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ACME 01431 Karbin Grandfather Clock, Dark Walnut FinishVIEW DETAILS

ACME 01431 Karbin Grandfather Clock, Dark Walnut Finish

This Dark Walnut Grandfather Clock has its light gold Analog clock face which adds an elegant color that best fit in...

FirsTime Espresso Grandfather ClockVIEW DETAILS

FirsTime Espresso Grandfather Clock

Bring elegance and sophistication into your home with the espresso grandfather clock from first-time at six feet...

Bedford Collection Redwood Finish 25 Wall Clock with Pendulum and ChimeVIEW DETAILS

Bedford Collection Redwood Finish 25" Wall Clock with Pendulum and Chime

Enhance your living space with a Bedford Collection Wall Clock. A dark redwood oak finish and gold-tone pendulum give...

Ridgeway Timeless Accents Lynchburg Grandfather ClockVIEW DETAILS

Ridgeway Timeless Accents Lynchburg Grandfather Clock

This grandfather's clock elegant swan's neck pediment with fully turned finial compliments the reeded side columns...

Ridgeway Traditional Morgantown Grandfather ClockVIEW DETAILS

Ridgeway Traditional Morgantown Grandfather Clock

A softly curved swan's neck pediment, turned finial and a full cherry veneer crown return, adds elegance to this...

Howard Miller 611-042 Robinson Grandfather ClockVIEW DETAILS

Howard Miller 611-042 Robinson Grandfather Clock

The Robinson Grandfather Clock by Howard Miller has a Cherry Bordeaux finish on select hardwoods and veneers. The...

A&B Home 30065 Grandfather ClockVIEW DETAILS

A&B Home 30065 Grandfather Clock

A great addition to your home, our selection of grandfather Clocks come in a variety of styles and finishes, made...

Grandfather Clock By Acme FurnitureVIEW DETAILS

Grandfather Clock By Acme Furniture

Size: 23' x 9' x 77' H Finish: Dark Walnut Material: Wood Assembly is required.

Howard Miller 611-142 Edinburg Grandfather ClockVIEW DETAILS

Howard Miller 611-142 Edinburg Grandfather Clock

The Edinburg Grandfather Clock by Howard Miller is finished in Cherry Bordeaux on select hardwoods and veneers....



June 22, 2018

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Break in Routine

on thehomefrontandbeyond

My morning routine varies only in the way, the manner, the order I do things, not in the things I do. I wake up, check my bedside clock, and if it is any time after 5 a. m. I turn on the light that stands guard and dark during the night. I swing my legs out of bed, and now that I am a bit more creaky, I make sure that my right knee is ready for the weight of the day. Minor ablutions done I go back to my room, grab my cell phone (which is a new addition to the routine), turn off my bedroom light and use the flashlight app to go down the stairs, so I will not wake up my son who is asleep in his corner room. As I open the door to the downstairs, the cat greets me with a high purr—more like a chirp and he swirls around my legs as I make my way to the kitchen. Sometimes on the way, I veer off my path ever so slightly and turn on my laptop so it is ready for me after I finish my other little chores—the first of which is to feed the cat. He waits anxiously as I fill his dish—first with his dry food, then with a dollop of turkey and kidneys, or chicken pate, or beef chunks. Only after the cat is happily crunching away do I make the coffee. other days the coffee machine is clean and ready to go. I go with the flow. Some mornings I get it right the first time.

Pickled Feet 12 hour race, it was a reasonably good day


Prerace - . I've been wanting to get up to Boise and run one of their local races. So many of the Boise trailrunning scene come down to Utah and run my races so it was time to return the favor. I decided to run the Pickled Feet 12 Hour just as a last long run before I got out and give Salt Flats 100 another go. Salt Flats is one of my key races this year. I knew I could get at least 50 miles in 12 hours provided things went went well, and I thought even 60 was possible given my effort at Antelope Canyon a few weeks back. I always harbor fantasies of winning races, but that's all they ever are, fantasies. Also keep in mind I'm 56 years old and my "fast" days are behind me. I drove up Friday afternoon, hung out, drank beer, and ate pizza with a few Boise runners I know, watched the 100 mile, 24 hour, and 48 hour runners do their thing. Race day -. The 12 hour day race started at 6am on the dot. We started in the dark but I managed to forget a headlamp. A short section where all the runners pass each other, and a loop that the runners can choose which direction to go. When the race started I found myself in the lead. This time I felt pretty good, just dropped into an easy pace and managed to keep the lead, at least for the time being. When we reached the "Y", I went into my race leader fantasy mode and figured that all of the runners would go right.

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Grandfather clocks for sale

Kauffman’s Handcrafted Clocks 10.09.14

Over 30 years we have been offering traditional grandfather and grandmother clocks at very reasonable prices. For more information, visit our website @ http://www.kauffmanshandcraftedclocks.com

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Dark Cherry Finish Beautiful Grandfather ClockVIEW MORE

Dark Cherry Finish Beautiful Grandfather Clock

Image by www.furnituredepot.com

Shop Grandfather Clock - Dark Walnut FinishVIEW MORE

Shop Grandfather Clock - Dark Walnut Finish

Image by whatyouneedandmore.com

Dark Cherry Finish Grandfather Clock CRGC 537 900729VIEW MORE

Dark Cherry Finish Grandfather Clock CRGC 537 900729

Image by www.furnituredepot.com

Lokavya Black & Gold Finish Grandfather ClockVIEW MORE

Lokavya Black & Gold Finish Grandfather Clock

Image by www.castrohomefurnishings.com

... Clocks → Grandfather Clocks → Black Finish Grandfather ClockVIEW MORE

... Clocks → Grandfather Clocks → Black Finish Grandfather Clock

Image by homenyard.com

Bengali collection dark walnut finish wood grandfather clock - Join ...VIEW MORE

Bengali collection dark walnut finish wood grandfather clock - Join ...

Image by pricefalls.com

Tujaram collection dark walnut finish wood grandfather clock with ...VIEW MORE

Tujaram collection dark walnut finish wood grandfather clock with ...

Image by pricefalls.com

Shop Grandfather Clock- Dark Walnut Finish.VIEW MORE

Shop Grandfather Clock- Dark Walnut Finish.

Image by whatyouneedandmore.com

Quincey collection dark oak finish wood grandfather clock with carved ...VIEW MORE

Quincey collection dark oak finish wood grandfather clock with carved ...

Image by www.pricefalls.com