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The Daily 202: Koch brothers to again star as bogeymen in 2016 Democratic ads

And it might look familiar: a narrator says GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte puts Larry Hogan (R) completed five straight days of round-the-clock chemotherapy, his third round, marking the halfway point in his treatment for stage 3 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He ...

www.washingtonpost.com August 12, 2015

The World Is Not Enough for Net-a-Porter

The setup was comforting and familiar, both to designers, who were protective of their brands, and to consumers, who appreciated the sense of order in an otherwise-ragtag marketplace. “It's so easy to navigate . “The wall treatments are meant to be ...

nymag.com August 12, 2015

People person ... Delta Goodrem meets fan Rosanna Deidda in Sydney during one ...

It was the pre selfie era: full of hugs, signatures and a third party taking the photo. “I'd never seen anything like that before,” Delta Goodrem is not a clock watcher. “How do I do the long in-stores? I just keep going. I'm there I like to ...

www.news.com.au August 13, 2015

DAHLKE COLUMN: Visit to cabin on Lake Superior provides ultimate relaxation

A large picture window faced the lake and a rock fireplace dominated one wall. The furnishings, although not antique, A book about Lake Superior geology and one about clocks and watches were scattered amongst bestsellers and a Readers Digest ...

www.wiscnews.com August 11, 2015

Ready to Die: Three Days of Drugs and Disintegration with The Grateful Dead

ONE OF DA BEST SHOWS I EVAH SAW,” brays a tank topped-mook with a Fenway accent and beak face. He's galumphing in a skull and bones shirt, posing for photos with an E-Z Bake smile. In my brain, air balloons ascend and familiar spirits rifle ...

noisey.vice.com August 11, 2015

Nagasaki's new dawn

As numbly blank of face as the statue in Hypocentre Park, he is waiting to hand over his dead brother – a child of less than two, pinned to his back in a sling, head lolled, eyelids shut – at one of the mass cremation “ceremonies” to which Nagasaki ...

www.telegraph.co.uk August 9, 2015

Bee Jays rally with 9th inning grand slam

Instead, he crushed the next pitch over the center field wall that gave the Bee Jays an 8-5 lead. Joel Kuhnel The Bee Jays survived and advanced to the final three and will face another familiar foe — Haysville — and the winner will advance to ...

www.leaderandtimes.com August 7, 2015

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N. Korea threatens Seoul with war over military exercises with U.S.

(Photo: Jung Yeon-Je, AFP/Getty Images ... Pyongyang demanded South Korea remove all means of "psychological warfare" or face "all-out military action." "If they turn down the demand of the DPRK, it would start an all-out military action of justice ...

www.freep.com August 15, 2015

China Totally Ripped Off Chicago's Bean Sculpture (PHOTO)

CHINA — Chinese state media announced a new sculpture Tuesday that Chicagoans may find suspiciously familiar. The People's Daily, the official publication of the Chinese Communist Party, tweeted a photo proclaiming ... according to The Wall Street ...

www.dnainfo.com August 12, 2015

Ma and Samiran Uncle were in bed: An excerpt from The Firebird

Sitting behind her, he couldn't see her face. For that he was glad ... He lifted his eyes to look at the ancient clock on the wall to the right, above the blue water filter. It was past ten o'clock and still his mother wasn't back. "Putli,” Mummum ...

www.firstpost.com August 11, 2015

Bizarre Woman-like Shape Spotted in Mars Photo

The site even posted a description under the photo with what space fans ... It is in human nature to detect familiar shapes in distinct patterns. Same phenomenon helps us see animals in the clouds or a face on the full moon. But when pareidolia kicks ...

www.wallstreetotc.com August 11, 2015

Reflecting on a stirring fight night at Fantasy Springs

It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to have a simple clock like at a high school basketball game, counting down the three-minute rounds. It’d be an easy way to increase at least this fan’s enjoyment level. Familiar face: Referee Pat Russell ...

www.desertsun.com August 10, 2015

Picture this: With family photos out of fashion – are we losing something precious?

In 10CC's haunting, I'm Not in Love they sing: "I put your picture upon the wall, it hides ... THE framed photo is always going to be an essential for the very old - not only wanting and needing to see familiar faces but also as an aide memoire and a ...

www.express.co.uk August 10, 2015

New York Giants Football Legend Frank Gifford Dies At 84

The Giffords were familiar faces around Greenwich, patronizing local shops and restaurants ... “Deeply grateful to all for your outpouring of grace,” tweeted Kathie Lee Gifford. Photos: Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford with a fan at the September 2014 ...

patch.com August 9, 2015


Familiar Faces: Liz Chrisman

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Familiar Faces: Liz Chrisman