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March 17, 2020

I bought on craiglist 2 nightstands for 25 usd. Paint over with a few colors, washed together for a beachy look. furniture makeover room design furniture flipping, ...

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William Shatner 'very excited' about Star Trek 3 but told not to talk about it

'So I talked about it and then I get another phone call telling me to keep quiet again! All I can say is that I'm very excited about the film.' Last week, Shatner took to social media to shut down reports he was set to star in the third Star Trek film ...

www.dailymail.co.uk September 29, 2014

1905 Floods: A First Hand Account

Flying fragments of cloud, fleeces of gold and crimson, clung to the mountain-sides or sailed above the forests, while beyond Apharwat, coldly clad in a pure white mantle of snow, new fallen, rose silhouetted against the darkening sky. Saturday ...

www.kashmirlife.net October 28, 2014

Special delivery! Postal worker caught on camera throwing antique cuckoo clock ...

A clock collector was eagerly awaiting the delivery of an antique cuckoo timepiece from Pennsylvania, tracking each step of its progress toward his Hollywood home and counting down the minutes before he could hang it in his above his mantle. But much ...

www.dailymail.co.uk January 19, 2012

Requiem for a lost youth: Hitting the menopause

We are like workers on opposing shifts, passing occasionally on the stairs, as one of us clocks on and the other clocks wearily off. Sleep, when it does come Always a rather messy and scatty individual (a mantle now handed over wholesale to my ...

www.dailymail.co.uk January 11, 2008

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Telescopic Alidade 15'' Brass Level Nautical Gifts Nautical Decor And Gifts - B

The Hampton Nautical Brass Alidade with telescope and bubble level is a beautiful desktop nautical gem or can rest perfectly on a mantel or bookshelf. This solid brass alidade is mounted with a bubble level for precise sighting. Alidade is mounted on a ...

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013


Nautical Boat Boating Distress Polyester Flag 3' X 3' Banner With Brass Grommets Review

Frederickak23 05.02.15

Nautical Boat Boating Distress Polyester Flag 3' X 3' Banner With Brass Grommets Review