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April 16, 2018

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What is the best bai design childrens wall clock?

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Bai Design 8'' Children's Wall Clock - December 31, 1969

Overall, great value for money. Ours came in excellent condition and I particulalry like the pick-up at a Fedex location locally for free option, saved me a long drive to Walmart. I gave the clock 2 stars for features because it has none, other than it tells the time reasonably accurately, and, if you are noise sensitive, do not buy this clock, it ticks quite loudly... I'm still trying to understand why they make an electric driven clock "tick" so loudly!! It doesn't seem to bother kids... - Bai Children Wall Clock, Dinosaurs December 31, 1969

Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon List Price: $20.00 Price: $12.39 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. Details You Save: $7.61 (38%) Only 9 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available. Enter your model number above to make sure this fits. 4-color PVC dial with black metal hands Glass lens Gift-boxed 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Frequently Bought Together...

Thomas Bai Designs December 31, 1969

Custom Designs & Productions Thomas Bai Designs offer custom design services and volume overseas productions. Our manufacturing capabilities include fully customized clocks, watches, weather stations, timers and silicone products. For more details, please contact us via email at Our clients have included: BMW, Coca-cola, Conran's, The Container Store, Crate & Barrel, Daimler Chrysler, Estee Lauder, Honda, Habitat, Indigo, Mondo, MTV, Marshalls, The Museum of... - Bai Children Wall Clock, Monkeys - Analog ... December 31, 1969

Full-color illustrations on durable molded plastic construction. Quality quartz movement, metal hands. This Bai Monkey Wall Clock brings fun to children's room and helps teach them how to tell time.

Bai Designs Wall Clocks - Brand: Bai Designs, Category ... December 31, 1969

Trends come and go, but only time will tell if today's so-called great designs will remain great or just fade with a fad that didn't last. At Bai Design, it is their relentless pursuit to create the most daring, unique, functional, and marketable timepieces. From current home and lifestyle evaluations to brainstorming the most creative design concepts, Bai Design timepieces stand out because they believe in setting the trend, not following others.Using only the highest quality in raw...

Bai Design Bai Design 8" Children's Wall Clock 830.BU from ... December 31, 1969

Designed for small offices, cubicles and children's rooms, this Bai 6" Helio Studio Wall Clock has a screened satin silver dial w...ith matching gunmetal bezel. It is well designed and quality-made, and it can fit comfortably into any room in your home or office. A deceptively simple and understated designer clock. read more