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Giftgarden Classical Wall Clock Imitation Wood Color with Pendulum ClocksVIEW DETAILS

Giftgarden Classical Wall Clock Imitation Wood Color with Pendulum Clocks

Why Choose the polyresin as the wall clocks material? Polyresin is a resin compound generally used for clocks,...

ATPWONZ Dia 22 Inches Large Royal Style Wall Clock Vintage Ultra Silent Plastic Wall Clock with PendulumVIEW DETAILS

ATPWONZ Dia 22 Inches Large Royal Style Wall Clock Vintage Ultra Silent Plastic Wall Clock with Pendulum

Three-dimensional sculpture, Hand-painted Handmade, exquisite craft of the frame to highlight the taste, so that full...

Design Toscano The Templeton Regulator Steampunk Decor Wall Clock, 26 Inch, Metalware, Bronze FinishVIEW DETAILS

Design Toscano The Templeton Regulator Steampunk Decor Wall Clock, 26 Inch, Metalware, Bronze Finish

YP351 Introduced in the late 16th century, the Regulator dramatically improved accuracy in measuring time with the...



Antique Old Vintage Vienna Movement For Wall Clock With Key & Pendulum See Video

July 12, 2018

Antique Old Vintage Vienna Movement For Wall Clock With Key & Pendulum See Video.

What is the best antique large pendulum wall clocks?

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Great Auspiciousness Confirmed for Chinese Tribute Clock

Emperors built large collections of exotic clocks, some imported and others manufactured in royal workshops staffed by Jesuit missionaries, who also trained local artisans. High court officials commissioned clocks as one of The son of Alan's ... June 6, 2015

Clocks' many duties stand the test of time

Examples can be found from any decade from 1820 on up; new Kit-Cat clocks swish their tails in a variety of colors on the wall. Another indicator that clocks and watches continue to draw interest is the fact that the Wichita Antique Watch & Clock ... March 6, 2015

Will the Apple Watch Eclipse the Classic Swiss Watch?

WILL SHE BE, like, “Huh?” Lately, I've been thinking about how my daughter will react when I eventually give her one of my impressively fancy mechanical watches, the first of which I received from my parents when I graduated from college. She's only ... April 16, 2015

Doc's TML: XU, UC could be twins, and appraising Votto

Clock runs, point guard dribbles. Point guard waits until 8 seconds are left (it used to be 10) at which point he initiates something. Point guard doesn't have the time to get a good shot or make a decent pass. Point guard takes bad shot that misses ... February 9, 2015

A quick autopsy my love, then off to the ball: The eccentric behaviour of ...

She asks an intriguing question: could Vermeer and Leeuwenhoek, who were born in the same week, lived and worked their entire lives in an area not much larger than a football pitch, and who had friends in common, have exchanged ideas and inspired each ... April 23, 2015

Antiques & Collectibles: Seth Thomas regulator clock a timeless favorite

Question: What can you tell me about an old oak wall clock left in an office building I recently ac-quired? It is 37 inches long, 16 inches wide and 5½ inches deep with a brass pendulum and weight. Its metal dial is painted white, has Roman numerals, a ... March 7, 2015

Courier Café serves up old-fashioned food, memories

In a small, corner cafe, Pullman railroad berth lights illuminate the booths, a large pendulum clock keeps time on a far wall, a gold Palace Opera House chandelier shines above the dining room and a red airplane with a propeller that acts as a fan for ... March 31, 2015


Great Auspiciousness Confirmed for Chinese Tribute Clock - Maine Antique Digest

Estimated at $80,000/120,000 and bringing $161,000, the star of the show was the Chinese tribute clock, produced in the late 18th century as a royal gift. This rare French naval cruiser automaton clock was affectionately known as the “yellow submarine” during its presale time at Bonhams. Although clearly a surface vessel, it is from a genre of French industrial clocks, many by André Romain Guilmet, that portrayed several types of machines, ships, locomotives, etc. A famous white marble sculpture, executed around 1770 by Étienne-Maurice Falconet and now in the Louvre, was the inspiration for this French gilt bronze and marble Three Graces clock from the late 19th century. It sold for $15,000. Howard No. 6 walnut figure-eight regulators have been known to sell for much more, but this one still was within its $15,000/20,000 estimate at $17,500. It was a favorite in the consignor’s collection and perhaps went to a... Tall-case clocks by early 19th-century Massachusetts maker William Cummens already are desirable, but clocks of that region and age are further enhanced by dials painted by John Ritto Penniman, whose initials on the dial back of this clock were...

Doc's TML: XU, UC could be twins, and appraising Votto - (blog)

It's human nature to fixate on the recent past, and it's pretty terrifying to see a 31-year-old player who's owed $213 million after a season in which he hit. , and massive contract will make him a major impediment to the Reds' success for years to come, it's important that we maintain some sense of context. One season doesn't make a trend, and we've got years of evidence to suggest that as long as Votto is healthy, he's Wade Boggs with power, the kind of hitter who comes along maybe a few times each generation. Several of the talent evaluators I consulted for this story spoke harshly about the $213 million left on Votto's deal, with two assistant GMs calling the contract one of the five worst in baseball. I'm not quite ready to lump Votto in with baseball's five (or 10) biggest sinkholes, but I also can't ignore the very real possibility that this deal ends terribly for Cincinnati. I wrote this last summer, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out: The clubhouse leadership pendulum is starting to swing toward Frazier and Mesoraco. Frazier is more vocal, but every bit the grinder Mesoraco is. Each needs to build on last year to build cred with his teammates.

A quick autopsy my love, then off to the ball: The eccentric behaviour of ... - Daily Mail

A quick autopsy my love, then off to the ball: The eccentric behaviour of Dutch natural scientist Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and painter Johannes Vermeer At 41 van Leeuwenhoek used his body as a guinea pig in an experiment Vermeer spent hours peering... He took three lice, nestled them among the hairs of his calf, rolled up a tight stocking so that the insects were bound to his leg and then left the stocking on and did not bathe for six days. On the seventh day, he removed the stocking and counted more than 80 eggs but no young lice. Finally, the stocking came off to reveal at least 25 lice running up and down his leg. ‘This spectacle of all the young lice filled me with such aversion to the stocking,’ he wrote, ‘that I threw it, along with all the lice in it, out the window. Draped in a black cloth, Vermeer spent hours peering into the box-like interior of a camera obscura, an ancestor of the photographic camera. This was a light-tight wooden chamber with a hole or lens on one side, which could be used to project an image of a scene on to a glass plate or wall.

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Nestegg Interiors, a home décor and specialty furniture shop to open on Saturday

The items include vintage benches and chairs, barnwood floating shelves, handmade wreaths as well as hats, scarves, gloves, and blankets. Havens says that the new items at the store range from around $6 for stationery items to $100 for a large wall clock. June 5, 2015

Machinery show features the engines of days gone by

The engine huffed and puffed, spewing large clouds of black smoke as operators fed ... She also paints the faces for a line of wall clocks they sell. Nittany Antique Machinery Association was formed in 1975 and held its first show at the Penns Cave Farm ... June 4, 2015

A Drug Smuggler’s Times Square Visit (for Pleasure, Not Business) MAY 22

Today, it is crammed with timepieces of every size, from piles of pocket watches to standing clocks to wristwatches that hang ... Next to it was a large hole in the wall. It looked like the Hulk had broken into the place. To get to that wall, a burglar ... May 30, 2015

Use wall clocks to enhance home decor

There are people who are passionate about this and take real pains to search for the perfect clock to match the interior ... However, for a more stylish touch, go in for antique wall clocks. Many antique wall clocks are pendulum operated and some are ... May 23, 2014

European Antique Manuscript Wall Clock With Pendulum-20 in.

This antiqued and weathered looking clock features a dark ivory face with roman numerals and short pendulum. It is a classy clock - perfect for a home or office with elegance. Brass accents add to the beauty of this clock. Requires 1-AA battery. December 10, 2013

Pendulum clock chimes at wrong times

Q: My husband and I purchased a beautiful Howard Miller pendulum ... wall clock, with what he calls a “bim-bam” to signal the time, is usually $96. If parts are broken or so worn that they need to be replaced, prices are higher. I have an antique ... February 27, 2013

Sterling Industries 36 Inch Round Large Wall Clock in Black and Antique Cream

Classic clock is easy-to-read roman numeral clock. Made of PU and glass material with Berkshire finish. Distressed black and heavily antiqued cream hand painted frame. Add an elegant addition to any wall. September 7, 2010


Stunning antique French cherub visible pendulum clock set

Pumpkinbio 05.01.15

Stunning antique French cherub visible pendulum clock set


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