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March 16, 2020

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Ready, steady, snow: get set for the new ski season

The chalet, sleeping 15, is surrounded by forest, but Megève is less than 10 minutes away. There's Unsurprisingly, it looks like the inside of a cuckoo clock, with springs as seat bases, cogs and clock faces as tables, pendulums swinging on the ... October 2, 2013

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River City Bird and Well Quartz Novelty Clock - German Chalet

This chalet style ... the River City Clocks Warranty Page for more information about the warranty. Blue bird moves back and forth. Man and woman swing back and forth on the pendulum swing. Accurate quartz movement. Made in the Black Forest of Germany December 10, 2013

1-Day Black Forest House Cuckoo Clock in Natural Finish

Chalet style. 1-day rack strike movement. Wooden cuckoo, dial with roman numerals and hands. Individual handlaid wooden shingles. Moving wood chopper and dog at every full hour. Cuckoo calls and strikes every half and full hour. Shut-off lever on left side ... September 7, 2010


Grand Cuckoo Clocks - Black Forest German Cuckoo Clocks

Video Dept Visible Net 03.08.10 Grand Cuckoo Clocks sells black forest German cuckoo clocks, wooden grandfather clocks, and a wide array of unique, stylish wall decor. We offer the finest quality wooden Grandfather Clocks available at incredibly low prices. Truly affordable for everyone! Quality craftsmanship, dependable movements and excellent woodworking all combine to create a beautiful Grandfather Clock for you or your loved ones that will last a lifetime. Expertly finished in deep...