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October 18, 2018

Captain Duddy Goofypants of Unda Warer Land is at your service! WOW, this game was super fun! Based on the Captain Underpants Movie comes a school of ...

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Audi A4 Avant

As an option, Audi supplies gesture control for opening the trunk lid of the A4 or the tailgate of the A4 Avant: A proximity sensor in the rear bumper reacts to a kick motion so that the trunk lid or tailgate unlocks and opens automatically when the ... June 28, 2015

Hong Kong On High Alert As Lawmakers Debate Political Reform Bill

The only candidates permitted to stand, however, would be screened by a pro-Beijing electoral committee -- and that's the key point for opponents of the bill. Demonstrators It is turning the clock back on democracy,” said her friend, Remmy Lo, 22 ... June 17, 2015

NFL players react to reports of Eagles signing Tim Tebow

The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly plan to sign Tim Tebow, the NFL's most popular quarterback/fullback/punt protector. News that the wildly popular former Heisman winner is getting another NFL shot came as a surprise to other NFL players. Some were ... April 20, 2015

Galaxy S6 Review: The Android Phone to Beat

In addition to a chassis arguably more classy than the iPhone's, the new phone sports a number of key improvements over its predecessor, including a speedy octa-core processor, a brilliant 2560 x 1440 display and a 16MP camera with fantastic low-light ... March 31, 2015

China Prepares Mergers for Big State-Owned Enterprises

“That would only lead to less competition.” Beijing has sought to improve state companies' efficiency through consolidation in years past, with little success. For example, the government of Hebei province, which rings Beijing, merged two major steel ... March 11, 2015

Samsung Seals Out Galaxy S6 Users to Satisfy Critics

Its front and back surfaces feature an attractive layer of opaque Gorilla Glass in such colors as black, white and topaz, while a real metal band rings the sides. Perhaps it would have been possible to include a removable back without compromising the ... March 1, 2015

Exclusive: Listen to a Brand New Jimi Hendrix Tune, ?Station Break,? Unearthed ...

Luckily for the world, the next year, in 1966, Hendrix would be discovered by Animals bassist Chas Chandler and whisked to London to enter the studio and kickstart the solo career we all know and revere. Corbis. As Hendrix's legend grew, Chalpin tried ... March 9, 2015


Yitao Tech. Mini Tiny LCD Projector Projection Digital Clock with Key Chain Ring Review

Lashawndairj 01.05.15

Yitao Tech. Mini Tiny LCD Projector Projection Digital Clock with Key Chain Ring Review