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For sale: Centuries old rare folk art from Wales' forgotten past

"You find similar items that have been brought back from the Black Forrest in southwest Germany, they look like cuckoo clocks, but this one would probably have been made in a little back room in Pembrokeshire somewhere. "The figures would have ... June 3, 2015

Family clock repair business stands the tests of timepieces

You won't find a manual for most antique clocks at the Olde Timer Clock Shop, so skill and handed-down knowledge are needed, especially with old cuckoo clocks like these, some of which are more than a century old. You never know when you're going to ... May 31, 2015

Crafts, tours bring history up close at Old Economy Village

It's unique not only for its carvings of grapes and other motifs reminiscent of Germany's Black Forest but for the sound it makes when the lid is opened. “It has a little bellows called a pipsqueak. It's like a cuckoo clock,” said David Miller, an ... May 23, 2015

Waukesha clock restorer crazy about cuckoos

Bill Galinsky works on repairing a customer's German 1970 Hubert Herr cuckoo clock. He got his first cuckoo clock when he was almost 7 years old, when his father, a mason who loved to prowl rummage sales, bought a Schmeckenbecher for a quarter.... December 27, 2014

Swiss Designers Reinvent the Cuckoo Clock

Steeped not only in a culture of old-fashioned alpine agrarianism, but also in a legacy of meticulous handiwork in a nation of clockmakers, the cuckoo clock has long been an icon of Switzerland. But in today's tech-heavy, electronically pulsating world ... February 25, 2015

The last rhino: future bleak for the sole male northern white

Every evening he patrols the Kenyan savannah, glimpsing lions chasing down darting Thomson's gazelles, hearing the calls of red-chested cuckoos and, when there is a full moon, seeing the majestic, snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya in the distance. But ... May 2, 2015

Quick Getaways: Solvang serves up lots of calories, but lets you walk them off

The quaint – some would say over-the-top – streets are lined with nearly 100 shops selling clogs, cuckoo clocks, antiques, art and collectibles. Mixed in are wine-tasting rooms, bakeries and restaurants serving fare ranging from classic Danish to Mexican.... April 1, 2015

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Dwindling cadre of repair technicians keeps antique clocks ticking

The men and women who repair antique clocks ... "You can find cuckoo clocks at a garage sale cheap enough, and it's well worth it to have them repaired, or to replace the movement," he says, noting that new German clocks can cost hundreds or thousands ... June 5, 2015

Cuckoo for Clocks Now Sells German Beer Steins

Aug. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Cuckoo for Clocks, based in Antelope, Calif., carries a wide selection of beautiful, quality cuckoo clocks and is excited to announce that they are now offering handmade German ... collected antique and replica beer ... August 15, 2014

Quartz Melodies Black Forest House Cuckoo Clock

Chalet style. Two metal weights. Wooden cuckoo, dial with roman numerals and hands. Wooden cuckoo calls and strikes every half and full hour. Quartz movement with 12 different melodies. Brown dancing figurines, mill wheel and beer drinker move at full hour. December 10, 2013

US Post Office Delivery man throws box over fence (Video)

The 1938 German Cuckoo Clock inside the box was broken and this is a valuable antique. The postal worker didn’t just gracefully drop the box to the ground; he flung the box, with an action much like a shot-putter! "Fox and Friends" did a quick segment on ... January 20, 2012

Mailman Caught on Video Tossing Package with Antique Clock Over Fence

Oreb was waiting on a 1938 German black forest cuckoo clock, he told NBC. On Tuesday, he watched in horror as the mailman pulled up and lobbed the clock over the fence. Oreb tried to chase the mailman down, but he was gone and the cuckoo clock needed a ... January 19, 2012

Villengen Hand Carved Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Styled after the traditional German Black Forest tradition, this cuckoo clock is a graphic, stylish addition to any room. Hand carved wood frame shows leaves and birds. Each hour the cuckoo makes an appearance. Precise quartz movement adds superior ... September 7, 2010

Going cuckoo over Germany’s Black Forest

A mix of “Eden-ism” and hedonism, the Black Forest is popular with German holiday-goers and tourists looking for serious R&R, clean air, cuckoo clocks, countless hiking ... using its collection of antique farms as racks upon which to hang artifacts ... June 1, 2006


Rare Antique Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptist Beha model #116

Yoel Jalon 06.07.15

Rare Antique Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptist Beha model #116