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December 1, 2019

Luxury watches box ( CLASSY AND EXCELLENT QUALITY WATCHES , COMING SOON !!) Best watch attributes in one piece. "Aspire ...

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Will your Apple Watch program YOU?

Enthusiasm for Apple Watch -- and its long line of apps -- could lift the fortunes of Samsung, Sony, Pebble and others pitching their own interactive watches, making the human wrist the most coveted piece of real estate since the redevelopment of Times ... March 11, 2015

SFMOMA hails Jony Ive as a treasure

Ive briefly described the route of the wristwatch — from the solo timekeeping clock tower in a village and evolution of the pocket watch to the wrist. And not the ankle. “Obviously, you're Then we aspire to make it smaller and more personal.” For ... November 4, 2014

Apple's screen size barrage with iPhone 6, iPad caters to enterprise

Apple's upcoming product launches of the iPhone 6 and iPad refresh are likely to include a wave of various screen sizes---larger smartphones and tablets---that on the surface merely mimic Samsung's approach of carpet bombing categories with devices of ... August 31, 2014

Consumer Electronics - Global Trends, Estimates and Forecasts, 2011-2018

Other (Consumer Robotics, PlayStation, Clocks and Home Products, etc.) The period considered for the consumer electronics market analysis is 2011-2018. The region wise distribution of the market consists of North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), ... December 17, 2013

Where's our life of leisure?

They aspire to a nicer house, car, clothing and to keep up with their neighbours. It's not just about hedonic pleasures, watching more TV and drinking yourself under the table. . Put the two of us in a canoe in a national park or wilderness area ... August 31, 2012

Keira Knightley: Playing the misanthrope

At this point the film's publicist -- who has been sitting in the corridor listening in on our interview -- approaches the big, round table where the actress and I are talking. He glances from me to her, her to me. Eventually he backs away, arms out to ... January 31, 2011

Love her or hate her, the ubiquitous Esurance spokeswoman turns heads.

The sheer number of responses to Seth Stevenson's Ad Report Card is testament to the consumer awareness—if not success—of Esurance's latest ad campaign featuring the pink-haired anime figure Erin. For those of us unfamiliar, Rrhain recaps the origin ... November 18, 2006


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