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The Legendary Beacher's Madhouse Theater Returns To The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The 1920's inspired designed theater will feature a grandiose cuckoo clock where the world's only flying midget ... A state-of-the-art, 3D LED wall will produce stunning visuals that can transport the venue to any atmosphere beyond the imagination. August 5, 2015

Good times: 10 best wall clocks

We reckon there’s no better excuse to invest in a new clock to put on the wall. We’ve found our favourites; from Wilko’s bright little Daisy one to Vyconic’s strikingly different wheel clock, we hope there’s something for every space at budget. March 26, 2014

Design notebook: the best wall clocks

Its maker, Buster & Punch, has designed a few variations on the theme, including cluster and wall lights ( ... Particularly strong are his reworkings of the classic Windsor chair using combinations of walnut, ash, cherry, maple and ... March 22, 2014

Cooper Classics Zocha 31"x24" Round Wall Clock, Antique Black

Inspired by adventure, the distressed black finished Zocha Wall Clock features a grayed image of a compass rose. Surrounded by bold easy to read arabic numbers, this clock lends itself to an almost nautical feel that keeps the adventurous at heart on time ... December 10, 2013

Cooper Classics Venda 28x16 Round Transitional Wall Clock in Grey

Keeping time and dates in style with the unique and stylish gift tag shaped Venda Clock. You are sure to fall in love with it's easy to read Arabic numbers , trendy European 7 and calendar placards set on a beautifully distressed blue gray finish with ... December 10, 2013


Storm Aftermath In Wales: Iconic Victorian Shelter Destroyed After Storms

Barcroft TV 01.09.14

The clean-up operation is now underway in Aberystwyth, Wales, after a week of storm surges, high tides and strong winds. Crashing waves punched a large hole in the sea wall, leading to the collapse of the iconic Victorian shelter which has stood on the seafront for over 100 years. The bill for the clean-up is likely to be expensive, with large amounts of the beach swept on to the promenade, and workers are now operating around the clock to clear the debris.   Videographer / Director: Ashley...