I will survive. We are wide away just before 4 am on Sunday morning – the noise of the Sishon Saldana iron ore train being our alarm clock. There is no point going back to sleep for 15 minutes so we rise and get ready to leave. The biggest hassle is getting the roof folded down – there must be a knack that we haven’t mastered yet – but with only a minimum of grumpiness and a few giggles we finally did it. By 5:00 am were are on the road in beautiful weather and only a... I love driving through the Karoo. It has a stark beauty all of its own but the roads can be long and straight with little change in the scenery. We stop at Vanrynsdorp to refuel and take-away toasted sandwiches and coffee. Also it’s been a long, hot drive and we don’t feel like.

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Lies for Lullabies

My alarm clock decides it wants to sing an annoying high pitched song ... I’m sure if someone took a picture of me just then I would have looked like a wild animal ready to eat after weeks of no food. She drops the plate down in front of me and the ... April 11, 2015

SA divided over time zone change

(Sound of alarm clock ringing) NATALIE WHITING ... NATALIE WHITING: He's also worried about the increased risk of the bus hitting kangaroos or other animals on the road at daybreak. He says the problem could be about to get worse. The State Government ... April 6, 2015


Wild Animal Sound Alarm Clocks

Eric Chan 06.24.10

New and innovative alarm with animal sound. Alarm sound of Tiger, Lion, Wolf, Bird, Elephant… to wake you up every morning. Product of J Concept Ind Ltd - call (852) 2797 3818 or visit or

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Mini Animal Alarm Clock - only $10.69 | Unique Gifts & Home Decor ...

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Animal Sounds Alarm Clocks - Cow Alarm Clock - Rooster Alarm Clock

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