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Five o'clock marks the beginning of a normal shift for Deputy Mentzer and Ajax. The pair load up their 2013 black, unmarked . He climbs over a large section of wall and sees them. John Berens and his family stand in their .. Left outside of the ... June 12, 2015

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Can the Swiss Watchmaker Survive the Digital Age?

He didn't even own a soldering iron. Swiss watchmakers don't need them; their devices are put The émigrés hired them to spend their winters hand-polishing tiny metal components for the “movements,” the watch's spring-driven inner workings ... June 3, 2015

Allie Ostrander raises the bar for young Alaska distance runners

Neither can recall precisely what sparked their dispute, only that Allie, brandishing a metal rake and threatening to make her point with it, chased Taylor around the outside of the house. Allie's pretty sure she wouldn't have actually used the rake ... May 24, 2015

Unsportsmanlike Podcast - Jerry and Adam talk about what grinds their gears

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Iraqi Army's 'Will to Fight' Revealed in Years-Old Six-Second Video

Putting out a wall of fire, they focus solely on protecting their fellow Marines and Iraqi allies. Their rounds shatter the While Treptow died 90 years before the others, all three were driven by the same Pledge to fight “as if the whole issue of ... May 26, 2015


Only after the van had driven... June 20, 2015

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The Kuh Review: Le Comptoir

While L.A. has lots of produce-driven restaurants, Menes goes farther ... Menes cooks the egg in a cast-iron Staub ramekin, and when it starts to set, he sprinkles on shaved Regianno before giving the dish a hit of frothy thyme butter. June 10, 2015

History of violence plagues prison where breakout occurred

Inmates there report among the highest rates of inmate-on-inmate fights in all state prisons, driven by gang feuds and drug disputes ... putting the transplanted inmates to work operating an iron mine and forge. The village that grew up around the prison ... June 9, 2015

Australia’s Abbott Supports Iron-Ore Probe

CANBERRA, Australia-Prime Minister Tony Abbott backed a special parliamentary inquiry into the iron-ore market, saying it was important to discover the facts underpinning sharp falls in prices for the country’s chief export. Mr. Abbott didn’t say ... May 15, 2015

Iron ore price retreats below $US70 a tonne

Driving the latest falls was weak trade data out of China yesterday. The numbers showed a heavy fall in imports, a negative sign for demand in the world’s largest market for iron ore. The commodity is down about 48 per cent on the year, with the collapse ... December 9, 2014

Keeping things ticking with the Maryland Clock Company

began the clock repair business in 1950. Rick Graham, an only child, took over the shop at nineteen when his father passed away in 1973. Years later, Rick and Doris Graham expanded the company to include selling clocks. Grandfather, grandmother, wall ... December 5, 2014

Microscopic dynamics of synchronization in driven colloids

from Huygens’ pendulum clocks to physiological rhythms. One such synchronization phenomenon, dynamic mode locking, occurs when naturally oscillating processes are driven by an externally imposed modulation. Typically only averaged or integrated ... October 23, 2014

Iron-Ore Glut Too Much Even for China

Iron-ore prices are down 40% this year, but it isn't because of China. Instead, an Australian-led surge in production has left the industry with too much supply even for China's massive steel industry to absorb. Whether Chinese demand stays at near-record ... September 22, 2014


Wrought iron wall clock Logo Promotional Company Clocks

dval478 04.25.10 In a competitive industry, it is repeatedly great to think out of the box. Tired of the commonplace personalized pens, shirts, mugs, and stickers? Clocks and timepieces are handy giveaways and corporate gifts right for any time of the year. Marketers wanting to progress their business stay away from clocks and timepieces with the idea that these are too extravagant and will throw their budget out of whack. They fail to realize that giving out product gifts with...


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