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The Time of Their Lives

This is one of Don Draper's favorite questions. When you're trying to sell people something, what are you really selling them? Answer: not the product, not the thing itself. What people buy is the pleasure they hope to experience, the relief from a ... May 13, 2015

Ask Boswell: Redskins, Nationals and Washington sports

Mathematically yes a 160 million is more than 107 money or 130 million and the difference of 30 or 57 million is a huge amount of money. But at some point you have to wonder what you can buy if you make 160 million over your career that you can't buy ... April 13, 2015

New Google Kit Set to Provide Classrooms with Virtual Field Trips

Google's new 'Expeditions' kit allows for teachers to take their kids on trips all over the world while not stretching the already tight budget. The focal point of the kit is cardboard—specifically Google Cardboard viewers that require being hooked-up ... May 29, 2015

Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson - Hour 2, 6-13-15

Taking up until game time around now 1 o'clock or so Red Sox playing. One of those rare at home won thirty games on a Saturday and and I state of play baseball but we are going for the Red Sox. Securely after what happened in the dugout in Baltimore on ... June 13, 2015

2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 First Look

In addition to releasing updated Panigale models for 2015, Ducati has also announced at EICMA new Multistrada 1200 models. As expected, the Multistrada now features Desmodromic Variable Timing (DVT), which the company announced last week.... November 3, 2014

GM Trent Baalke acknowledges 4-4 49ers are broken; defends players, Roman ...

Regarding Gore, Baalke said the team's all-time leading rusher and offensive line surely would have wanted to run the ball, but that “you try to take advantage of what defenses allow you to have.” The Rams defense, at last check, didn't allow a ... November 3, 2014

Jawbone UP Move: Australian Review

Despite that big price difference, the UP Move has the vast majority of the feature-set of the UP24 — low-power Bluetooth, a tri-axis accelerometer to track movement, all the power of the UP By Jawbone app hidden away inside its circular metallic ... November 24, 2014

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Here’s a drug-free way to adjust your body clock before you travel

If we were taking an ocean liner across the Atlantic, a journey of eight days, our internal body clock would adjust day by day in approximate synchronization with the nautical time zones. But it is far more likely to fly than sail to Europe these days ... July 29, 2015

PNY Reveal The GTX 970 & GTX 980

1664 CUDA cores, a base clock of 1051 MHZ and a boost of 1178 MHZ, like the big brother it rocks 4gb of GDDR 5. Some of you may think that AMD is the way to go for cheap gaming on a PC, but you can get the GTX 970 for £259 and the GTX 980 for £429 ... September 22, 2014

Putin plunges Russia into permanent wintertime as he signs new law meaning country will abandon 'summer time' experiment

The Kremlin leader signed a new law which means the country will abandon an experiment of having 'summer time' all year round. Most Russians will switch their clocks back on 26 ... by adding two new time zones to the map with a stroke of the president's ... July 22, 2014

PS4/Xbox One Clock Speed Isn’t A Reliable Way To Compare Performance, DX12 Can Boost Cloth Simulation

The new consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, for the most part have a powerful GPUs backed up by a solid amount of memory but the clock speed of their respective ... is expected to reduce by 50% with DX 12. “DX12 is very exciting for us! As a CPU-based technology ... June 21, 2014

Google Maps Goes Inside Brazil’s World Cup Stadiums

Google ... time capsules” of notable sites like Freedom Tower in New York, where users can view images before and after its construction on Google Maps for desktop computers. Brazil will face off against Croatia for the first match of the 2014 World ... June 5, 2014

Report: MH370 disappearance a criminal investigation, police chief says

The investigation into Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now classified as a criminal investigation, The Wall Street Journal reported ... a 46,000-square-mile (120,000-square-kilometer) search zone on Tuesday. With so many planes in the skies over the ... April 1, 2014

Why Some People Want To Abolish Daylight Saving Time

You may be excited for an extra hour of sleep this weekend — when our clocks "fall ... had daylight saving time in the first place, and want to abolish it. Daylight saving time was originally started to save coal during World War I — so that people ... November 1, 2013


Time Machine for Android App Demo

RiverstoneLabs 08.15.11 The 'Time Machine' is an Android App for easy time zone management."What time is it in ... when it is 5pm in ...?" Have you ever had to work out what time it will be in your location for a particular time in another location somewhere around the world?Maybe you want to attend a webinar which is held at 5pm New York time. Or you want to call somebody at 8am Paris time.Other world clocks give you only the current local time so you are still on your own if you need...