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Chass 73138 Small Pillar ClockVIEW DETAILS

Chass 73138 Small Pillar Clock

Mahogany finish. Gold finish accents. Imprint area 1: 2.88 in. L x 0.88 in. H. Imprint area 2: 3.5 in. L x 1.13 in. H...

Chass Mini Diver Alarm Clock - 81052VIEW DETAILS

Chass Mini Diver Alarm Clock - 81052

81052 Features: -Round clock style with white face.-Luminous numbers and clock hands.-Thermometer.-Hygrometer...

Global Sync Atomic Clock in Shiny GreenVIEW DETAILS

"Global Sync" Atomic Clock in Shiny Green

00391 Features: -Atomic clock.-Radio control, receive signals transmitting within USA, W. Europe, Japan and...

Desk Clock w Thermometer & Hygrometer in Mahogany Finish-WoodVIEW DETAILS

Desk Clock w Thermometer & Hygrometer in Mahogany Finish-Wood

Clock, thermometer and hygrometer. Mahogany Piano finish wood. Gold finish. Imprint area 1: 3 in. L x 0.5 in. H. 9...

Aviator World Time Square Clock in Silver FinishVIEW DETAILS

Aviator World Time Square Clock in Silver Finish

Airplane second hand. Two Tone Gold. 25 Time zones display. Silver finish. Imprint area 1: 4 in. L x 1 in. H. 7.25...

Hammered Clock w Magnifier in SilverVIEW DETAILS

Hammered Clock w Magnifier in Silver

Silver finish. 1.25 in. Removable magnifier dome. Imprint area 1: 1.63 in. L x 0.5 in. H under clock. Imprint area 2:...

Treasure Chest Clock in Mahogany FinishVIEW DETAILS

Treasure Chest Clock in Mahogany Finish

Gold finish brass accents. Mahogany finish. Imprint area 1: 3 in. L x 1 in. H front. Imprint area 2: 3.75 in. L x...

Chass Carry On Luggage Alarm Clock 81118VIEW DETAILS

Chass Carry On Luggage Alarm Clock 81118

Matte Silver with titanium accents metal. "In-Line Skate" Wheels and pull up handle. Imprint area 1: 1.38 in. L x...

Chass ''Global Sync'' Atomic Clock in Shiny GreenVIEW DETAILS

Chass ''Global Sync'' Atomic Clock in Shiny Green

CHS1092 Features Black velveteen travel pouch and batteries included Atomic clock Radio control, receive signals...


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What is the best chass travel alarm clocks?

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Patriot BeatStreet Bluetooth Speaker and Clock Review

Featuring an elegant black mesh and brushed aluminium design, Patriot's first foray into the Bluetooth speaker world features something a little different - a LED 24 hour clock located on the top-face. Lastly is the chassis material, as touched on ... April 2, 2015

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Heyward will require around the clock care. The consequences for randomly firing a gun where people are injured needs to carry a stiff penalty. The community should be outraged over the shooting of Tyreik and demand that the person responsible for ... June 4, 2015

Attempt to undo daylight saving time ticking away

If batteries were recently changed, test every alarm to make sure they are working properly. Next, check to SPRINGFIELD — Like an old clock sitting on the mantel, an initiative that would end daylight saving time in Illinois is ticking away in the ... March 7, 2015

WWDC 2015: Apple Watch getting native apps, more

Time-lapse Face (sees a time-lapsed image of any location you want), Complications (custom-made face with information you want to see with built-in templates), Time Travel (showing future events), and Nightstand (acts as an alarm clock with the ... June 8, 2015

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Want better sleep? These new gadgets could be your solution

Whether you travel or simply love to listen to music as much as possible, the Kokoon EEG headphone is going to help you sleep better wherever you go. Powered by There is no sacrifice to style, as this speaker alarm clock combo complements any room.... May 12, 2015


Patriot BeatStreet Bluetooth Speaker and Clock Review - TweakTown

A bit of a gimmick, however useful, can this LED clock paired with a cheap retail price-point help us recommend this speaker for your daily use. With the ability to connect to your device of choice through NFC, Bluetooth 3. 0, or an AUX 3. 5mm jack, Patriot has impressed us from the start by beating many other experienced manufacturers in the NFC race. The internal battery size is a little confusing, with Patriot's website claiming an 800 mAh sizing and their online user manual claims only 500 mAh is at your disposal. What is impressive is the fact that this speaker boasts an eight-hour playback time when connected via auxiliary, matching that of other products we have reviewed with much larger 2,000 mAh batteries. A major let down is the short three-hour playback time when connected through Bluetooth, however, through our testing, you can easily play music off a flat battery whilst plugged into a 0. 5A computer USB port for charging. One of the major features of this device is certainly the price-point. Coming in at a the great price of $35 with free shipping when purchased through Amazon, this is the lowest-priced speaker I have reviewed yet.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel has given Russian President Vladimir Putin until Wednesday to agree to a road map to end the fighting in eastern Ukraine, according to Western officials. If in her assessment Russian intransigence has blocked a deal, they said,.

Gadsden: Five Year Old Tragedy -

By Beverly Gadson-Birch . Last Friday night I received a disturbing call that a five year old boy and a man were shot in downtown Charleston outside of Wraggborough Housing Project. The dust had barely settled from a standoff the day before at another housing project when police officers shot and killed 32 year old Jerome Caldwell suspected in the shooting of Lt. Will Rogers of Berkeley County. According to news report, five year old, Tyreik Gadsden was visiting with his grandmother when the shooting occurred. It seems no one is safe these days. Tyreik’s grandmother said she was taking him to another relative’s house to spend the night when they walked out of the door into a gunfight. Tyreik is in critical condition and is paralyzed from the waist down. Tyreik is only five years old. The choice that the suspect or suspects made that day took Tyreik’s choice to live a normal life away. The suspect made a choice that day that has changed Tyreik’s life forever and if caught his decision will change his or her life as well. So, what are we going to do about it. What are we going to do about the violence in our communities that has become commonplace. A sixteen year old was arrested in the case. Here you have a 16 year old chasing and shooting at a car lose sight of the car and the first car that looks like the one he was chasing, he opens fire.


Travel Alarm Clock Review

Isabellazg 11.14.14

Travel Alarm Clock Review Travel Alarm Clock Automatic time synchronization with U.S. Atomic ClockAutomatically switches to Daylight Saving Time4 selectable U.S. time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific)Clock can be set manually inside or outside the U.S.A.


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