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Cherry Java Clock Build Wooden Wall Art

March 10, 2020

Check out the build video for the "Cherry Java Clock" that is made out of Live Edge Cherry Wood, Epoxy and Coffee (yes coffee)! This piece is part of the ...

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Texans' Clock Collection Sells in Massachusetts

The rest were classics of shelf and wall styles, some with wooden works, some with fusees, and some with wagon springs powering their brass movements. Pennsylvania makers also included Jacob Custer and Samuel Grosch. Massachusetts names such as Aaron ... August 6, 2015

Road Trip: Eating through Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood

The signature Cherry Bomb starter (a Joan Jett/Runaways homage) envelops chorizo-and-cheese-filled roasted tomatoes inside crispy fried wonton purses. Mac and cheese is enhanced with an intense Labeled as “Cleveland's first American beer garden ... August 5, 2015

Eight Apple Watch Stands That Stand Out

The new mode adds a landscape orientation to the watch's screen when the device is placed on its side, much like iPhones and iPads, which can be handy at the bedside if using the watch as an alarm clock. Its Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch ... August 5, 2015

Last Race in Sonoma: Twilight for “Top the Cops”

My first day at the track, I pull into a line of cars at the gate: spectators signing in as drivers hand over a list of next of kin and waive away their right to sue should a tire blow out, or the transmission fry, or the wheels not quite catch and the ... July 22, 2015

Review: SchuttenWorks' wooden Ripple for Apple Watch supports Nightstand Mode ...

Apple's June announcement of watchOS 2.0 created a new challenge for top Apple Watch stand and dock makers: an upcoming software feature called Nightstand Mode turns the Watch into a small-screened alarm clock when it's taken off for charging, but only ... July 23, 2015

New approach lets St. Louis County meet homelessness head-on

Duluth Minnesota 424 W. First St. 55802. The clock on the wall ticked well past 1 p.m. one day last week and from her wood-paneled office at the Salvation Army in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood, Elise Strader was ready to call her scheduled ... July 19, 2015

The Road to Heaven: Val Brelinski's The Girl Who Slept with God

Raise your hand if you've ever thought that no family could possibly be stranger than yours. If asked the same question, Jory Quanbeck, the heroine of Val Brelinski's sparkling debut novel, The Girl Who Slept with God, would undoubtedly raise both hands.... August 4, 2015

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Use wall clocks to enhance home decor

Wall clocks may sound boring as decorative pieces but if selected with care they can add more meaning and character to the decor of your house. There are people who are passionate about this and take real pains to search for the perfect clock to match the ... February 24, 2015

James Borden Doesn't Just Build Clocks, He Creates Sculptures that Tell Time

He'd only tinkered with them as a hobby, but his varied coursework—reading about the history of American clockmaking, for example, to learn how early New England clocks were fashioned from wood ... things rolling. “ Cherry wall clock (Courtesy ... April 8, 2014

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Cherry Wood Kitchen re-vamp

This kitchen was totally unusable with the sink on the inside wall with hardly any dish storage. The other wall had the stove right next to the window and a tall pantry placed where counter space should have been. By reversing the kitchen and putting the ... February 25, 2013


Cherry Wood Wall Cross Review

Jacelynj1e 12.19.14

Cherry Wood Wall Cross Review Cherry Wood Wall Cross Hand carved from Cherry WoodSize 10" x 5"Hangs on wallComes in original boxMakes a great gift for Easter, baptism, confirmation, Christmas and more