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Westclox Big Ben Classic Metal Quartz Alarm Clock 90010 Vintage Antique DesignVIEW DETAILS

Westclox Big Ben Classic Metal Quartz Alarm Clock 90010 Vintage Antique Design

Durable Metal Construction Beeping Alarm Quartz Accuracy Luminous Hands For Night Reading Black Numerals Light...

AcuRite 15605 Vintage Twin Bell Alarm ClockVIEW DETAILS

AcuRite 15605 Vintage Twin Bell Alarm Clock

The Accurate Vintage Twin Bell Alarm Clock is a classic antique-styled timepiece with a wind-up mechanical...

DULTON Alarm Clock CHROME DT-100-053Q-CR from JapanVIEW DETAILS

DULTON Alarm Clock CHROME DT-100-053Q-CR from Japan

Retro and pop sense of cute, is a simple table clock. ! Recommended in the space of antique and vintage taste! Even...


Old Westclox travel alarm clock

July 18, 2018

If any of my viewers know when this clock was made let me know! Subscribe!

What is the best antique travel alarm clocks?

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An Old-Time Grace in Travel Clocks

Several companies have focused on the nostalgia factor associated with certain kinds of luxury travel — with vintage-design luggage ... and volume of their phone alarm or telephone wake-up call to those of an older travel clock,” said Ariel Adams ... March 18, 2015

Astor Aluminium Travel Alarm Clock Landmark

Bai's Astor Travel Alarm Clock is lathed from a solid block of aluminum using the latest CNC machine with a diamond blade to achieve that unique, uniform refection on the bezel! It features a quality quartz alarm movement with 4-step volume increase ... December 10, 2013

Profitable vintage item to sell on eBay - flip clock radios

Flip clock radios are back and sell for big money on eBay. As vintage continues to gain momentum in home decor themes, more people are looking for interesting conversation pieces to add to their homes. The classic flip clock radio has numbers on a chain ... November 28, 2013

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Geneva releases Model XS sound system inspired by vintage travel clocks

The new portable sound system was inspired by the folding design of classic travel clocks, but this model is all high-tech with a Hi-Fi system complete with speakers, amplifiers, a radio, and an alarm clock, all in one sleek design. The sound system ... November 8, 2011

Vintage style bake-a-like alarm clocks

Add a retro touch to your bedside table with these vintage style 'bake-a-like' alarm clocks. With curvy casing, stylised numbering and glow-in-the-dark hands, the clocks are a simple but sweet design. A simple mechanism too - they run on a AA battery. September 28, 2010


Vintage Antique old Working Mechanical German "JUNGHANS" Alarm Clock, 1930-1940

Keaton Birt 05.26.15

Vintage Antique old Working Mechanical German "JUNGHANS" Alarm Clock, 1930-1940


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