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3 Of The Most Annoying Alarm Clocks In The World!

April 16, 2018

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What is the best elegant design alarm clock?

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What the World Says About the Apple Watch

The 360, in particular, feels like a honking wall clock strapped to your wrist. The slender design of the Apple Watch speaks the elegant language of analog Swiss timepieces. There are dozens of straps to choose from — everything from basic rubber to a ...

www.nytimes.com March 18, 2015

Apple Watch In-Box Charger Heralds New Packaging Era

Earlier this month, in an interview with the Financial Times, Apple's Senior Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive confirmed that luxury editions of the Apple Watch will arrive in leather boxes that will retain function as magnetic charging docks ...

www.psfk.com March 31, 2015

The 8 Best Apps For Meeting Goals And Forming New Habits, From Meditation ...

The good news is that you no longer have to rely on your alarm clock, self-control or a person you've hired off Craigslist to yell at you every time you pick up an eclair: there's an app for meeting your goals. This is the one for the design freaks ...

www.bustle.com March 26, 2015

Spurred by Apple, Swiss warm to smartwatches

Mondaine's Helvetica 1 smartwatch has a simple, round, white face just like those of its analog predecessors that are based on a Swiss railway clock design. But it also has activity and sleep trackers set in a sub-dial at the 6 o'clock position. It's ...

www.computerworld.com March 22, 2015

Getting To Know Android: Lollipop Edition

The most noticeable change was undoubtedly the addition of material design, the very first time Google has openly, publicly taken on a cohesive and thoughtful design philosophy, making it - in theory - accessible to everyone, and defining its rules ...

www.androidpolice.com April 4, 2015

Apple Watch review: first-look at Apple's smartwatch ahead of launch

These range from detailed analogue faces with extra complications (on a traditional watch these are the extra elements that inform the watch face, like multiple time zones and moon phases) to bright digital clocks. These faces Instead, Apple has ...

www.independent.co.uk April 8, 2015

Universal Orlando's new retro resort — a blast from the Space Age past

Two expansive courtyards draw inspiration from midcentury outdoor design and wholesome recreation, with large, zero-entry pools, a lazy river, a sandy beach, a faux dive tower and 100-foot water slide, fire pits, picnic pavilions, pingpong tables and ...

www.dallasnews.com March 14, 2015


Withings Activite Review

Daniel Austin

The Activite activity tracker from Withings isn’t about notifications and small distractions disguising themselves as help. On top of this, these activity trackers have something pretty unique: the devices have classic dials and round faces, so they don’t really look like any activity tracker we’ve seen so far. The Activite from Withings isn’t exactly a traditional fitness device, nor is it entirely a smartwatch. Hardware The devices come in two versions, Activite and Activite Pop. The normal Activite is the more expensive of the two and costs $450. We had on our hands a unit that came with a black face and black leather strap. It’s pretty cool that the company decided to include the silicon strap with the device but the leather one looks more elegant and my wrist got very sweaty under the plastic strap. The normal Activite is very elegant, while the Activite Pop looks more like a Swatch watch. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the Activite Pop does all the things the regular one does but in a more colorful body and a less expensive build. The Pop comes with a silicon strap that you can remove and replace with another one with the help of a very simple latch.


An Amazing Alarm Clock Design for the Hearing Impaired

brettatlheinc 04.17.14

A brief video covering the alarm clock designed for the hearing impaired by Bellman and Symfon.

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