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[HKSDV] Heartbox Custom-made Clock Mini (Gentleman Style)VIEW DETAILS

[HKSDV] Heartbox Custom-made Clock Mini (Gentleman Style)

Want to have a colourful day? It's nice to have unique clock series with your favourite pets or baby's photos....

[HKSDV] Heartbox Custom-made Clock Mega (Gentleman Style)VIEW DETAILS

[HKSDV] Heartbox Custom-made Clock Mega (Gentleman Style)

Want to have a colourful day? It's nice to have unique clock series with your favourite pets or baby's photos....


Cool Modern Wall Clocks for the Kitchen or Office

February 24, 2018 Cool Modern Wall Clocks from TimezoneClockDesign. Whether you need a wallclock for your kitchen, office or as a customer service...

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A Family Home with Personality and Style

It typically takes about 10 weeks to get a sofa custom made. Order a dining table from a The time clock was an unforgiving one: Kletzien signed on at the end of January, 2015, her client, Lexis Serot, was due to give birth to her third child at the ... January 27, 2016

East your heart out

If you want to take a kitchen with you when you move, or need to make the most of a compact space, invest in a sleek standalone Vision kitchen from Rational, which start at £3,000 (excluding appliances). For a finishing flourish, add a Copper White ... January 23, 2016

Type Two Error talk new music and life after The Cooper Temple Clause

With a greater emphasis on minimalism over bombast, the band still embodies the electro rock crossover evident in TCTC's finest work, albeit without the same creeping 'wall of sound' approach and a greater emphasis on melody and structure. But why the ... January 28, 2016

Highlands condo boasts smart sense of style

Joan opted to open it up by removing the wall, which allowed the rooms to flow together and created an open, welcoming space. To give the The sophisticated grandfather clock is displayed with dignity in the corner. nuts & Distinctive elements ... January 14, 2016

Loyola freshman charged in Bucktown robbery

“Often, people were sitting around having drinks at 11 o'clock” in the morning there, said Bob Long, “The Fishin' Guy” at the Chicago Park District's Fish'N Kids program. “It was fishing heaven,” said Long. “It was a real man cave before that term even ... October 10, 2015

Chai-Style: French Country Style in Redesigned Ranch

The clocks were made by farmers in this particular region during a period of drought, so they adapted to clock making to supplement their income. Jaffe: You are Jaffe: The kitchen is reminiscent of something out of the French Laundry, the ... January 6, 2016

Cookies on the BBC website

LG made headlines in May when it showed off an ultra-thin prototype that could be peeled off the wall - it will be fascinating to see how much further the two South Korean firms have developed the concept. As far as screens you .. Invoxia will be ... January 1, 2016


East your heart out - Arbroath Herald

There’s no doubt kitchens are the centre of our homes, but although they’re the area we choose to spend the most time, either eating or socialising, it seems all too few of us have our ‘dream’ space. Around 65% of Brits feel their current kitchen is far from ideal - with its inadequacies most exposed during the pressure-cooker stress of Christmas - and around a quarter struggle with a cramped or awkward shaped room, while 25% bemoan a lack of... Aside from the benefits of enjoying this space more - and potentially being able to cook up a storm - it could be worth reconsidering a refit on financial grounds alone, as it’s the most popular way to add value to a property, estimated by experts... Pick something you like, which could be a particular wall colour, a floor tile or work surface texture and work outwards from there. Take comfort from the fact that size isn’t everything, according to Brutto, who says small spaces can still look stylish if a scheme is kept simple and every inch of space is exploited. See what’s on the menu for kitchens this year, and choose your own individual style recipe.

Type Two Error talk new music and life after The Cooper Temple Clause - miPRO

73 In 2013, ex-Cooper Temple Clause members Ben Gautrey and Kieran Mahon, along with drummer Johnny Pumphrey, formed electro rock outfit Type Two Error. With the London-based three-piece set to unleash their debut album later this year, Daniel Gumble met up with Gautrey and Mahon in a north London public house to discuss new music, gear, The Cooper Temple Clause’s split, 'Jack Daniel's night' and... With the Britpop comedown still subsiding, a ravenous record industry was scavenging for a quick fix in the form of new, young bands to fill the void left by the fading stars of Oasis, Blur, Pulp et al. Though era-defining in the mid-nineties,... The sounds most prominently emanating from the UK were tinged with an air of punk and arty post punk. Whereas Britpop’s leading lights had been taking inspiration from ‘60s rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelia, the current crop were looking to the likes of Gang of Four (see Bloc Party), Talking Heads (see Franz Ferdinand) and The Clash (see The Libertines). All the while, in a sleepy Reading suburb, a young Cooper Temple Clause were quietly, or, rather, noisily, going about crafting a sonic identity altogether different from anything else permeating the British music scene.

Loyola freshman charged in Bucktown robbery - Chicago Sun-Times

A freshman at Loyola University has been charged in connection with driving the getaway car in a Bucktown robbery that left the victim shot in the eye. Burns, 18, of Hazel Crest, whose Facebook page says she’s studying pre-med and graduated from south suburban Seton Academy High School, was ordered held on $250,000 bail Saturday in Cook County Criminal Court. Prosecutors say Burns drove two others in a 2008 black Honda Accord that stopped near the 2000 block of West Concord Place around 10 p. m. Monday. The two robbers grabbed the bag of a 32-year-old man walking down the alley behind that address just west of Damen Avenue, Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Walsh said. One of the robbers fired a shot from a pellet gun, hitting the man in the left eye, she said. They grabbed his bag containing his laptop and phone, and took his wallet, too, containing about $100, the prosecutor told Judge Maria Kuriakos-Ciesil. A witness saw a partial license plate number of the car, which police traced back to Walsh, who told police she’s a freshman at Loyola in Rogers Park, court records show. Officials said Burns was also driving the car earlier in the evening when, around 9:30 p. m. , the two people with her had also tried to steal the phone of a 23-year-old woman who was.

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Sanders has focused his campaign nearly exclusively on a call to break up big Wall Street banks and overhaul the current ... "They're throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and I have a feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon too ... February 16, 2016

A rare look inside Ronald McDonald House

Visitors touring the interior, with its one-of-a-kind suites, community spaces, living room, play areas, cavernous kitchen ... a wall-length Zio Ziegler street-art mural in black and white tribal, Pacific Island and African motifs, a custom-made surfboard ... February 15, 2016

Pour House video wall unveiled in Chico

After that, Lewis will turn his energy indoors, with a planned expansion of the kitchen ... the-clock like a sports bar. “I don’t want to force constant sports or anything on to people or to disturb regular patrons,” Lewis said. The video wall ... February 14, 2016

Hardlook: Anganwadis vs anganwadis

Half a dozen fresh cakes of dung are placed near the compound wall of the anganwadi ... A copper pot, filled up with drinking water, occupies the platform of the kitchen. Tins containing pulao, steamed gram and sheera — a recipe made from wheat flour ... February 14, 2016

HBO Vinyl History: The Mercer Arts Center

Steina and Woody Vasulka rented the kitchen of the Mercer Arts ... plastering it over and over but the wall outside Gene Frankel’s workshop was cracked and the walls were groaning by 2:30 p.m. By five o’clock bricks were beginning to fall and the ... February 14, 2016

Seagate’s Oakmont model nears completion at Quail West

To the right, nestled between the parlor and dining room, a wine room with floor to ceiling iron-encased glass windows and doors will showcase wall-mounted horizontal ... envelop the senses. In the kitchen, a custom-made walnut table with seating for ... February 14, 2016

Record rides: John Woodburn’s record breaking End-to-End, 1982

It was just after seven o’clock on a Sunday morning ... Woodburn took up his position outside the front door of the Land’s End Hotel beside a parked Wall’s ice cream van and a blue Ford Escort. As the pusher-off balanced him, all went eerily still ... February 13, 2016


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Wooden kitchen wall clock with a pretty face. Keeps accurate time ...VIEW MORE

Wooden kitchen wall clock with a pretty face. Keeps accurate time ...

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kitchen custom made clock hands with sangtai clock movementVIEW MORE

kitchen custom made clock hands with sangtai clock movement

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Kitchen Utensils Round Wall ClockVIEW MORE

Kitchen Utensils Round Wall Clock

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Kitchen Wall ClocksVIEW MORE

Kitchen Wall Clocks

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Kitchen Wall ClocksVIEW MORE

Kitchen Wall Clocks

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Coffee Kitchen Wall ClocksVIEW MORE

Coffee Kitchen Wall Clocks

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Cracked Egg Kitchen Wall ClockVIEW MORE

Cracked Egg Kitchen Wall Clock

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Kitchen wall clock/ Made in czechoslovakia/ PRIM /shabby chic clock ...VIEW MORE

Kitchen wall clock/ Made in czechoslovakia/ PRIM /shabby chic clock ...

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Funny Custom Chef Decorative Kitchen Wall ClockVIEW MORE

Funny Custom Chef Decorative Kitchen Wall Clock

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