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The top 30 games released on the Nintendo 64

The game introduced several new maneuvers for Mario as well, such as the ability to backflip, triple jump, and the ever-so-useful wall jump. Aside from the revolutionary level design and After getting ambushed by Skull Kid and robbed of his horse ...

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Kovels: Tin toys that move always popular

Clockwork toys have gears and parts like those used on a clock. . There are holes in her ears so you can nail or screw the opener to the wall. Fairy Soap sign, girl sitting on soap, slogan, cardboard, die cut, easel back, countertop, 18 x 12¾ ...

www.journalnow.com April 10, 2015

Great books that inspire a love of reading in kids — recommended by kids

It's not a study hall, where we watch the clock with one eye as we Drop Everything And Read. . Little Blue and Little Yellow, Six Crows, Tico and the Golden Wings, Geraldine and the Music Mouse,and Tillie and the Wall Alphabet Mystery, King ...

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McClellan: A fairy tale life unravels, twice

Just a clock and a radio. Only two cars fit the bill. One was gold and one was silver. I said I liked the gold car. “Seriously?” said my wife. I decided to get the silver car. I am very happy with it. I mention this only to illustrate that I was fully ...

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Quick Getaways: Solvang serves up lots of calories, but lets you walk them off

The quaint – some would say over-the-top – streets are lined with nearly 100 shops selling clogs, cuckoo clocks, antiques, art and collectibles. Mixed in are wine-tasting rooms, bakeries and There is also a half-size replica of Andersen's fairy ...

www.ocregister.com April 1, 2015

Alan Garner: Revelations from a life of storytelling

She said that “long ago” a group of “Spanish slaves” who were being marched north “to build a wall” had escaped and settled on Mow Cop, on the Cheshire/Staffordshire border. The disappearance of Legio Nona Hispana, the Ninth “Spanish” Legion, at about ...

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Mystery shopper: Toys and Tales

Then there's the thrill of the novel – make a cable car out of a recycled tin can, build your own wall clock, a tow-truck tricycle, pool ping pong. If only we When we ask about a book of fairy tales, two are brought over to us as we continue ...

www.smh.com.au April 3, 2015


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