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American Furniture 2014

To show how revolutionary it was, he begins with the walnut high chest and dressing table with turned legs made by John Head in 1726 for Caspar Wistar, a German immigrant who arrived in 1717 and became a successful button manufacturer. . Explaining ... June 9, 2015

The furniture fair is mad for modern

Her latest, Zelda, is a diamond-shape fixture with custom brass hardware and LED tubes. Products at the show included Ecotono's Feeler pendant light with an integrated Bluetooth speaker, Mio Feltforms decorative panels that double as acoustic tiles ... June 8, 2015

The Intrigue of a Heist: Unbecoming by Rebecca Scherm

This morning she'd finished scraping off centuries of songbird guano from the cage's floor. It wasn't a birdcage .. They dispersed into the rooms, filling their bags with needlework samplers, old desk clocks, a silver-hilted hunting knife. They had ... June 8, 2015

Trend spotting at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair

NEW YORK — National and global brands catering to lovers of modern design and contemporary furniture exhibited their hottest wares last month at the 27th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Held annually in New York, ICFF (as it's known ... June 2, 2015

Tiffany scenic leaded window and lamps, plus Howard & Davis and Seth ...

In addition to over 200 antique clocks (a specialty of Fontaine's), these categories will include antique lamps by makers such as Tiffany Studios and others, fine period furniture, over 15 porcelain plaques by KPM, Royal Vienna etc., marble and bronze ... May 12, 2015

The Man Who Would Oversee WWIIs End

Knickknacks on FDR's desk—pigs, donkeys, and other odd mementos—were swept away, replaced by a model cannon, a clock, and pen sets. From a glance around the study, Navy men like Truman also turned his broom on the old guard. Harold Ickes, Frances ... May 7, 2015

Where Howard Hughes Was Underfoot

As a house tour enticement, “Do you want to see Howard Hughes's vault?” is pretty irresistible. Of course you want to see Howard Hughes's vault. Who doesn't? And Ash Shah, the homeowner who asked, looks thrilled to lead you down to the basement.... March 5, 2015

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Brass leads India nautical gifts material options

clock paperweights, globes and candle and letter holders. Pieces have an antique brass, bronze or copper, or shiny brass finish. The Taj Stores offers telescopes, sextants, compasses, sand timers and globes made of brass, iron and wood. Roorkee ... May 5, 2015

Trissa V Antique Brass Finish Curved Scrolled Ends Queen Headboard and Footboard

Trissa V antique brass finish curved scrolled ends queen headboard and footboard set with round ball post toppers. This set includes the queen headboard and footboard with curved ends and round ball post toppers (bed frame support rails sold separately). April 21, 2015

Brass Double Dial Porthole Wheel Clock 8'' Brass Desk Clocks Brass Clock - Bran

The Hampton Nautical Double Dial Wheel Clock is a solid brass desk clock. This brand new ship wheel clock is a perfect accent to any home, office or study. This clock features both the 12-hour and 24-hour marks and has 1 minute interval marks. Inside the ... December 10, 2013

With care, antique clocks stand the test of time

Often passed down through families, antique clocks - from small desk models to towering grandfather clocks - bring a sense of history and charm to any room. These old mechanical devices have presence, not only because of their hand-crafted designs ... February 22, 2013


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