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Howard Miller 611-005 Arendal Grandfather ClockVIEW DETAILS

Howard Miller 611-005 Arendal Grandfather Clock

The Arendal Floor Clock by Howard Miller has a Scandinavian design and is finished in Tuscany Cherry on select...

Tree-Free Greetings 16-Ounce Sip 'N Go Stainless Lined Travel Mug, Aunty Acid Grandfather Clock (SG78590)VIEW DETAILS

Tree-Free Greetings 16-Ounce Sip 'N Go Stainless Lined Travel Mug, Aunty Acid Grandfather Clock (SG78590)

Living sustainably means realizing that small choices can have a big impact on our environment. Printed and assembled...

Howard Miller 610-983 Benjamin Grandfather ClockVIEW DETAILS

Howard Miller 610-983 Benjamin Grandfather Clock

The Benjamin Grandfather Clock by Howard Miller is finished in Windsor Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers....


Howard Miller 610-983 Benjamin - Grandfather Clock

June 14, 2018

Finished in Windsor Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers. This floor clock features a delicately curved swan neck pediment which is crowned by a turned ...

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Also, a “North Bend – Tippecanoe” historical cabin bottle, probably made by Mount Vernon (N.Y.) Glass Works, circa 1840, fetched $25,740; and a “G.W. Stone's” (Lowell, Mass.) medicine bottle, circa Also, a mahogany heavily carved Chippendale-style ... June 15, 2015

30 of the world's best hotel bars

No detail has been left un-fancified: white-jacketed waiters, nickel-trimmed glass tables, chocolate-brown leather banquettes and a 24-karat gold leaf-covered ceiling. The most interesting Carved into a broken stone wall, decked out in leather and ... May 4, 2015

Smaller But More Delicate, Original Gay Head Lantern Also Prepares for ...

The lens has 24 vertical panels, each holding a circular glass prism in the center, with eight curved prisms above and eight below in the middle section, and many more above and below those. Tall panes of “It's a similar technology to the ... May 5, 2015

Restaurants focusing on feasts for the eyes to sell dining experiences

The pieces helped the designer select the deep eggplant wall color, which seems to change from a dark brown to a playful purple, depending on the light. “Those subtleties are so important in design,” Elements such as the birch plywood panels above ... April 4, 2015

The Shape of Things to Come

It ends in a glass wall, behind which stand three eight-foot-high computer-numerical-control (C.N.C.) milling machines that shape plastic and metal to produce models and prototype parts. When Ive designed the .. The hood barely sloped, and it met ... February 16, 2015

Meet Runcible, a smartphone that looks like a pocket watch

The gadget can be attached to a chain and and can even support a third-party clasp cover to flick open when you want to check the time, just like your great-grandfather probably did. The brainchild of longtime friends Anderson, Arriola and Proctor, it ... February 26, 2015

Kovels: Lady's portrait gave name to Recamier bench

But it also has a partially curved back. . Q: I am giving my grandfather's antique brass barometer (circa 1930) to my sister for her birthday. Someone who repairs clocks might be able to polish it. A. Walter, glass figurine, rabbit, resting ... February 13, 2015


Meet Runcible, a smartphone that looks like a pocket watch - CNET

To find the future of the smartphone, a startup is reaching 500 years into the past when the most advanced gadget told you only the time. Named after a nonsense word by an English poet, Runcible was created by Apple and Sony alumni Aubrey Anderson, George Arriola and Jason Proctor. Runcible is circular, with a convex wooden back designed to nestle in your palm. By eschewing a conventional rectangular, slab-like design and app-centric software, the startup is hoping to draw attention as a funky alternative for people who don't live on their smartphones. Despite such differences, Runcible can still do most things a standard smartphone can, including making calls, surfing the Web, sending texts and taking photos. After all, Runcible is designed to be a pocket watch for the iPhone age. Runcible is designed to return smartphones to the "social niceties of pocket watches. Monohm -- which comes from the combination of the Japanese word "mono," which means "object," and "ohm," a unit for electrical resistance -- lacks the marketing reach or brand awareness of Motorola or even Palm, and its product could just as... Runcible is banking on its retro appeal and is serious about bringing pocket watch designs into the 21st century.

Kovels: Lady's portrait gave name to Recamier bench - Winston-Salem Journal

Furniture often has unexpected names that honor the maker or a connection to a famous person. The Wooten desk was named for the maker, Mr. Wooten. But the Recamier sofa is named for the woman who posed for a portrait on the lopsided bench. For many centuries there had been armless benches and window seats -small benches with arms at each end that did not block the view from the window. By the 1800s, there were long chairs with the French name “chaise longue,” made so your feet were kept as high as the chair seat. But by 1800, the seats included the “meridienne,” a bench with arms but no back made for lounging, not sitting. The portrait, by Jacques-Louis David, became so famous the Directoire piece of furniture was called a Recamier by the public and the name stuck. When the portrait was almost finished, she hired another artist to do another portrait. But it also has a partially curved back.

Sustainability Meets Idiosyncrasy in a Modern Spin on the Mom & Pop Shop - Portland Monthly

Serkin decided their three-story Dunthorpe house might not be a good fit for their seventh decade and beyond, they opted to start with a clean sheet of paper, an old piece of land, and their deepest values. But as Bonnie matter-of-factly puts it, “Will and I are quirky. ” The two 65-year-olds are, by any standard, a pair of classic Oregon-transplant outliers. His family’s company evolved from tanning leather to making industrial belts and then automobile parts and gaskets for the vehicles of World War II. He moved to Oregon in 1974 as a “back-to-the-land hippie. In the 1980s, Will bought a house on the Willamette River designed by Oregon architect Ellis Lawrence (also responsible for, among other things, the governor’s mansion), and put solar panels on it. They met on a blind date in 1994. Together, they... The first moves toward a future home for this idiosyncratic duo came easy. Bonnie’s increasingly challenging back condition made future wheelchair accessibility a given. Bonnie is a fleet-footed conversationalist, social connector, and impulsive collector of midcentury art and contemporary photography. Bonnie’s word: “unenthusiastic.

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German Cuckoo Clock Nest', Mt. Tamborine, in the Gold Coast Hinterland. We are one of Australia's largest importers of grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, mantle clocks, wall clocks, unusual clocks and more recently direct from Germany; Uhr-Kraft Watches. June 18, 2015

Contemporary Kristyn Anniversary Grandfather

The grandfather clock ... a gracefully curved base. The white dial features brushed nickel accented hands and hour markers. A brushed nickel finished bezel frames the dial. Features brushed nickel-finished weight shells and grid pendulum. Glass mirrored ... December 10, 2013

Mallory Mantel Clock in Harvest Cherry Finish

This mantel clock, which stands over 22 in. tall makes a statement on any mantel. Curved molding frames the convex Glass pendulum window in the front panel, which reveals the circular spun Antique Brass finished pendulum. Antique dial with aged Black ... December 10, 2013

Gorilla Glass Maker Corning Debuts Flexible Willow Glass

Corning says that, as well as its use in slimmer display designs, the company says the strength and flexibility means we could also see Willow Glass used in curved or wraparound displays. Willow Glass can be processed at temperatures up to 500 degrees ... June 3, 2012

Clocks are whimsical creation

He got the idea for a whimsical clock after reading stories such as "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Cat in the Hat" to his then-toddler daughter. He named the curved ... grandfather clocks, a Mission oak clock, a contemporary clock with lots of glass ... August 19, 2009

Easy pattern simplifies building a grandfather clock

The case is essentially a box, and the curved cuts for the ... and a quartz clock movement is installed. To finish, apply stain and seal and install glass in the door and side panels. The Grandfather Clock plan, No. 935, is $9.95 and includes step-by ... March 6, 2008


[廣美][機械式落地老爺鐘]_-拉條式重錘大型機械式落地老爺鐘(Grandfather Clock)-GM2029聲音

Jessika Whitehurst 06.27.15

[廣美][機械式落地老爺鐘]_-拉條式重錘大型機械式落地老爺鐘(Grandfather Clock)-GM2029聲音


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