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A Partner in DDC Furniture on Living With the Elements

Lined with his art collection, it is illuminated by four crystal-and-nickel Galaxy chandeliers designed ... apartment or looking out the windows at the Flatiron Building and the clock on the Metropolitan Life Tower (now Ian Schrager’s New York Edition ... February 12, 2016

TOM THE TIPSTER: Swansea City's Alberto Paloschi has set hearts racing

It was frustrating to watch players break forward with speed and intent, only to gather themselves, stop, and pass it backwards or sideways, desperate to steal another 30 seconds from the clock by denying ... this mindset against Crystal Palace. February 5, 2016

HILDERBRAND: The objects memories are made of

However, some things come into our lives dragging carts full of meaning: My Grandmother’s chiming clock that marked every 15 minutes of my Alabama visits; the quilt Laveda Missouri made for my father, and completed days before she died; green ... February 1, 2016

Sailor Moon Crystal’ Season 3 Set For Spring 2016 Release

The "Sailor Moon Crystal" season 3 will get released in spring, with a new director and character designer. Alongside the confirmation of the release date, an official art that offers a first look at the highly anticipated outer sailor scouts Sailor Uranus ... January 11, 2016

Man names daughter after soccer team, wife finds out two years later

But one Australian man named his daughter after his favorite soccer team – and he didn't tell his wife until the child was two years old. Clare Smith wrote in to a magazine saying, "We chose our daughter's name, Lanesra, because it was unique and ... October 25, 2013

Making the case for last-minute Christmas gifts

Looking for an affordable gift you can pretty much be certain your friend, loved one, colleague or boss can use? Nothing says, 'I care' more than a mobile phone case. Colors abound, but don't just grab one without thinking of the meaning of the color you ... December 20, 2015

Fallout 4 PC Item Codes Guide – Spawn Weapons, Ammo, Materials, Vanity Items

Bethesda is one of those rare developers who truly supports PC and their games are shining examples of how PC games should be. Be it Skyrim, Doom, or Fallout games, Bethesda works hard on PC. Bethesda always offer something extra for the PC community with ... November 16, 2015