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Westclox 32038 Coffee Mug Kitchen Wall Clock

April 17, 2018

The strong aroma steaming from this Coffee Clock is only matched by its obvious durable construction and unique posture. A top ten retro favorite is complimented with an actual coffee cup handle...

What is the best coffee cup kitchen wall clocks?

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Guitar Man Was Here

"I washed a mug just for you," Eli says, ambling into the kitchen to pour some coffee. I settle in and gaze across the accoutrements of his home studio: a massive Santa Claus statue holds court beneath a grandfather clock hanging horizontally on the ... April 1, 2015

I Tried To Use A Hookup App As A Real Estate Listing

After Gareth set his alarm clock and began to snore, I slipped out of his arms and into the shower. I loved I loved the granite countertops, the tiled floor, the soft glow of the wall sconces. I made a cup of the Earl Grey he always drank for ... March 23, 2015

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Laura Kepley maneuvers around a portable kitchen island placed near the middle of her living room. The extra counter space has been blocking the "So much of your work ends up never seeing the light of day," says Brant, who has returned with a cup ... March 30, 2015

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The kitchen sported cabinets dating back to the '40s. Because they weren't original to the house, Lehrke felt There, a toilet, awaiting installation, stood against a freshly painted taupe wall. The room was completely redone in the '60s, and Lehrke ... February 17, 2015


I'll just build a replacement!


the clock is just about to chime 10:30. 89X is on in the kitchen. I'm sitting on the couch with my first cup of coffee. Washer's got a belly full of whites, basement's got all manner of laundry to be folded and/or put away, Waffles is outside. It's a brilliantly sunny, not a cloud in the sky kind of day. Up in my room, where it's generally a bit cooler during the winter, looking out the window, it really, truly, for just a minute, felt like it was a hot summer day outside, and the chill was that of the central air working to keep the house... Considering that it was somewhere around 16 yesterday morning, with lake-effect snow that stuck around till the sun hit the pavement, I'll take 34. But it's not quite where I want it to be yet. The way it looks outside right now, it's dog walking weather, till the vegetable garden, prep the flowerbeds in the front, go to Telly's and obtain flowers, swap the top on the Jeep, that sort of thing. Winter around here just doesn't seem to want to let go, and par for the course in Michigan, we have those damnable tease days, where it's 60 and breezy, then the high at the same time tomorrow is 20. Yeah. Yesterday was a completely do nothing kind of day. I woke up earlier than I would have liked to, because Waffles was barking. So he barks, if I'm not around, he barks. He tries to not have to go on the floor, which he didn't do. I let him out, thought about going back to bed, but was not yet sure at that time whether I wanted to try and make it a productive day (like I plan for today to be), or just a.


Baby-sitters Club Snark-fest!

So without further ado, I bring you Part 2. Chapter 3:. Mary Anne writes that although they literally have just set foot in the Mecca that is NY, she and Stacey ALREADY have a sitting job. Because it wouldn’t be any kind of a Super Special without at least ONE of these bitches having to fucking babysit on vacation. Can’t they just hang out and do tourist-y things like NORMAL PEOPLE. Mary Anne is in her element though, she gets to babysit two kids AND be a flippin tour guide around the city. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids and would love having some of my own, but dragging two little ones all over the city does not sound like a dream job to me. I don’t care how much it paid, it’s my vacation damnnit. But since Mary Anne wanted to sightsee anyway, now she gets to get paid to do it. Good for her. WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO. I’M IN, LET THEM PAY ME TO GO TO ALL THE TOURIST-Y THINGS IN NY, SOME OF THAT SHIT IS EXPENSIVE AS FUCK. Mary Anne writes that now she can buy a suitcase full of souvenirs to take back, and GO TO TIMES SQUARE. She also writes about other things she might want. like a NY charm bracelet or photo book, and the entry trails off…. Also, these bitches sure do like their fucking charm bracelets, am I right.

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Westclox 32038 Coffee Time 3-D Wall Clock Review

Tawannal1 12.11.14

Westclox 32038 Coffee Time 3-D Wall Clock Review Westclox 32038 Coffee Time 3-D Wall Clock Unique Coffee Time DesignQuartz AccuracyConvex Glass LensMetal HandsRequires 1 Aa Battery

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