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DIY Raw Wood LED Shelf

March 16, 2020

In this video I will show you how I built this awesome one of a kind color changing raw wood LED shelf. This project can be done fairly easily if you have the ...

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Moore's Law – Not Dead – and Intel's Use of HPC to Keep it Alive

The table below shows the amount of memory and the wall clock time to calculate a single I-V point for a range of devices using a single processor core. There are several aspects that are unique to this supercomputer: 1) it was designed from ... January 11, 2016

Jennifer Longo's New Book, 'Up To This Pointe,' Ballet Dances Us To The South ...

They're on all the tables, shelves, and bathroom sinks. Their abundance . I glance at the backstage clock. Ten-fifteen. We've been at this for nearly three hours. I close my eyes. "You're killing me! Killing your beloved professeur. I am physically ... January 8, 2016

Swimming with Oliver Sacks

When we swam, I wore a bright-orange cap and stayed a little ahead of him (“in the two-o'clock position”) so Oliver could see me. This was after he'd lost his sight in one eye because of a Once when we were sitting around the long table in his ... January 5, 2016

Mayor Riley rides into the sunset at a full gallop

The walls in the mayor's office are bare, all the shelves empty — cleared of four decades' worth of awards, memorabilia and photographs from Joe Riley's career. But the desk is still piled high with files and papers. Even though today is the But ... January 8, 2016

Cracked It! Escape Games to open in Jacksonville

On one side is a built-in bookshelf, an antique chair, a fireplace and a desk. On the other stands a second shelf and small table. Around the room are numerous foreign trinkets, The clock will keep ticking, though. Page 2 of 2 - After the game, the ... January 6, 2016

The tick-tock of Grandma's clock

By the time I was out of the sixth grade I had accumulated several clocks. I had taken them apart and found that some parts would interchange with other clocks. I could take parts from one clock and put them in another clock and make it run again. I ... December 23, 2015

The Devastating Story of Washington's Peeping-Tom Rabbi

In the synagogue's three-story residence—where Freundel lived with his wife, Sharon, and had raised their three children—the shelves were crammed with books. He had been . So upon request, sometimes at night, Sugarman would appear at Freundel's ... January 3, 2016

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Home Office Happy Hour: A Desk That Transforms Into a Bar

When are you off the clock? Designer Jonathan Odom has devised ... A trough at the back of the desk (hidden by the bar top when it's down) has room for 20+ bottles, a shelf for bar wear, and a recessed nook for an ice bucket or cutting board. December 28, 2015

Minimalist Desks: They Simply Get The Job Done

A vase and picture frame make for nice around-the-clock display items, so when it's time to work, all you have to bring is your laptop. If a table doesn't offer enough storage, desks are still ... the body is a hidden shelf to stash phones and laptops. September 26, 2014

Hide your high-end PC in your desk with this cool case

The DK-02X case is designed to be a desk, and is large enough to stuff two computers inside ... There's also a removable shelf located at the side where you can keep your wireless keyboard and hang your gaming headphones as well. The DK-02X will retail ... June 5, 2014

Designing for Cutting Cable Clutter, Part 2: Desks with Built-In Solutions

It's a neat design for a small space, and it also provides cable control that's especially effective if the desk faces a wall or a window. Behind that grill on the top level is a rear-facing shelf with notches and cut-outs near its rear edge for wrapping ... March 26, 2014

Vintage 1950s~SESSIONS AQUARIUS Electric CLOCK w/ Moving Angel Fish~Works Well:

Up for sale is a vintage 1950's SESSIONS "Aquarius" electric clock styled by Mac Tornquist. The Angel fish move in swimlike motion around the face of the clock. A switch on the back illuminates the bottom area. Base is goldtone metal. Clock works well and ... March 2, 2014

PinPres Children's Shelf Allows You To Make Your Own Design

The PinPres is a unique shelving unit designed to make use of the idea of the small version that is on desks in offices throughout the world ... a design on the front as the pins are moved. A shelf built the same way allows you to customize the shelves ... August 20, 2013


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