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2015 NBA Power Rankings: How All 30 Teams Shake Out in Early April

This past week alone, the Golden State Warriors locked down the top seed in the West, the Atlanta Hawks did the same in the East, and the Toronto Raptors collected their second straight Atlantic Division crown—their first such back-to-back success in ...

bleacherreport.com April 3, 2015

Virgil Hill named new Clan men's basketball coach, SFU alum looks to re ...

“Not to slag it, but we want to have a more traditional, logical style of play with an ability to give some resistance at the defensive end and not shoot seven seconds into the shot clock. It's going to be more playing five-on-five, rebounding and ...

blogs.theprovince.com April 14, 2015

N.J. among worst run states in nation, study finds

New Jersey is the eighth-worst run state in the country, according to a report on WallStreet247.com. Although the Garden State has a relatively low poverty rate and the third-highest median income in the nation, it was offset by several negative ...

www.nj.com December 8, 2014

New strategies help Active Interest Media's old titles thrive

"Probably the thing we are most excited about is taking all that great print content, somewhat static digital content and marrying lots of video to it," Clurman said, showing off the new green room and round-the-clock video-editing suites in the ...

www.denverpost.com October 12, 2014

Is your house a home or a nest egg?

But not everyone was on the buy-down bandwagon: almost 11 per cent of Canada's 9.55 million homeowners either increased their mortgage or drew on a Home Equity Line of Credit over the last year to consolidate debt, do home renovations or repairs ...

www.thestar.com May 29, 2014

Portland Association of Teachers uses smoke, mirrors in contract proposal

The lumbering, legendary labor contract between Portland Public Schools and its teachers union already clocks in at around 100 pages. The union hopes to bulk it up further with many thousands of words about the importance of whole-child education, ...

www.oregonlive.com July 7, 2013

Canucks Hat Trick: Gallagher on power play, Bruce Boudreau and Sedins

Well, given it's in the rear view mirror and there is a new and perhaps even more twisted alignment to look forward to this evening, let's just say it wasn't as good as the penalty kill. Besides, you have to let these things go. But we, like the tweet ...

blogs.theprovince.com January 15, 2014

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10 Wacky Weather-Forecasting Devices

The Only Weather Station Shower Mirror It seems like ... the rest of our 10 Wacky Weather-Forecasting Devices story, including Frontgate's Digital Picture Frame with Weather Station, La Crosse's Projection Alarm Clock with Oscar Outlook Forecaster, Ambient ...

www.pcmag.com November 26, 2007


GOOGLE HANGOUT: "Clocking In" Tool for Racial & Gender Equity at Work

Bently Colie 08.10.15

GOOGLE HANGOUT: "Clocking In" Tool for Racial & Gender Equity at Work