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FirsTime 00262 Wall Clock, WhiteVIEW DETAILS

FirsTime 00262 Wall Clock, White

Share your love for your family and friends on your walls with the FirsTime & Co.® Love Gallery 7 Piece Set. This...

FirsTime Antique Contour Wall ClockVIEW DETAILS

FirsTime Antique Contour Wall Clock

The cottage-inspired first-time antique contour wall clock is a decorative addition to any room. It's distressed...

FirsTime Roman Gear Wall ClockVIEW DETAILS

FirsTime Roman Gear Wall Clock

Bring industrial appeal to your home with the first-time roman gear wall clock. The open roman numerals effortlessly...

FirsTime Raised Number Wall ClockVIEW DETAILS

FirsTime Raised Number Wall Clock

This FirsTime wall clock features a raised ring of numbers layered over an aged art dial, with an oil rubbed bronze...

FirsTime Avery Whisper Wall ClockVIEW DETAILS

FirsTime Avery Whisper Wall Clock

The large second hand sweeps across the classic dial of this Avery wisper first-time timepiece with whisper...

FirsTime Gear Works Wall ClockVIEW DETAILS

FirsTime Gear Works Wall Clock

Blend the striking industrial style of the FirsTime Gearworks wall clock into your decor with its open design and...



"Making A Mark - November 4, 2016 Session 1"

August 17, 2018

4:00pm - Welcome and Introduction to conference (John Bodel and Stephen Houston) Session 1: Marking Meaning (John Bodel presiding) 4:30pm - “Making the ...

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The Man South Africa Forgot

Nineteen years later, Josia Thugwane looks at the photo, competing for space on his living room wall with a mural of himself and Nelson Mandela. He still .. For the first time in his life, Josia had structure surrounding his needs, not others'. He ... August 5, 2015

Only the Republicans Can Clean Up the Surveillance Mess They Made

a straight-up reauthorization of the Patriot Act, which went nowhere after Rand Paul—joined by Ron Wyden, the only Democrat who spoke during Paul's epic 2013 filibuster against Brennan's confirmation vote—ran out the clock on the Senate's session ... June 2, 2015

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McGivern enjoys Fort hospitality

In Fort Atkinson, Gurda had the pair meet at the historical marker — a rock with a plaque and two cannonballs next to it — located at the alleged site of the city's namesake stockade near the intersection of Milwaukee and Roland avenues. Founded in ... June 12, 2015


Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer are natural born rivals - ESPN

This story appears in ESPN The Magazine's August 18 College Football Preview Issue. YOU DON'T HAVE to travel to Ann Arbor to catch the Jim Harbaugh show. If you live near a high school football field, Harbaugh will come to you. In June, the new Michigan coach toured the country, stirring excitement and controversy equally by orchestrating nine prep camps in six other states. Who would've known that Michigan football has struggled for nearly a decade. Like a magician with a silk handkerchief fluttering from one hand and a coin palmed in the other, Harbaugh has induced the public to focus on the wrong object: himself. His sleight of hand has been so deft that you might believe for a moment that Michigan, and not Ohio State, won college football's first-ever playoff. But if you do find your way to Ann Arbor, you'll realize how Harbaugh has re-energized college football without coaching a game. But there isn't a coach who understands the spirits of this program as well as Harbaugh, nor one as willing to risk his reputation to revive it. On this afternoon in June, shortly after returning from his tour, Harbaugh is speaking quietly with a... Harbaugh jumps to a stance, knees flexed, arms out. "Catch the ball. " He raises his hands and calls for a.

Only the Republicans Can Clean Up the Surveillance Mess They Made - Daily Beast

However short the current reprieve from three expired and generally useless provisions in the Patriot Act turns out to be, this much seems certain: It’s going to take a solid Republican majority to toss out the most hysterical aspects of... Only Richard Nixon, who made his bones as an Alger Hiss-baiting anti-communist, could go to Red China, and only the Democratic Party, which had long been home to segregationist politicians, could make the final push on civil rights legislation in... As important, the Democrats put up effectively no fight against the Patriot Act, either out of fear of going against the zeitgeist in the weeks after the 9/11 attacks or sincere conviction that the Patriot Act was absolutely necessary. ) A couple of years later, the Democrats pulled the same spineless trick with Iraq, where more Democrats supported the 2003 invasion than did the 1991 action put together by Bush I after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

Not a game: The incredible rise and unthinkable fall of Allen Iverson - Hoops Hype

There he went, house to house, hoping he would find the little shit. It was Sunday evening, the sun setting in coastal Virginia, and Mike Bailey ’s patience was eroding by the second. Sorry, Coach, you just missed him. Bailey was the basketball coach at Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia, a city on a peninsula that juts into the Atlantic Ocean, and after two decades he was familiar with the maze of teenage psychology. These were the kinds of things that made him distrust Iverson , Bailey thought to himself, practicing what he would say when he finally found him. Three days earlier, Iverson had asked to go home. Bailey had gotten to know Iverson’s delicate family situation, and he knew the kid had a chance to do something amazing. Two years earlier, the coach first watched the eighth-grade point guard on the junior varsity team. The kid was a blur, and the other boys could not move fast enough to get in front of him or put a hand in his face, and damn, there he went again. Iverson would have a chance at a college scholarship, Bailey just knew it, a rare opportunity to lift himself and his family out of here. But there was so much work to be done, a total construction job, and the first time he had met Iverson they argued about school absences. Bailey told Iverson he had missed seventy-six days of classes. Nah, Coach, the kid.

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Giant Roman Numeral Wall Clock

Metal and assembly is of good quality. The hands are plastic, which is fine, except that they would get crossed and time was incorrect or mechanism quit working. With a little adjustment it has been working just fine. I'm please with the purchase. November 3, 2014

Science Wall Clock

With scientific equations at each number ... clock meteorology. White powder coated metal background is made to look like a whiteboard with equations written in black and red ink. The perfect gift for your favorite braniac. Set Includes: One - Science Quiz ... December 10, 2013


Gardman 8450 Giant Roman Numeral Wall Clock, 21-1/2-Inch Review

Jeaninev3h 01.14.15

Gardman 8450 Giant Roman Numeral Wall Clock, 21-1/2-Inch Review