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Decorating: American Country

"When we started working on this line, we really wanted to take a fresh, new approach to classic American design," said Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott. "We've had the Turn back the hands of time — to a more relaxed era — with the Rustic ... July 2, 2015

Alain de Botton's City of Tomorrow

Eventually, the group was called downstairs to the seminar room, a plush-carpeted, softly lit space with a wall mural by British artist Charlotte Mann. We heard definitions of creativity . The school offers a range of one-on-one sessions, including ... June 5, 2015

Two DIs for Stage and Studio

To avoid a ground loop, I plugged both the amp and Firefly into the same AC wall socket. On powering up, the unit mutes for about 45 seconds while the tube stabilizes. I set the Aux/Thru switch to Pre and switched Drag off. The buffered signal of my ... July 3, 2015

FCC Hits Pause Button on Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger

“The commission said it had stopped the clocks on its 180-day review of those deals, which were set to expire by the end of March. It said it can restart the clock as it sees necessary,” The Wall Street Journal reports. The move comes while the FCC ... March 17, 2015

The world's last male white rhino is almost certain never to mate

Armed guard John Mugo spends his days in the paddock with the rhinos, carrying a G3A3 assault rifle. He said: 'Sudan is special because he's the last one of his kind surviving in the whole universe. We guard Sudan 24-hours a day around the clock to ... July 15, 2015

The real reason why the Queen can't move out of crumbling Buckingham Palace ...

He was there to carry out a repair to the old-fashioned chain-pulled cistern and, according to royal sources, as he worked to fix the problem, he leant against the lavatory and part of the structure came away from the wall. Work has been carried ... June 25, 2015

Kevin Wheatcroft sleeps in Adolf Hitler's bed and has £100m Nazi memorabilia ...

One outer wall is set with maroon half-moons of iron work, inlaid with runic symbols. 'They were from the officers' gates to Buchenwald [concentration camp],' he told me in an offhand manner. 'I've got replica gates to Auschwitz — [embellished with ... June 27, 2015

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Plans made for wall to honor workers in suburban Detroit

The memorial wall will be about 60 feet wide and 28 feet tall, with a clock as its centerpiece ... Shipping groups from the U.S. and Canada say the annual Float Down event on the St. Clair River puts participants in danger and hinders commercial operations. August 11, 2015

The Legendary Beacher's Madhouse Theater Returns To The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The 1920's inspired designed theater will feature a grandiose cuckoo clock where the world's only flying midget ... A state-of-the-art, 3D LED wall will produce stunning visuals that can transport the venue to any atmosphere beyond the imagination. August 5, 2015

Good times: 10 best wall clocks

We reckon there’s no better excuse to invest in a new clock to put on the wall. We’ve found our favourites; from Wilko’s bright little Daisy one to Vyconic’s strikingly different wheel clock, we hope there’s something for every space at budget. March 26, 2014

Design notebook: the best wall clocks

Its maker, Buster & Punch, has designed a few variations on the theme, including cluster and wall lights ( ... Particularly strong are his reworkings of the classic Windsor chair using combinations of walnut, ash, cherry, maple and ... March 22, 2014

Cooper Classics Jarmo 59x32 Arch Wall Mirror, Antique Gold, Black

Create the illusion of additional space and open up the room. The Jarmo Mirror adds an elegant touch that looks great in any style of decor. This aged gold and black metal finish wall mirror will make a lovely addition to your home. December 10, 2013

Cooper Classics Genet 36x31 Square Wall Mirror in Antique Black and Gold

the Genet Mirror is framed with balanced geometric hammered metal which has flexible placement options as it can be hung vertical or horizontal. The Hammered Aged Black Metal Finish with Gold Accents of this beveled wall mirror will enhance any decor. December 10, 2013


Storm Aftermath In Wales: Iconic Victorian Shelter Destroyed After Storms

Barcroft TV 01.09.14

The clean-up operation is now underway in Aberystwyth, Wales, after a week of storm surges, high tides and strong winds. Crashing waves punched a large hole in the sea wall, leading to the collapse of the iconic Victorian shelter which has stood on the seafront for over 100 years. The bill for the clean-up is likely to be expensive, with large amounts of the beach swept on to the promenade, and workers are now operating around the clock to clear the debris.   Videographer / Director: Ashley...