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Bai Studio Wall Clock, LandmarkVIEW DETAILS

Bai Studio Wall Clock, Landmark

Designed for small offices, cubicles and children's rooms, this Bai 6" Landmark Studio Wall Clock has the big-n-bold...

Bai Designer Wall Clock, Railroad ChartreuseVIEW DETAILS

Bai Designer Wall Clock, Railroad Chartreuse

Designed for small offices, cubicles and children's rooms, this Bai 6" Railroad Studio Wall Clock in Chartreuse is...

Bai Studio Wall Clock, FolioVIEW DETAILS

Bai Studio Wall Clock, Folio

Designed for small offices, cubicles and children's rooms, these 6" wall clocks are as well designed and quality-made...



Top 10 Home Décor By Bai [ Winter 2018 ]: Bai Square Retro Wall Clock, Turquoise

October 22, 2018

Top 10 Home Décor By Bai [ Winter 2018 ]: Bai Square Retro Wall Clock, Turquoise ...

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Hard to Read/Over $100: The Present clock, $200 at the MoMA Store, 11 W. 53rd St. Easy to Read/Over $100: Newgate wall clock, $135 at West Elm ... Marco Valenzuela’s life-size brain design takes 16 hours to print. When fitted with LED lights, the ... June 16, 2014

Bai 6" Stainless Steel Designer Wall Clock Mega Silver with Niteglow

6" in diameter. Custom dial design in bold type font and niteglow designs. Brushed stainless steel bezel with glass lens and spray-painted matte black metal hour and minute hands with niteglow. Quality quartz movement with sweeping second hand in spray ... December 10, 2013

Bai 15" Aluminum Wall Clock Futura

Brushed aluminum bezel. Screened PVC dial. Spray-painted metal hour and minute hands. Quality silent quartz movement. Requires one AA battery to operate. Gift-boxed. Contemporary style with numbers in matte dark gray Futura font and matching gunmetal hands. December 10, 2013

Timeless Design: 7 Classic Clocks

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Perplexing Wall Clock

Using the same lenticular printing technology as many image-shifting postcards and “wiggle pictures,” the AM/PM Wall Clock by Studio Dreimann allows the viewer to read both AM and PM times by simply changing their viewing perspective. It may look like ... August 9, 2011


3D Large Sliver Modern DIY Home Decor Mirror Wall Clock Sticker

freeshippingShop 03.12.15

Price : $21.59Shop now:


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