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Day 162: Northern Summer

“That’s the sound of our alarm clock!” he said. “Let’s get up ... Bjorn was already rolling up his pad. “Yeah, birds are singing!” he replied. In Norway at this time of year, it only gets dark for an hour or two, and the best bird activity ... June 14, 2015

Mark Feldstein and Associates Audubon Singing Bird Clock 8 in Green, AUD8

12 of the most popular North American birds are featured on this 8" Audubon Singing Bird Clock framed in Green Matte. Each hour is announced by the beautiful song of that particular bird -- a different song every hour. Perfect for wall or desk, using the ... December 10, 2013

50 Years of Mustang Captured on Limited Edition Desktop Sound Clock Thermometer

including the well-known Original Singing Bird Clock, and other themed-sound clocks licensed by a variety of companies including Thomas Kinkade™, PEANUTS™, Audubon™, and Keith Kimberlin. MFA has also introduced innovative products such as LED ... December 2, 2013

What Time Is It? Your Barking, Meowing, Or Singing Clock Will Tell You

The Meowing Cat Clock is available here. Some of the 12 singing birds on this clock may be found near your home; they are all birds found in North America, but may also give concerts on other continents. Their songs are original, composed by their ancesters. June 23, 2013

COLUMN: Old friends bring the memories with them

The family of six fell silent. “What was that?” Greg asked. I pointed to our Audubon singing bird clock on the wall. “A different bird every hour, on the hour,” I chirped. Greg threw back his head and laughed. “Kids, welcome to America.” February 9, 2013

Original singing bird clock returns to retail

MFA discontinued the original singing bird clock in 2006 after coming out with another version licensed by the National Audubon Society a few years earlier, the company said. The original singing bird clock will be available in both 8-in. and 13-in. June 5, 2011

Old Friends Return, Bringing the Memories With Them

The family of six fell silent. "What was that?" Greg asked. I pointed to our Audubon singing bird clock on the wall. "A different bird every hour, on the hour," I chirped. Greg threw back his head and laughed. "Kids, welcome to America." His wife ... October 19, 2010


Singing Bird Wall Clock Review

Garywl5 12.22.14

Singing Bird Wall Clock Review Singing Bird Wall Clock Features 12 of the most popular North American birds songsEach hour is announced by that bird?s beautiful songHourly Chime is Pre-set from 6AM to 9PM and silent from 10PM to 5AMSoothes you every hour with melodic bird chirpingBird-lovers collector item


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