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March 10, 2020

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What is the best bedroom phone radio alarm clocks?

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Video shows sleepy girl woken up for school by jazz band in her bedroom

The ultimate alarm clock! Mother plays hilarious prank on ten-year-old girl who can't wake up in the morning by getting a jazz band to play in her bedroom. Ten-year-old Sophie struggles to get out of bed for school in the morning; Her mother ... August 17, 2015

Technology nice but having the old-fashioned version helpful

We thought about getting rid of it but there's some security in having a wired phone in your home. Yeah, we're going to have a landline for awhile yet. I use the alarm on my phone, but we still have a 30-year-old alarm clock radio in our bedroom. Tom ... August 12, 2015

Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady Studios Turns 45

The first song he remembers hearing is “Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,” playing on an alarm clock in his parents' bedroom, when he was 4. Growing up he never considered a Three weeks later, the technician quit, on a morning ... August 12, 2015

Birch Creek: Catching the antique radio bug

A few days before I left, a dear Door County friend called and told me he would like to give me an antique radio that belonged to his father. We met at my friend's house and when I saw the 1940 Philco I put it in my bedroom and enjoy its ... July 29, 2015


Private listening in total comfort at bedtime sometimes is not easy - particularly if you share your bedroom with someone else. And headphones are not always the best alternative. Pillowsonic® stereo pillow speakers were designed to be enjoyed at bed ... August 14, 2015

Quality Sleep Can Come Easy…

The slightest bit of light in your bedroom can disrupt your body's clock and your pineal gland's melatonin production. Even the tiniest glow from your clock radio could be interfering with your sleep, so cover your radio up at night or get rid of it ... August 16, 2015

6 Ways You Can Create A Boutique Hotel-style Bedroom

hotel stay so nice and comfortable is that everything is almost at your fingertips. If you have a night stand, you can trick and imitate how a bedside hotel table looks like - a great lamp, fresh flowers, a lot of power outlets, or even a retro ... August 6, 2015

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Could this possibly be the cruelest wakeup call?

Think the sound of your alarm clock is the worst noise you could wake up to? Think again! Imagine being woken by a live jazz band performing in your bedroom instead. That's exactly what happened to one 10-year-old whose mother was finding it impossible to ... August 21, 2015

Mobile-phone becomes commonplace but ill effects cannot be neglected

ISLAMABAD: The cell phone was looked ... Viber, radio, dictionary, books, chatting, sharing and uploading audios and videos, pictures, ringtones, torch, video games, calendar, calculator, camera, recording, clock, alarm, etc. On the one hand, communication ... August 20, 2015

Monica Lewis: Cell phone batteries die just when you need them most

It edits out the dark circles from under my eyes in photos, serves as a flashlight, an alarm clock and a laser ... butt during that on-the-phone job interview? Prepare for dead silence. About to be the 14th caller for the radio station giveaway of free ... August 20, 2015

Living with Technology: The quiet comforts of everyday tech

It starts in the morning when my alarm clock goes off and I hear the radio. I then go into the kitchen and start ... From the simple such as a hammer to the ultra sophisticated such as a mobile phone. Electricity powers a lot of our technology, but ... August 19, 2015

The ultimate alarm clock! Mother plays hilarious prank on ten-year-old girl who can't wake up in the morning... by getting a jazz band to play in her bedroom

A young girl who finds it difficult to get up for school in the morning was woken up by a live jazz band playing a song in her bedroom in a funny ... on before she is handed a phone. After the band has finished playing, the radio host Bert Weiss asks ... August 17, 2015

Game Day in Athens

You are excited about the day to come and whenever you doze off, you immediately wake up because you are scared that you will sleep thru your alarm clock. I usually just give up and stay awake staring at the ceiling. I turn the alarm off on my phone and I ... August 13, 2015

Hotel meets apartment in new property scheme: Marc Wachsberger – MD, The Capital

It started at four o’clock this afternoon, running until 20:00 ... The owner is going to get a rent of R23 000, as an example, on our two-bedroom apartments and they need to pay levies and rates and taxes, and the tenant pays the rest. August 12, 2015


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