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Quickie Gifts to Big Labor

The NLRB analogizes employee emails about work conditions to their right to gather at a cafeteria to discuss union activities while they aren't on the clock. Employer email systems are the property of a company, not the employees, but the new standard ... December 12, 2014

Failure to launch: a few reasons why smartwatches haven't caught on

My first encounter with a smartwatch was about 25 years ago. It was 1990 and I was in a crowded movie theater watching the movie Dick Tracy with my family. Set in the 1930s, the film's title character, portrayed by Warren Beatty, was a no-nonsense ... February 10, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Verizon) Unboxing and First Look

And there's a white Samsung fast-charging wall wart that will be used in conjunction with the cable to super charge the Galaxy S6 Edge. The last item on the box And there are some various Edge features like Edge Lighting, People Edge, Information ... April 11, 2015

Obama's Overtime-Pay Boomerang

Workers who aspire to climb the management ladder strive for the opportunity to move from hourly-wage, crew-level positions to salaried management positions with performance-based incentives. What they lose in overtime pay they gain in the stature and ... March 24, 2014

Consequence of Sound

In this way, for at least a while, going to see a film in a theater can be an opening-weekend event for those desirous of such a thing, and for the people who don't care, or would rather just watch a new movie at home, now they only have to wait a ... June 19, 2014

The Best Fitness Tracker for Every Exercise

If you don't need the full multi-sport capabilities of the 920XT, but you're a runner (or aspire to be one) and do a little cycling here and there, then the $180 Polar M400 is nearly impossible to beat. It's a full-on GPS running watch that I've found ... December 19, 2014

Wall Mounted Germ Eliminating Air Purifier – leave some space on your bathroom ...

Definitely an icky situation, either one of them, although the latter certainly won't happen if you are well off enough to have a bathroom that is large. Having said that, why not make sure the entire bathroom itself would smell great with the $159.95 ... November 10, 2014

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Hundreds of Watches Are Stolen but a Victim Remains Undaunted

Today, it is crammed with timepieces of every size, from piles of pocket watches to standing clocks to wristwatches that hang ... Next to it was a large hole in the wall. It looked like the Hulk had broken into the place. To get to that wall, a burglar ... May 29, 2015

Frozen in time: Inside the abandoned Welsh farmhouse which has been empty for decades full of old photographs, a collection of pocket watches and even a coat left hanging up

For me, the collection of pocket watches, the grandfather clock and the organ were the highlights ... The farmer seemed to have a fascination with time and had a large collection of pocket watches. 'He seems to have served in the navy, probably during ... February 10, 2015

Patek Philippe’s Best-Kept Secret

“For our 175th, everyone expects another pocket watch.” He slides away the silk cover to reveal the Grandmaster Chime. Only seven will be produced—six for clients and one for the Patek Philippe Museum ... If set for 1 o’clock—a time that would ... October 13, 2014

The Attraction for Nautical Folklore in Watch Design

“The challenge all along for us was how to take a design of any kind of wall ... a clock that could compensate for the motion of the ship, Mr. Harrison had created a spring-driven and regulated timepiece, or a kind of oversized pocket watch. March 27, 2014

Apple experimenting with an iWatch, secures solar touchscreen patent

Apple has discussed such a device with its key manufacturer Foxconn, the Wall Street Journal reported in a follow-up piece. A wrist watch could make a lot of sense in the context of Apple's search for way to deliver products that are more accessible in ... February 11, 2013

Atomic Pocket Watches and More: Gift Guide 2013

With a doctorate in physics, Hoptroff has led his company to create a watch with an onboard atomic clock, complete with cesium gas oven ... So making the most accurate pocket timepiece in the world, winning that trophy back for Britain, being a part ... December 16, 2012

Who wears wins

The transition was not easy, because small pocket watches were still too large for ... for time-only military watches thanks to its near-perfect legibility. As was typical of many military watches, the Mk 11 had a triangle at the 12 o'clock position ... November 21, 2012


Heartybay? XXL Large Mirrors Wall Clock Nice Gift Living Room Decoration Review

Mauritaila 04.24.15

Heartybay? XXL Large Mirrors Wall Clock Nice Gift Living Room Decoration Review Heartybay? XXL Large Mirrors Wall Clock Nice Gift Living Room Decoration Easy to Apply and remove.Adhesive so You Can Put the Numbers Anywhere.Great for a Contemporary RoomUsage: For gifts and crafts,business gifts,holiday gifts,promotion gifts,home decorationSuitable place: Living room, kids bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, bathroom, outdoor

Reviews pocket watch wall clock December 31, 1969

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