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Seiko 1987 Disney Mickey Mouse Musical Alarm Clock

April 16, 2018

What is the best disney musical alarm clocks?

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Florida Hotel Wakes Up Spring Breakers By Blasting 'Lion King' Theme Every ...

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Musings with 'Mike & Mike'

The milestone show unfolded at Disney World, where a live audience and regular show contributors, comedian Frank Caliendo, ESPN Radio's Mark Schlereth, ESPN pro football analyst Cris Carter and the worldwide leader's MLB Insider Jayson Stark, joined ...

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The musicians of the LA Phil

While Music Director Gustavo Dudamel attracts much of the excitement around the Phil, the orchestra comprises world-class musicians who compose, teach, record, charm donors, indulge soloists and will tell you about bow strokes, arpeggios and why the ...

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Dinosaurs Forever

The alarm clock reads 7:00 as on the next page the sharp-toothed little beast leaps into the air and lands on the bed, alternating exclamations of “MOMMY!” with gigantic roars. Shea's brightly colored mash-up of cut-paper collage, graphics and ...

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A Glimpse of Somewhither (Update of the Update)

John C Wright

Dear readers, I proffer for your reading entertainment the opening chapter of SOMEWHITHER. Here is the first glimpse, here updated, so as to make it a second glimpse. Speculations as to what is really going on and which of the characters is really crazy are welcomed. But the men signed of the cross of Christ. CHAPTER ONE: The Mad Scientist’s Beautiful Daughter. “Only one, by definition, son,” he muttered, “Hence the term universe. Spread out on the couch, still in his gear, my Father spoke in a weary monotone, not raising his head, not opening his eyes. I was surprised to get even a grunt out of him, much less an answer, even if it were an answer that was not really an answer. Depending on his answer, I would either be back upstairs asleep in ten minutes, or running wildly out of the house into the wide, darkness before the dawn at top speed. I wanted to take out my phone and look at the time, but feared might glimpse the message that was still glowing on the little screen. Before You Laugh Before you ask, it was because of a girl. Before you laugh, name a better reason to cliffdive headfirst off the edge of reality. Unless it wasn’t. Unless I wasn’t.

Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin TX, October 2014

Jay Gorania

Austin, Texas Review by Jay Gorania Photos Alyssa Herrman The second annual Housecore Horror Film Festival , spearheaded by Phil Anselmo and true crime author/heavy metal journalist Corey Mitchell, showcased an impressive line-up of heavy bands,... THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2014. Hellbound’s eyes and ears were primarily focused on the musical side of things, however, and our starting point was at the “pre-fest” show at 6th Street’s Dirty Dog in downtown Austin, Texas. Housecore fest once again took place at the complex housing the large venue, Emos, as well as the outdoor Midway stage, a courtyard full of merch booths, and a string of tents showing a variety of documentaries and horror films. Midday the music began outside with Evil United , the speed metal band fronted by the extremely talented Jason McMaster, formerly of Watch Tower and Dangerous Toys. The thin crowd gradually grew and death metal vets Origin followed up with a clinical display of tech death metal expertise on every front. Jason Keyser is the consummate death metal front man,.

Experimental Sound Practices Concert at Cal Arts

Paul Muller

On Friday October 3, 2014 Cal Arts opened the WaveCave , a new experimental sound installation space and hosted a reunion concert by alumni on campus at the Roy O. Disney Music Hall. The space will be filled with Experimental Sound Practices alumni works for the Fall of 2014 with current student works premiering in 2015. Zephyrs , a sound installation by Mark Trayle is the initial work to appear in the WaveCave and included... A small amount of old glitter is periodically dumped onto the discs by electronic actuation and the sound energy applied to the disk causes patterns to form, change and disappear. According to the program notes “The ultrasound waves (and their lower frequency auxiliary tones) also create patterns of varying amplitudes and frequencies in the acoustic space. The evening continued with a series of pieces presented in the adjacent Roy O. Disney concert hall. A series of amplified electronic tones accompanied the horns and the first of these, a low pulse, filled the hall with a warm wash of sound.


Disney Princess Magical Projection Alarm Clock (DP-302) Review

Sade1d4 02.22.15

Disney Princess Magical Projection Alarm Clock (DP-302) Reviewhttp://tinyurl.com/qdxn7nq Disney Princess Magical Projection Alarm Clock (DP-302) As you drift off to sleep, you can listen to beautiful princess music and watch the stars sparkle to the ball.Wake to princess sound effects and music and let your dreams come trueAlarm clock projects stars onto the ceiling and stars blink in different patterns. Also has a blacklit LCD.AlarmMeasures: 7.5 " H x 9.0 " W x 4.3 " D

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