designs by marble crafters saturn clock

designs by marble crafters saturn clock bestsellers

Saturn clock Black Zebra Marble (BZ)VIEW DETAILS

Saturn clock Black Zebra Marble (BZ)

Made with a solid block of stone. All natural material.-Handcrafted.-Comes with felt pads on bottom. The seamless...

Marble Napoleon Style ClockVIEW DETAILS

Marble Napoleon Style Clock

Fossil Stone Napoleon Style Clock. Handcrafted with solid block of Fossil Stone, a rare material that is naturally...


DIY White Concrete Table w/ Live-Edge Maple Inlay (using GFRC mix) - How To Make

February 17, 2018

This episode shows how to make a DIY white glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) table, with an inlaid live-edge spalted maple slab. I got the wood from Ebay for about $10 -- it is thinner...

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Philae is boldly going where no man should go – let's leave space to the robots

Deprived of sunlight, Philae's solar panels were unable to supply power, and the craft was feared lost. But Philae's resurrection, as the comet moves nearer the sun and receives more light, has amazed and galvanised not just the scientists conducting ... June 15, 2015

Perseids over Denver, from 14000 feet

Isn't that stunning? He took it at Mt. Evans in Colorado, at an elevation of 14,000 feet. He was looking east, over Denver, and you can see the waning crescent Moon rising just over the city. Breathtaking. What's funny, too, is that the first picture I ... August 15, 2012

As promised: Jupiter and moons seen by SOHO

A little while back, I wrote about Jupiter appearing in an image from NASA's SOHO Sun-observing satellite. I promised that it would soon appear in a SOHO camera that had higher magnification, and we'd be able to see its moons. I am not one to break ... May 17, 2012

The Moon, waxing poetic

Space Shuttle astronaut Ron Garan should be familiar to regular BA readers; I've featured a lot of the photos he's taken from space here on the blog. He's been posting more of them on Google+, and he just put up this gorgeous shot of the Moon over the ... October 22, 2011

WISE shuts its eye

This wasn't unexpected, though! The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer was meant to be a short mission, mapping the sky in far-infrared light for a year or so. It needed coolant to chill its detectors, and that ran out last year. On February 1, 2011 ... March 24, 2011

Atlantis rides above the waves

The Space Shuttle Atlantis will undock from the International Space Station for the last time Sunday at 11:22 a.m. EDT (15:22 UT), and is scheduled to land at Kennedy Space Center on May 26 at 08:48 ET (12:48 UT). This image was taken during the last ... May 23, 2010

Reminder: Shuttle launch Monday at 19:28 GMT

The Space Shuttle Atlantis is set to roar into space today, Monday November 16, at 19:28 GMT (14:28 Eastern time). Unlike the last time, weather looks pretty good for an on-time launch. Atlantis_nov2009. Unfortunately, I'll be sitting on an airplane ... November 16, 2009


Philae is boldly going where no man should go – let's leave space to the robots - The Guardian

The space agency’s Rosetta mission to send a spacecraft to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and land the probe on its surface is one of the most ambitious and inspiring space science adventures in years. Yet, curmudgeon that I am, I’ve long been suspicious of this new trend to humanise spacecraft: to give them personalities and social media feeds where they post jaunty first-person messages. This has less to do with snootiness about “dumbing down” science – I’m not going to criticise something that brings it alive for schoolchildren – and more to do with our infantilising tendency to personify every object we encounter, down to paper... But now I concede that there is something interesting going on here, beyond the conscious plans of the space agencies. Today’s space engineers grew up immersed in, and inspired by, a science-fiction culture in which robots and computers really do have character and attitude. As the longevity and durability of Nasa’s Opportunity and Curiosity rovers on Mars – which landed on the red planet in January 2004 and August 2012 respectively – have exceeded cautious expectations, I’ve found myself marvelling at the indomitable... ” Curiosity tweeted in April : “I passed the 10k [kilometres of travel] mark on Mars. Look at the blue sunset photographed by Curiosity almost 1,000 Martian days into the mission, and you can’t suppress a poignant twinge at the “little guy’s” lonely journey.

Perseids over Denver, from 14000 feet - Discover Magazine (blog)

*Of*course* this is a composite image: the 2012 Perseids were pretty normal, i. e. with bright meteors many minutes apart. Since there’s neither sky rotation nor cloud movement here, all but one of the meteors had to be inserted later, perhaps all of them. Images like this should be clearly marked as “art”, not real photography. its a composite of all the meteor shots i took from that location and a photo of the moonrise (that also included a meteor in it). I didn’t move the camera at all during the entire night.

As promised: Jupiter and moons seen by SOHO - Discover Magazine (blog)

SOHO sure does take some amazing images especially given this venerable long -suffering robot space observatory has endured some incredible events in its relatively long history. Co-incidentally, I’ve just finished reading an excellent non-fiction book – Stuart Clark’s very well written ‘The Sun Kings : The Unexpected Tragedy of Richard Carrington and the Tale of how Modern Astronomy Began’ (Princeton University Press,... I wonder what the Solar Dynamics Observatory and the pair of STEREO solar spaceprobes have spotted and made of this Jovian-solar conjunction. Even knowing that we only rarely see Venus transit, and that the solar system is not a truly flat disk, I still had a false expectation based on a lack of experience. @Michael SOHO is about 1. 5 million kilometers closer to the Sun than we are (about 1/100 of the total distance to the Sun), it is in an orbit around the L1 Lagrangian point about where the gravitational pull of the Sun is equal but opposite to... fobjectid=34472 ) is the best link I can find that shows the orbit of SOHO. I haven’t been able to find information about the specific geometry of the orbit around L1, only that it is a Lissajous orbit. This PDF has some nice figures to show the Lissajous orbit ( http://math. pdf ) See page 5 figure b. This PDF has also has some nice figures ( http://www. pdf ) See page 11 figures a and b. And it also has quite a bit of.

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72" Saturn Double Sink Vanity With Cream Marble Marble Top

Accentuate and enhance your master bath with the addition of the 60" Alexis Double Sink Vanity. No matter what your design style, from rustic to mission or contemporary to Tuscan, the uncomplicated lines combine with the stunning cherry finish to create a ... April 7, 2015


Leopard nail art tutorial neon long/short nail polish design to do at home for beginners step wise

superwowstyle 02.27.14

Leopard nail art tutorial In french tip designs for beginners cute nail polish ideas - Website for Nail Art leopard print nails . Subscribe - --------------------------- Nail art shop - Nail art pen --- Nail art brush+ acrylic paint ----


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