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Newton's Cradle - Incredible Science

June 23, 2018

Check out this experiment and many others at Demonstrate the law of conservation of energy and momentum! This large ...

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Steve Smith: The Grateful Dead play final gig; The Rolling Stones plan ...

That is exactly why fans, followers and some of those who were in the inner circle of the Grateful Dead plan to travel to the University of Massachusetts for three days in November. Mitchell is now at home receiving round-the-clock care and therapy ... July 10, 2015

Vince Vaughn, Hollywoods Biggest Libertarian, Wants More Guns in Schools

“[Mass shootings have] only happened in places that don't allow guns,” the 45-year-old actor told the British edition of GQ magazine for its July cover story. “In all of our schools it is illegal to have guns on campus, so again and again these guys go ... June 2, 2015

Beyond Automation

Berg's facility has high-throughput mass spectrometers that run around the clock and produce trillions of data points from their analysis of blood and tissue, along with powerful computers that look for patterns suggesting that certain molecules could ... May 19, 2015

Life Lines

On especially fervent nights, she has been so oblivious of the hour that she has collapsed into sleep at her desk. Lately The universities pay Johnson twelve to twenty dollars an hour, and though she cannot remember granting consent, she is asked ... March 23, 2015

Life after death: the science of human decomposition

Now, he lay on the metal table, his body wrapped in a white linen sheet, cold and stiff to the touch, his skin purplish-grey – tell-tale signs that the early stages of decomposition were well under way. Most of us would rather not think about what ... May 5, 2015

The Man Who Would Oversee WWIIs End

Roosevelt's footsteps echoed across the stage, but most of the actors sitting in the Oval Office on the morning of April 13, 1945 had changed since the war's first dreadful weeks. Stimson was still there, but in the secretary Air bases were ... May 7, 2015

The Shape of Things to Come

Now, Brunner believes, “Jony has assumed the creative soul of the company.” . One's view is largely restricted to the desk of Harper Alexander, an office manager, who—in a corporate culture ruled by reticence—has an unusually lively Twitter ... February 16, 2015


Vince Vaughn, Hollywoods Biggest Libertarian, Wants More Guns in Schools - Daily Beast

In an interview with Playboy that ran in February, the actor hit such favorite libertarian topics as gun rights, big government, the Patriot Act , corporatism, marriage equality, and war. “Undeclared wars, doing away with personal liberties—let’s understand how that has worked out historically to see that it has led to some horrible things. Once our personal liberties are gone, when an American citizen can be pulled out of his house and detained for six months without a trial, where is our country. So where does Vaughn stand on 2016. In April, he sounded like a fan of Rand Paul 2016. And given Paul’s stand against three major provisions in the Patriot Act this week, the Republican presidential hopeful’s odds at claiming Vaughn as a celebrity...

Beyond Automation - (blog)

People in all walks of life are rightly concerned about advancing automation: Unless we find as many tasks to give humans as we find to take away from them, all the social and psychological ills of joblessness will grow, from economic recession... They have been examining cases in which knowledge workers collaborate with machines to do things that neither could do well on their own—and they’ve found that smart people will be able to take five approaches to making their peace with smart... Some will step up to even higher levels of cognition, where machines can’t follow. Some will step aside, drawing on forms of intelligence that machines lack. And, inevitably, some will step forward, by creating next-generation machines and finding new ways for them to augment the human strengths of workers. HBR Reprint R1506C. The Threat Automation has traditionally displaced workers, forcing them onto higher ground that machines have not yet claimed. But if we reframe the use of machines as augmentation, human work can flourish and accomplish what was never before possible. Five Steps Some knowledge workers will step up to.

Kovel: Collectors fly high for Superman handkerchief - INFORUM

(later DC Comics) bought the idea in 1938. Superman first appeared in a comic book, Action Comics No. 1, in June of that year. He was seen in comic books, radio, movie cartoons, newspaper comic strips, television, movies, video games and even a Broadway show. His likeness appeared on lunch boxes, toys, clothes, sheets, figurines, banks, handkerchiefs, Superman club items, jigsaw puzzles, Halloween costumes, posters, paper dolls, bubble gum and trading cards. The rayon handkerchief pictures Superman from the waist up, breaking chains across his chest. It was made in 1940 and has "Superman" and "(c) SUP'N" (copyright for Superman, Inc. There is one other known handkerchief design with a full-figure picture of Superman, but it is not as rare as this version. Q: I have a smoking cabinet or side table that is 25 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 12½ inches deep. The inside of the cabinet is lined with some kind of metal on top, bottom and three sides. A: The metal-lined cabinet is a humidor, used for storing cigars, cigarettes or tobacco. The drawer was used to store smoking accessories. Smoking stands, cabinets and tables were popular in the 1930s when smoking cigars and cigarettes was more common. Now that there are fewer smokers, they're often used as side tables.

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Two Single-Owner Sessions Lead Garth’s July 24-25 Auction

Tom also had many pieces of ebonized Renaissance Revival furniture including a seven-piece parlor suite with six armchairs and settee, all trimmed in brass and mother-of-pearl, estimate, $800-1,200 and a desk ... round brilliant diamond with pear-shaped ... July 13, 2015

Home of the Week: The art-filled home of a couple of Hunt Meadow pioneers

One piece, in the man cave, utilizes an old metal ... table is a glimpse of the deck, patio and the manicured grounds of the rear yard. To the right is the large dining room. Its Bachelor Button blue walls are lined, on two sides, with a handsome L-shaped ... July 10, 2015

2 Piece Nested Round Accent Table, Adner Black

this pair of nesting tables will make a creative statement. The Driftwood finish tops are full of character, and the open mesh of the Adner Black bases are constructed in an undulating pattern to create visual rhythm. Hand painted banding join the metal ... December 10, 2013

AmeriHome 3 Piece Adjustable Height Bar Set

3 Piece Adjustable Height Bar Set by AmeriHome The AmeriHome 3 Piece Adjustable Height Bar Set includes two adjustable height bar stools and one adjustable height bar table. The polished chrome base and black vinyl seats are reminiscent of the days of ... December 10, 2013


Fringe Leaves Tribal Necklace

haute1 11.29.12

Bronze colored chain necklace with leaves shaped metal fringe, lobster claw adjustable clasp closure. 5.5 width, 10 length. Perfect piece to accentuate your unique and creative style! SHOP NOW - MUSIC BY - Terepin Dedicated to love


Robo Sapiens

MIT Press.2000.ISBN: 0262632454,9780262632454.240 pages.

A field guide to our mechanical future, presenting the next generation of...

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and Thomas Register Catalog File


Vols. for 1970-71 includes manufacturers' catalogs.