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March 14, 2018 - Changing the battery on one of our LaserBits crystal clocks.

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'Chasuke's Journey' ('Ten no Chasuke'): Berlin Review

With its premise of a heavenly creature descending to Earth in an effort to save a woman he fancies before the clock ticks down to zero, Sabu's latest outing seems tailored for a bow in Berlin. But Chasuke's Journey is also much less focused: While ... February 17, 2015

Cold weather the right forecast for Winter Carnival

The event includes dinner, dancing and music by DJ Chas-Absolute Sound, and a silent auction. “We are honoring They have to deal with all the crowds setting up and taking down barriers and clocks and they're just a hardworking team.” The money ... January 26, 2015

Stalin Museum stuck in Soviet time warp

Waiting for Olga to start the tour, I looked at the small gift shop with its souvenir Stalin clocks, snow globes, coffee cups, T-shirts and bizarre cigarette lighters shaped like hand grenades and bullets. A couple of guards lounged near the The ... February 28, 2015

Rare antique lamps, clocks, coin-ops and more will be at Fontaine's three ...

Duffner & Kimberly table lamp with 20-inch diameter leaded shade having a green and caramel slag background, 24 inches tall (est. This auction comes on the heels of a highly successful spring sale Fontaine's Auction Gallery held May 30th that ... June 15, 2015

Big Idea 2015: Let's Simplify Sales Before We Reimagine It

Get out from behind the desk, the flat screens, a manager's spreadsheet jockey comfort zone. Let's move from reactive to proactive management in sales and prioritize every action and system at our disposal. Einstein also profoundly said, "Imagination ... December 27, 2014

In defence of Brompton Man, the cyclist who puts function over style

Brompton Man will leave his office door open to give the impression that he is willing to listen to anyone – but everyone knows that he really just wants you to see his folding bike stashed next to his desk instead of being chained alongside all the ... March 30, 2015

White House requests Ebola funds

As the U.S. ramps up its response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the White House is asking Congress for additional money to cover the costs of drugs as well as personnel dispatched to try to contain the spread of the deadly disease. A total of ... September 5, 2014


'Chasuke's Journey' ('Ten no Chasuke'): Berlin Review - Hollywood Reporter

With its premise of a heavenly creature descending to Earth in an effort to save a woman he fancies before the clock ticks down to zero, Sabu's latest outing seems tailored for a bow in Berlin. But Wings of Desire and Run Lola Run are just two of the dozens of iconic films or filmmakers that the maverick Japanese writer-director alludes to. Cinephiles could easily have a field day playing Spot the Reference here as, among others, Notting... Adapting his own novel of the same name, Sabu offers something many times cheekier and more chaotic than his last film, the vampire-erotica-political-metaphor Miss Zombie from 2013. But Chasuke's Journey is also much less focused: While a tribute... Produced by Takeshi Kitano 's production company, Chasuke might generate a cult following such as his previous films Monday and Miss Zombie if marketed inventively by its French reps Film Boutique.

Cold weather the right forecast for Winter Carnival - Glens Falls Post-Star

The other night I was in my room, which is located next to the sister’s room, and could hear her beating up on her girlfriend. LAKE GEORGE — Last year was the first time since 2011 the ice on Lake George was thick enough for events on the lake during the Lake George Winter Carnival. Conditions this year are looking as favorable, said Nancy Nichols, a longtime co-organizer of the wintertime village attraction that started in 1961. This year, organizers of the volunteer-powered event made some additions to events that kick off... 7, and extend weekends through March 1. New this year are Adirondack Youth Hockey Association scrimmages every weekend on the ice. They’re also hoping get enough snow for a snow sculpting contest along with returning ice sculpting in Shepard Park. “Every year we try to add some more activities just to keep it fresh,” Nichols said. Outhouse races are set for 12:30 p. m. with registration starting at Duffy’s at 10 a. m. For more information call 668-5323. The parade, hosted by Prospect Mountain Diner, starts at 4 p. m. Feb. On the first Sunday, the Glacier Golf Tournament, a six-hole course with prizes from local golf courses, runs from noon to 3 p. m. Feb. “You play a round of golf out there on the ice,” Nichols said, adding the volunteer in charge of it collected some excellent local golf prizes.

Stalin Museum stuck in Soviet time warp - Quad-Cities Online

At first glance, the Joseph Stalin Museum in his hometown of Gori in the Republic of Georgia seemed like an opulent castle. Museum guide Olga Topkishvili also seemed a throwback to those dark days. Working as a guide here since the Soviet era, Olga gave a monotone account of Stalin’s rise to power, her stern expression never changing and seeming to ward off questions. Slightly smaller than the state of South Carolina, the Republic of Georgia is bordered by the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, with Turkey and Armenia nudging one side and vast Russia looming on the other. In the 19th century, Georgia was annexed by Russia, emerging from the collapsing Soviet Union as an independent state in 1991. However, Georgians live with the big bear of Russia standing at their doorstep, always ready to invade again. Stalin was born in December 1878 and spent the first four years of his life in the one room his parents rented. Started in 1951, the massive museum behind the birth site is definitely meant to be a temple to the man who named himself Stalin, meaning “Man of Steel.


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Chumash - Book of Haftaros: The Gutnick Edition

Kol Menachem.2006.ISBN: 9781934152003,1934152005.185 pages.

The Gutnick Chumash has gained wide acclaim as one of the favorite Chumashim...

Congressional Serial Set


Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of...

The Man who Would be King

1899.135 pages.