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Casio Analog Wall Clock

April 17, 2018

It's a big branded Casio Round Resin Analog Wall Clock with good finish and gives it a classic as well as contemporary look.Comes with 2 years warranty, buy ones then forget about it just have...

What is the best casio wall clocks?

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The Interrogation

The clock on the wall read 3:04 am. And there Tim Jones sat – if that's even his real name – sticking Jones was fidgeting with his plastic Casio watch – the guy had as much class as a cubic zirconium unicorn. He was looking confused and anxious ... March 25, 2015

Men's Watch-Buying Guide

Fifty years later, this technology found its way from wall-hanging clocks to wrists, and Switzerland's watchmaking industry, being slow to adapt, was decimated. In the 1980s, the Quartz Crisis destroyed more than two thirds of Swiss watch jobs as ... March 24, 2015

Trying On the Apple Watch: Natural Feel, Fewer Distractions

Why would you want to buy an Apple Watch? I'm still trying to figure that out. On Monday, Apple AAPL 0.34 % presented not one but dozens of uses for its first new kind of gadget since the iPad. In fact, CEO Tim Cook's sales pitch was more about ... March 9, 2015

The Swiss Have Finally Started Making Luxury Smartwatches

Everyone's been waiting for it, and now it's happened: The Swiss have finally entered the smartwatch fray. Coming only a few weeks after Swatch announced it will release a smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch, a new Swiss company called ... February 26, 2015

Apple Watch faces battery life challenges -- report

The watch's animated clock face will last for around three hours straight, but that's only when the watch is in use. When you're not using or checking the watch, the display shuts off, thereby preserving battery life. Also, the average person may use ... January 23, 2015

Ebola, Schmebola — You Still Have To Look Good!

still spend money on clothes. They value appearance over everything," says Muhammed Trawally. The 33-year-old driver is wearing tightly fitted black jeans, sharp Italian-style leather shoes, a crisp orange-and-white striped polo shirt, brown-tinted ... December 9, 2014

Coming Soon: An Atomic Clock That Can Fit in Your Pocket

To keep track of cesium's oscillations, scientists typically use what's known as a fountain clock: a huge tabletop covered in wires and high-tech equipment that looks nothing at all like the clock on your kitchen wall. Resembling a fountain spewing ... November 18, 2014


The Interrogation


For the past 3 hours, Marlboro, a chain-smoking, grizzled, no-nonsense gumshoe has been interrogating a middle-aged man with no fashion sense by the name of Tim Jones. Jones was picked up on suspicion of maliciously harassing innocent civilians by posting offensive commentary on the web about parenting, politics and other topics. Detective Marlboro suspects that Jones is holding back the truth. And so our story begins… It was another dark and stormy night in Seattle. The clock on the wall read 3:04 am. And there Tim Jones sat – if that’s even his real name – sticking to his story that all he could be guilty of might be hackneyed writing. The guy’s story just didn’t add up. I’ve been a detective for 30 years. I knew it was just a matter of time before he would spill the beans. Jones was fidgeting with his plastic Casio watch – the guy had as much class as a cubic zirconium unicorn. He was looking confused and anxious, wanting desperately to flee the confines of the cold, windowless interrogation room so he could return to the cushy comfort of his suburban living room recliner and watch another episode of The Big Bang Theory... I offered him a cup of coffee. “Thanks, but I don’t drink coffee. What law-abiding adult in Seattle doesn’t drink coffee – and asks for a teenager’s soft drink instead. I was done playing “good cop,” waiting for his innocent, deer-in-the-headlights façade to crack.

How to become a local as quick as possible


Being a tourist is nice but being recognized as a tourist is uncool, isn't it . -). Here is my semi-ironic receipt of becoming quickly a local in a new town with Tbilisi as example:. In Tbilisi they have the same system like Santiago's Transantiago : You buy a cheap card which you can recharge every time on demand. In Tbilisi's the card is named Metromani (MetroMoney). Now organize a map with all the lines or google it. This is an easy task in Tbilisi because there is no network map. There are 150 city bus lines and more than 200 minibus lines and no normal person can have all of them in mind. What the Tbilisi Transport Company offers is a real-time information and also an impressive trip planner (only for the 150 city bus lines). Important note: The minibuses and the city buses use the same numbers but minibus line 61 will not drive the same route of city bus line 61. Get a local cell phone pre-paid card or contract. I got a SIM card put it into my phone and that was it. Whenever I like I can recharge the card. For example 2 GB Internet volume with my phone costs only 7 Lari. A minute calling costs only 10 Tetri and - I am not joking - a minute to Europe only 25 Tetri. Imagine for example that you need a new battery for your camera (for your phone would be too easy).

Movado 0606536 Luno is in a class by itself


I’ve now owned this watch for about 9 months, I was a little worried about the black coating chipping off since it only has a one year warrenty on the coating. I wear this watch all the time, in the pool surfing, yard work ETC. I was recently in a motorcycle wreck were I hit a car and ended up sliding down the road, I wish my clothing and skin held up as well as this watch. The day after the wreck I noticed my watch was covered in white paint (from the white stripe on the side of the highway) and little chunks of asphalt I figured it was destroyed I scrubed of the paint and gave it a good washing in the sink and to... I’m not sure if this was just plain luck or if these watches are really that tough, but either way I think Movado has made me a brand loyal customer for life. Oh BTW I had cuts and bruises on my wrist in the shape of the watch bezel, to give you an idea of the impact the watch recieved when I hit the road. Even watches with few complications were purchased because of their movements and/or construction- think Nomos. The Movado Luno Sport is the first watch I’ve purchased in some time- if not ever- strictly for its form. The Luno Sport is manufactured very well, and although it has a run-of-the-mill quartz movement, the watch keeps excellent time,.

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Wanna’ Buy a Watch?

With a clock on your smartphone, as well as everywhere else you might ... “smart watches” were previously marketed by Hewlett-Packard (NYSEARCA:HPQ) and Casio. Both were duds. Another criticism of the iWatch focuses on Apple’s infamous “timed ... April 1, 2015


Decorative Wall Clocks

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