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DreamSky 13 1/2 Inch Extra Large Wall clock , Non - Ticking & Silent Decorative Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Living Room Round Retro Clock , AA Battery Operated Clocks .VIEW DETAILS

DreamSky 13 1/2 Inch Extra Large Wall clock , Non - Ticking & Silent Decorative Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Living Room Round Retro Clock , AA Battery Operated Clocks .

*Extra large 13.5 inches wall clock with large numbers are clear to read and clearly front glass cover guarantees...

SkyNature Large Decorative Wall Clocks Silent Non Ticking Quartz Movement (14 Inch Colorful Number)VIEW DETAILS

SkyNature Large Decorative Wall Clocks Silent Non Ticking Quartz Movement (14 Inch Colorful Number)

Colorful Number Round Wall Clocks Descriptions These awesome antique looking Wall Clocks add the finishing touch to...

Round Off White Decorative Wall Clock With Big Numbers And Distressed Old Town face 23 x 23 inches Quartz movementVIEW DETAILS

Round Off White Decorative Wall Clock With Big Numbers And Distressed Old Town face 23 x 23 inches Quartz movement

This great clock is sure to make a great addition to any decor. Measuring 23 x 23 Inches, it is much larger than most...


Extra Large Wall Clocks

January 11, 2018

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload) Extra Large Wall Clocks, office clocks ,round wall clocks large ,large office wall clocks ,60 inch large...

What is the best extra large decorative wall clocks?

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When the Clock Doesn't Tick or Tock


"First thing that comes to mind is to just hang it the way it is. it's gorgeous. Rather than start attaching things to it, I might make up some decorative magnets using old jewelry, buttons, etc, This way you could use it as a picture or note holder without altering it in case you wanted to change it up at a later time. In the meantime, if anyone else has a clock face project, comes across an interesting do-over or has a suggestion, do share and add links in the comment section. Unlike myself, Betsy blogs regularly, connects with other bloggers and you'll get tons of decorating, crafting ideas. AFRICA: South Africa. NORTH AMERICA: Canada : Ontario. United States: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusettes, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montanna, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North... to be continued:) South America: Brazil.

8 Perfect Ways to Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point


Adding a mantel is one of the basic steps to updating your fireplace. The mantel gives it a frame that sets the firebox apart from the rest of the surrounding wall. This is the key, you want to make your fireplace natural yet attractive and distinctive. The mantel can serve as a platform for family photo’s, memorabilia, the classic mantel clock, and of course Christmas Stockings. “Victorian style fireplace mantel with a fossil stone top. This fireplace mantel will be sure to beautify your hearth and be a great focal point for your living room. Add a Splash of Color Throwing in an unusual color can add some contrast to your homes layout. Blending these colors adds excitement and can really help to change the mood of the room while you’re at it. Update the Façade Adirondack Lodge Feel by adding a smooth river rock façade. Stone and rock surrounds are prime features used in rustic home decor. Centering artwork or a large canvas directly above your fireplace will serve as the main attraction in your family room. Recessed Wall Mounted Fireplaces Wall mounted fireplaces can be installed at eye-level so that they are naturally visible for everyone to see no matter.

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Decorative Wall Clocks

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... Anchor Harbormaster Beach Coastal Decor Extra Large Wall Clock - 23-inVIEW MORE

... Anchor Harbormaster Beach Coastal Decor Extra Large Wall Clock - 23-in

Image by www.ebay.com

Extra Large Wall Clocks-Clocks 066bVIEW MORE

Extra Large Wall Clocks-Clocks 066b

Image by www.charlescountypathways.org

... DIY Large Wall Clock 3D Mirror Surface Sticker Home Office Decor BlackVIEW MORE

... DIY Large Wall Clock 3D Mirror Surface Sticker Home Office Decor Black

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Extra Large Decorative Wall ClocksVIEW MORE

Extra Large Decorative Wall Clocks

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