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Detectives work Claytor case 'around the clock'

CHILLICOTHE – As family members of Timberly Claytor prepare for her funeral, the Ross County Sheriff's Office said Monday that they have "suspects" in the case, including one in jail. Sheriff George Lavender did not meet with the media Monday but ... June 1, 2015

What does return of chronic wasting disease mean for us?

Did you ever notice there's always one person who messes everything up? Did you ever want to beat the tar out of that person? After reading this, you might. Last week, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced the first case of chronic ... May 30, 2015

Clocks change: how to make sure iPhone and smartphones automatically 'spring ...

But it's important to check that iPhones and other smartphones have the right settings ahead of Saturday night, especially if they're being used as an alarm clock. In the “Date & Time” settings on an iPhone, there is an option to turn off the “Set ... March 27, 2015

Headstone engraving for Tammy Jo unveiled

Cali. Unidentified girl. Caledonia Jane Doe. For 36 years, the teenage girl waiting to be named — six feet beneath a patch of green grass along a line of pines at the Greenmount Cemetery in Dansville — was known only that way. From now on, visitors ... June 10, 2015

Doc's TML: Farewell in advance, Johnny Cueto

Merry Monday morning, Mobsters. Because the Morning Guy has no schedule, per se, Monday isn't dreadful, same as Friday isn't thank God-ful. Just another day. Decent weekend, unless you're a Cavs fan or have stayed serious about the Reds. Seriously ... June 15, 2015

Morning Line: Westside Nick pinch-hits

Mornin', Mobsters! Westside Nick in today, pinch hitting for his Eastside Buddy, who has a full schedule today. Morning tea at 10, tennis at 11, and watching the butler wash his customized Bentley golf cart at 12:30. Secure Air Supply tickets at 1:30 ... May 8, 2015

Tammy Jo's high school friend started journey to her ID

In fact, had it not been for Nowell's curiosity, it's possible that the Livingston County "Jane Doe" — called "Cali" because she was found fatally shot in Caledonia — still might be unidentified. "Without her, Caledonia Jane Doe would still be a Jane ... May 28, 2015

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Alienware Aurora r4 Core i7 Gaming Desktop (Liquid-cooled) w/ GeForce GTX 660 PowerHouse Desktop

Alienware Aurora r4 Core i7 Gaming Desktop (Liquid-cooled) w/ GeForce GTX 660 for 1,299.00 with free shipping (normally $1,400.00 - use coupon code: LDLK0B2PNL0$32). Featured $1,299 configuration includes Core i7-3820 Quad-core CPU (up to 4.1GHz clock ... March 27, 2013

Einstein's Relativity Proven with Atomic Clock

The investigation, which was conducted at the University of California in Berkeley (UCB), looked at the slight differences that appeared in the tick of two separate quantum clocks, and found no indication that Einstein was wrong. The same conclusion had ... February 18, 2010


Apple Desktop Talking Alarm Clock Thermometer

Jovani Jory 07.18.15

Apple Desktop Talking Alarm Clock Thermometer


Gin O'Clock

Hodder.2011.ISBN: 9781444738964,1444738968.320 pages.

For the first time, Her Majesty's diaries are opened... 'Had Mrs 'call me...

Crime Reconstruction

Academic Press.2011.ISBN: 9780123864611,0123864615.704 pages.

Crime Reconstruction, Second Edition is an updated guide to the...

Aging Backwards

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"Every day, we have a very clear choice: We can grow older or we can grow...