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Jensen JCR175 AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio with 0.6-Inch Green LED DisplayVIEW DETAILS

Jensen JCR175 AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio with 0.6-Inch Green LED Display

This AM/FM alarm clock radio has a bright 0.6" Green LED display. Wake to radio or alarm. Connect your iPod shuffle,...

Talon Wall Clock, 15-1/4in, CherryVIEW DETAILS

Talon Wall Clock, 15-1/4in, Cherry

This talon wall clock features off-white dial with charcoal gray arabic numerals and spade hands and glass crystal....

Imax Black Mantel ClockVIEW DETAILS

Imax Black Mantel Clock

Made from 100% MDF. Black finish. Decorative analog clock. Features roman numerals. Dimensions: 15W x 2.75D x 8.5H in..

iHome iC50BY Android Alarm Clock Speaker Dock (Discontinued by Manufacturer)VIEW DETAILS

iHome iC50BY Android Alarm Clock Speaker Dock (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The iC50BY is a stereo alarm clock that lets you charge and play your Android smartphone. Wake and sleep to radio...

Sonic Alert SBP100 Sonic Boom Portable Vibrating Alarm ClockVIEW DETAILS

Sonic Alert SBP100 Sonic Boom Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock

Our Sonic Shaker Portable Travel alarm clock comes complete with batteries, pillow strap with clasp, and protective...

Datexx Travel Alarm Clock with Flip Cover and StandVIEW DETAILS

Datexx Travel Alarm Clock with Flip Cover and Stand

The Detox Travel Alarm Clock is small in size, big on functionality. The protective cover opens up and flips back to...



A very rare antique French 4 glass digital mantel clock

April 11, 2015

This clock and other quality antique clocks are for sale, details available at A very rare antique, French, 4 glass mantel clock...

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Junk or Gem: German Mantel Clock

It was a staple in many homes decades ago. A mantel clock that chimed every fifteen minutes or half-hour. Now, one woman is curious to see what the history behind her grandmother's mantel clock could be. "This is my Grandmother's mantel clock, my ... February 23, 2015

$2950000 Homes in Miami, California and Louisiana

The dining room has more than 700 square feet, paneled wainscoting, a cove ceiling, a plaster ceiling medallion and a fireplace with a large arched wooden mantel. The kitchen has stainless-steel appliances and cabinets made from some old cypress found ... February 11, 2015

Jimmy Hayes keeps ticking as he collects, fixes clocks

PINEVILLE — It may not be the Gateway Arch, but a 20-foot wooden tower housing a "great great grandfather clock" is the first thing that catches one's attention after tooling up the driveway to the home of 87-year-old Jimmy Hayes. Hayes built it, just ... March 6, 2015

Jeremy Langmead's English Country Home for the Digital Age

Simon Rayner, his husband of one month, has just taken us on a tour inside the tower and has stayed behind to wind the aged clock. Rayner grew up in the Lake District and trained on the competitive riding circuit, while Langmead, an avowed urbanite, ... March 7, 2015

Hopkins clockmaker repairs the world's rarest timepieces

On a recent visit to Purdy's shop, Blackstone Manor Clock Repair, a woman came in the door with an elaborately carved reproduction of a French mantel clock. She didn't need it repaired; she was moving, and she wanted Purdy to find it a good home.... December 21, 2014

Massive gift keeps nation's last clock school ticking

And clocks. More than 400 from all around the world. Cuckoos. Hundred day clocks. Grandfather clocks. Nautical clocks. Regulator clocks. Wall clocks. Mantel clocks. Alarm clocks. Some worked and others didn't. The collection represented numerous styles ... February 28, 2015

Clocks' many duties stand the test of time

When decorating with them, the fireplace mantel is a natural, Steve Overstreet of Wichita, a member of the clock collectors group. But if you don't have one, you can have a mantel put along a wall, he says. Clocks can be placed on end tables or sofa ... March 6, 2015


Digital Wall Clock

(amaris deccy) January 1, 1970

Twelve24, the company behind this home and office accessory, has launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can pre-order one for $400, with shipments expected in But if you don’t have one, you can have a mantel put along a wall, he says But that... “We have digital grandfather clocks that use media cards and have digital sounds from music boxes It's brain meltingly delicious to see each analog clock turn its hands to form a digital clock. The wall-sized clock is called 'A Million Times' and the 288 little clocks are powered by 576 electrical motors. It's like tiny independent brains are putting Although it is not a wall clock, it is a great addition to a shelf It notes that: “In 1999, he designed (Damon) first one for Habitat, stripping down a standard digital alarm clock to its basic... A Clock Clock, in fact. The Clock Clock from Humans Since 1982 mixes the old and the new to create a product that's Wall clocks are available with easy-to-read numerals and protective plastic lens covers. Distributor of battery operated clocks including battery powered digital clocks.

Mantelpiece Clock

(roron rozo) January 1, 1970

My aunt in Northern Ireland left me a brass mantel clock made by the British United Clock Co. It has a figure of a Victorian man riding a bicycle on a floral base. The front wheel encloses the clock. The clock is in good condition and the bevelled clock Through the centuries, people have marked the passing of time in many ways, from simple sundials to today's digital watches. Few are as elaborate or as elegant, however, as the timepiece that Thomas Wheeler recently brought in to Trash or Treasure for Gilbert 13, a product design outfit out of North West UK, is pleased to present their latest offering, the "Fable"... For the record A. Swiss-born Arthur Pequegnat started Canada's most successful clock company in 1903, after his beginnings with watch, jewelry and bicycle businesses. The white enamel dial with Roman hours and Arabic five minutes, pierced gilt-brass hands, the twin barrel movement with recoil anchor escapement and Brocot regulation rack striking to bell, the back plate with VINCENTI trade stamp, with pendulum...

Temporal Anomalies

Michael Graeme January 1, 1970

Mechanical time-pieces are a passion – wristwatches, pocket watches, clocks. That’s a key concept in my fascination for time-pieces. It is not the passing of time that interests me, nor less do I fear it in personal terms. it is more the slow circling of time through the seasons of life, and its relationship with seasons passed, and of other lives that seems the more important thing, the thing that enlivens my imagination. Mechanical time-pieces are Romantic. I had in mind the idea of this watch timing the beats of my life, as it had timed the beats of my grandfather’s. Sometimes it’s passably accurate, but if it should settle awkwardly in the pocket it will stop and leave you floundering, unanchored in time. It is telling me that the past, while often-times alluring, and peppered with the sparkle-dust of pseudo-insight, is not always to be relied upon, that indeed nostalgia, as they say, isn’t what it used to be. Time is not nostalgia. it is a living thing, passed down from one generation to the next, not that we might simply go on measuring it, but that we might continue actively creating it. Longevity is important, not so much the personal – indeed there is something unhealthy...


Mantel clocks the ideal decoration piece

mantelclocks 11.11.10

Read this excellent resource on The mantel clocks are available in a variety of forms according to the locality, occasion and place for which you want to buy the clock. The material and design are unique in their standards.