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Budget Flip Clock Flip Out

July 17, 2018

Flip clocks appear to be back in fashion - are the cheap ones any good? - Click Show More to expand this text box... Purchasing Links below (all affiliated): White ...

What is the best bond street classic metal table clock?

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Vince Vaughn, Hollywoods Biggest Libertarian, Wants More Guns in Schools

Spin's classic interview with Ike Turner isn't just full of his pathetic excuses for his abuse of Tina Turner but is also an unflinching portrait of a man consumed by bitterness as Tina's star rises. Shop ▾. The Daily The word on the street was ... June 2, 2015

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It's been quite a drought for American advocates of free trade. The last big global trade deal, the so-called Uruguay round, came together more than two decades ago. The last U.S. bilateral deals were signed in 2007. President Barack Obama wants to ... April 29, 2015

Cher Is Not Impressed With Obamas ISIS War

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A Truce in Ukraine? Forget About It.

“Presumably, in the beginning, the Iranians put a list across the table and said, 'We want these people off the sanctions list,'” Zachary Goldman, a former senior official in the Treasury Department's Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence ... May 7, 2015

Bond-Buying Chaos Is Spinning Out of Control

Negative yields effectively confiscate capital from bondholders. The only reason to hold such a bond is because the holder believes it will trade to an even more negative yield, therefore generating a capital gain, or because the holder is required to ... May 18, 2015

The Shape of Things to Come

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Cher Is Not Impressed With Obamas ISIS War - Daily Beast

This wasn’t the first instance of Cher tweeting about ISIS or Iraq—not by a long shot. “WE BLEW [MONEY] & LOST LIVES…In Bush’s [bullshit] War, But [America] MUST Pull [the] World [together] & Rid It Of ISIS. Cher’s position on the ISIS war isn’t as hawkish as, say, rapper Flavor Flav’s, who has called for a large international coalition, led by the United States, to invade Syria and Iraq and crush the terror group. Her more recent foreign-policy analysis has, however, earned her at least a few golf claps from the Washington, D. C. , national-security and foreign-policy community. “I think Cher is putting her finger on a real U. S. foreign-policy failure and I applaud her astuteness, and for recognizing it. ”. Gartenstein-Ross went on to concur with Cher’s assessment that it was a huge mistake that the Obama administration... “Cher recognizes that in a world where sub-state actors play a much more important role in politics…sometimes you have to engage those actors directly… If I could turn back time , I would find a way to fund the Sunni tribes. Despite her criticism of President Obama’s ISIS strategy, Cher is a hardcore liberal.

A Truce in Ukraine? Forget About It. - Daily Beast

MARIUPOL, Ukraine — It was the worst five-day shift for the Donbas Battalion of Ukrainian volunteers in a long time: one soldier was killed, three were wounded. The front between Ukrainian and Russian-backed rebel positions was less than a kilometer wide and lay across a ghost village of shattered buildings called Shyrokyne, currently one of the hottest spots of Ukraine war. Driving to inspect front line artillery positions on Wednesday morning, the battalion's chief commander, nicknamed Gal, looked gloomy. The dull knocking of artillery could be heard in Shyrokyne, a village shelled day and night, where terrified people live in basements. “If we leave things as they are now, this conflict would last for decades, as it has in Karabakh,” the commander said, referring to the ethnic conflict over the Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan. “Since the last Minsk peace agreement we have not had a single day without enemy fire,” he said. “Separatists shelled us with 100 mm and larger shells, which are supposed to be banned. Look at the holes in the ground and in the walls of our base,” Gal told The Daily Beast, pointing at a former summer resort hotel called Mayak, a half-ruined building currently serving as one of the front line's key positions, 12 kilometers away...

Bond-Buying Chaos Is Spinning Out of Control - Money Morning

Hedge fund legend Shah Gilani's newest research service lets you work "the other side of the trade," where the money you can make is off-the-charts crazy. For those willing to break the old "buy and hold" rule, Short-Side Fortunes opens up a whole new world of investing that will allow you to make huge money when asset classes flip direction - no matter which way they turn. A few weeks ago, the man formerly known as the Bond King, Bill Gross, tweeted that shorting German bunds would be the trade of the century. As a result of a massive bond-buying program by the European Central Bank (ECB), the yields not only on German bunds but on all European debt had plunged to ridiculously low levels. Europe's Negative-Yield Market Threatens Every Nation Trillions of dollars of European debt were trading with negative yields. Speculators were front-running the ECB knowing that they could buy bonds and sell them back to ECB. Over the last couple of weeks, German bunds have sold off in one of the biggest bond routs in history.

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Best-mall Creative Classic Small Square Wood Silent Lazy Bedside Table Travel Alarm Clock With Nightlight Review

Gladysjnx 04.22.15

Best-mall Creative Classic Small Square Wood Silent Lazy Bedside Table Travel Alarm Clock With Nightlight Review Best-mall Creative Classic Small Square Wood Silent Lazy Bedside Table Travel Alarm Clock With Nightlight This Popular Square maple wood clock is made of genuine Black Walnut From America, The Wood Grain will be different for each one because of the wood texture"Sun" Sweep Second Mute Movement, 5 Minutes Snooze function, Nightlight function, Big Number...