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May 18, 2018

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Jumping willy-nilly as high as I could, with no regard for technique, I occasionally felt my finger graze the underside of the rim. Most times I did not. What I did feel early on was a firm self-awareness that I was a two-foot jumper (like Spud Webb ... June 1, 2015

A New Opera and Hong Kong's Utopian Legacy

“Many Chinese bands aspire to be recognized for their art, not as Made in China novelties.” When the curtain rises on the third and final act, Kang Tongbi is attended on her Beijing deathbed by her daughter Luo Yifeng. It is 1969, and outside her ... April 10, 2015

Cyclogeography: Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier review – life, the ...

But while he might aspire to escapist mindlessness, he is going to have to pedal harder to achieve it. Erudition gets in the way. He admits: “Alongside riding London, I began to read it.” He shares with us his literary, bike-related plunderings ... May 25, 2015

Best of Augusta

Shane's Rib Shack, where ribs are (ok, technically where rib is) their middle name, is living high on the hog as the reader favorite. Sconyers Bar-B-Que places in the top two and Big Daddy's Bar & Grill places in the top three.... October 1, 2014

A WWII veteran's lifelong love for cycling

“Most mornings I come downstairs to have breakfast, wash and shave and am out cycling by nine o'clock,” he told me. “Under Gregory first started accumulating mileage on two wheels when, as a lad, he rode 100 miles a week between the village where ... February 23, 2015

England v South Africa: as it happened

But we know that the clock is ticking. I would not agree . 56 mins: Watson is tested under a high ball and he is found wanting, he has knocked it on under pressure from Habana. Burger got It's a wonderful little chip from Lambie, and his pal Le ... November 15, 2014

ISU football adds female to staff

Brown served as coordinator of compliance and student services before moving to a desk in the Kaufman Football Building. "You have to be a "You look for someone who is always willing to work and doesn't want to punch a clock. "I like having someone ... September 2, 2014



When Joe Fortenberry, a farm boy from Happy, Texas, threw one down at the West Side YMCA in New York City on March 9, 1936, he may not have been the first man to dunk a basketball, but he was the first to do it in an aesthetically stirring way,... Cameras of that era were too crude to capture the split second when the rules of both Newton and Naismith were bent, so it was fortuitous that New York Times writer Arthur J. Daley was at the Y that day covering the tournament that would decide... Seventy-nine years later, the feat that Daley unwittingly named “the dunk” still flabbergasts. But how it felt to Fortenberry, a pioneering barnstormer whose name we’ve forgotten despite the gold medal he and his teammates won in 1936, remains a mystery. “He never talked about being the first person to dunk and all that,” says 65-year-old Oliver Fortenberry, the only son of Big Joe, who died in ’93. Indeed, the famous dunkers throughout history have been either reticent on the subject or unable to... After more than a year of rigorous research on the subject, I’ve concluded that the inadequacies of modern language—not the ineloquence of the dunk’s practitioners—are at fault.

A New Opera and Hong Kong's Utopian Legacy - ChinaFile

This year, the 43rd annual Hong Kong Arts Festival commissioned a chamber opera in three acts called Datong: The Chinese Utopia . Depicting the life and times of Kang Youwei (1858-1927), a philosopher and reformer of China’s last Qing dynasty, it... Kang was one of the central figures of China’s late 19th century reform movement. During the time he wrote, China faced defeat to a rising Japan, and Kang advocated constitutional reform, arguing that the traditions he defended were themselves built on adaptation and change. The irony of an opera on Kang’s life, six months after one of the biggest and most persistent mass protests Hong Kong has ever seen, could not have been lost on the audience. Hong Kong University professors were out in full force, and the audience also included Martin Lee , founding chairman of Hong Kong’s Democratic Party. The audience thus included activists—young and old—who had just seen their own demands for constitutional reform denied. The opera begins with Kang and his students’ thwarted attempt to introduce political reforms in the Qing court, and it ends in the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution, in the 1960s. The first act opens in 1901, with Kang Youwei’s daughter,...

Cyclogeography: Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier review – life, the ... - The Guardian

rmchair cycling turns out to be an exquisitely indolent sport – at least when one has in one’s hands a book as choice as Jon Day ’s Cyclogeography . Everything about this slender hardback, bound in shocking pink (Notting Hill Editions are... One can become becalmed as any Oblomov as the wheels spin and pages turn. He is a lecturer in English at King’s College London, who for three years – for reasons he does not go into detail about – lived another life as a courier on a bicycle. He remaps London intimately (cyclogeography is a nice play on psychogeography). ” But while he might aspire to escapist mindlessness, he is going to have to pedal harder to achieve it. Erudition gets in the way. He admits: “Alongside riding London, I began to read it. ” He shares with us his literary, bike-related plunderings – Edward Thomas, Hilaire Belloc , Samuel Beckett – and a more obscure cycling coterie. He sees cycling as “a form of interpretation” (put a critic on a bicycle and this is what you get). He seems to have mastered the “knowledge” to rival any London cabbie but there is another, more inward, appreciation of the city going on. It accrues with time, abetted by his reading, although London will always continue to tantalise: “Because of...

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A Night with Pauley LaPointe, Chicago’s Nightcrawler

Idling in his gurgling Crown Vic, amid a static storm of police scanner squawks, bleats, beeps, and babble (All units . . . 23-Robert . . . Shots fired), Pauley LaPointe paradiddles the steering wheel ... means money on the table. If LaPointe can get ... July 21, 2015

Have You Ever had One of Those Days When EVERYTHING is Weird?

Nevertheless, even if the quote is just taking advantage of the fact that even a broken clock ... wheel again, driving off toward my black hole of a neighborhood, feeling a little disgusted. Earlier in the day, I had received an email from a woman I went t ... July 18, 2015

Chronic fatigue syndrome saps its victims, but new research may find the cause

His joint pain became so severe some time ago that he could no longer walk and needed to use a wheel chair ... he became a substitute teacher at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale. He hiked, swam, rode a bike and, in general, liked the outdoors. July 10, 2015

Home of the Week: The art-filled home of a couple of Hunt Meadow pioneers

Her senior year in high ... table are neatly arrayed. A pair of bar stools are tucked under a narrow wooden ledge topped with family photos and several artworks. The cue stick holders flank a wooden captain's wheel that is centered with a brass-faced clock. July 10, 2015

How the Bicycle Paved the Way for Women's Rights

Others, like this Sunday Herald writer in 1891, were decidedly less open minded: The bicycle, as a new technology of its time, had become an enormous cultural and political force, and an emblem of women's rights. "The woman on the wheel is altogether a ... June 25, 2014

Blair Kamin

Blair Kamin has been the Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic since 1992. A graduate of Amherst College and the Yale University School of Architecture, he has also been a fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. The ... April 5, 2011

Minneapolis resident asks: Can you change a motorcycle tire at home?

Q: Can I change a motorcycle tire at home? Shops want almost as much to install the tires as they cost. (My bike is a 2003 Suzuki ... A perfectly balanced wheel can be rotated and stopped at any point "on the clock" and it will not rotate on its own. July 19, 2009


Anself Bike Bicycle Model Clock Table Creative Alarm Clock Decoration Gift Craft Review

Elfredauy1 04.23.15

Anself Bike Bicycle Model Clock Table Creative Alarm Clock Decoration Gift Craft Review Anself Bike Bicycle Model Clock Table Creative Alarm Clock Decoration Gift Craft Bicycle model design, a great decor for your room and bookshelf.Also an alarm clock, making life more easy and convenient.This highly imaginative item is also a wonderful gift!The front wheel is stationary, and the back wheel and pedal are rotational.Be made of high-quality material, strong and...


Traveling Music

ECW Press.2004.ISBN: 9781554907953,1554907950.440 pages.

The music of Frank Sinatra, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and many other artists...

Miller’s Waves

Xlibris Corporation.2011.ISBN: 145687747X,9781456877477.135 pages.

Dayton Miller, American physicist in the early twentieth century, known for...

You're in Charge--Now What?

Crown Business.2005.ISBN: 9781400098309,1400098300.320 pages.

Getting a new job or a big promotion is like building a house: You need to...