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Can a $37.99 tablet possibly be any good?

Ultimately I landed on the ProntoTec Axius Q9S, a 7-inch tablet powered by a quad-core processor and running Android 4.4 (KitKat). In photos, at least, Obviously most people don't buy a tablet to run just one app, though I've often preached the ... June 10, 2015

You didn't need SkyMall's pet hammock, you said. Are you sure?

To complete the home-wares demo, he showed me a $149 multitasking clock radio that chain hotels really should adopt. Those necessities include light, radio, alarm, white noise player and smartphone charger, all wrapped in a sleek Brancusiesque ... June 4, 2015

How Long Is It Supposed To Rain In Toms River?

The National Weather Service says most of that activity is likely to be after midnight, so if you rely on an electric-powered alarm clock, you might want to have a battery backup. There were some brief localized thunderstorms Sunday afternoon ... June 1, 2015

Apple debuts its Music streaming service

Oh, and for those who constantly worry about their iPhone dying on them before they can reach a charger (that's 90 percent of iPhone users, one assumes), Apple has also borrowed a battery saver mode from its various rivals. Indeed, every other ... June 8, 2015

GeekDad Review: Sound Rise Flower Freaq

Technically, it's both, but based on its features, the Sound Rise leans more toward alarm clock. Or think of it as a bedroom-based It doesn't have a battery (other than the backup battery for the alarm clock) and if you listen to FM radio there's ... May 29, 2015

In Last-Minute Scramble, Dozens Of Bills OK'd, Others Die In Backlog

The House was in session all night Tuesday before passing the budget at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning, and some male lawmakers had changed their ties but not their clothes when they reconvened later in the day. Here are some of the bills that are on ... June 3, 2015

Phone charger doubles as a lantern

Better yet, the battery can keep its charge for up to year, making it a handy option during an unexpected power outage. Priced at $80, the device One practical option is the USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio by Electrohome. The clock radio shows the ... June 1, 2015