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Digital LED Voice-Control Wooden Clock!!!

June 13, 2018

Something a bit different but really cool!!! Really cool ! Please sit back, relax and enjoy!!! Like, comment and subscribe if you haven't!!! You can check out my ...

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Top 50 underappreciated films under 91 minutes long

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How Coheed and Cambria Broke Concept-Album Streak on New LP -

But with the discovery that they were expecting their first child, Sanchez says, came a sense of direction, the feeling that he could channel everything he was feeling into his work without recourse to fiction and fantasy. First, though, he revealed why he had paid homage to the late film director Wes Craven , whose death two days earlier Sanchez had noted on Twitter : "You were a huge inspiration to us, Wes Craven. Wes Craven was the auteur of some notoriously violent slasher films. It's really about the creation of Freddy Krueger, honestly. Not too long ago, I put out a song on a seven-inch with a solo project of mine, called "Elm Street Lover Boy," which was about: Had Freddy Krueger truly loved Nancy. For so long, I had always put Freddy Krueger up there with Darth Vader — someone that was huge, coming up. Whether it was Wes' writing of the script or Robert [Englund]'s delivery of the character, I don't know, but something about that creation,... George Lucas has that with Star Wars, and Wes and Robert have that with Freddy Kreuger: They're just these characters that will always resonate for the rest of my life. Even when you go to see the not-so-great Star Wars prequel films,.

Top 50 underappreciated films under 91 minutes long - Den of Geek!

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4 Ways Musicians And Labels Can Identify Disruptive Products Early -

What if right now there is a new product among the recent wave of new direct-to-fan promotion products that will change the outcome for your band. Products that disrupt have four “tells”, and they appear early on. We'll look at how they appeared in the invention of the chronometer and use them to see if the new digital promotion products offered by Apple, Spotify, Pandora and Facebook will... A device called an astrolabe let them plot their latitude – north-to-south… but there was nothing to plot longitude – east-to-west. In 1768 Captain Cook set sail from England with orders to discover what lay in the Pacific, and he had a new device called a chronometer that let him plot longitude from anywhere on the globe. Over the next 10 years he used it to chart most of the Southern Pacific Ocean… and also claim quite a bit of new territory for the Crown - Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Hawaii and South Georgia. That changed the outcome for Britain and made Captain Cook, if not a king, certainly a hero… but then he got killed by Hawaiian natives in 1779. Predicting that a device to plot longitude would be disruptive wasn't difficult. Here are the four "tells” that showed early on who the inventor would be. Tell #1 – Solving big problems requires new skills, so inventors comes from outside.

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Out of Deep Waters: ‘Co-opted into a resurrection story’

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LED Word Clock tells you the time sans numbers

Forget about the standard issue pair of hands or a digital display, the LED Word Clock will rely on bright white LED light to let you know whether it is time for work or otherwise. Take for instance, the time being 10:55, the LED clock will then blurt out ... May 28, 2014

Papercraft Analog Digital Clock: Time is Recyclable

which used wood and ceramic to replicate the seven segment digits commonly used in LCD and LED displays. Instructables member alstroemeria took the idea further, creating a papercraft version of Aronson’s clock. Alstroemeria used layers of cardstock ... August 18, 2013

Timeless Design in a Bedside Timepiece

If you've ever smashed a digital clock out of frustration ala Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day" ("then put your little hand in mine..."), then the limited edition LED Wood Clock by TAKUMI of Japan is the answer to your dreams! Go back - way back. Before the ... February 14, 2013

Car Sharpie

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Clock Combines Digital, Analog Worlds

This amazing clock combines the 7-segment look of a modern LED ... the digital and analog universes. As the numerals change state, the segments gradually rise and fall into their plain white background. Built from a combination of Corian and wood, and ... March 11, 2008

Cool Wooden Clock

It’s that time again to report on a new cool clock. What makes this clock gadgety, well it’s made out of wood for starters and when not showing ... This has certainly surpassed my previous favorite clock, the Tix LED Clock. Unfortunately it’s a ... February 8, 2006


Guideline - Wooden LED Digital Desk Calendar Alarm Clock

electronicsbiggirl 10.20.10

[ ] Guideline - Wooden LED Digital Desk Calendar Alarm Clock Highlights... Calendar within years 2000-2099 Select between 12/24 hours display formats Alternately display time, month & date, and temperature [ ] To see more Ankaka Wholesale Cool Clocks: [ ]