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Lexon Flip Alarm Clock - Worlds Best Digital Alarm Clock

April 16, 2018

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What is the best flip travel alarm clocks?

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I Have a Case of Mommy Guilt

My daughter wakes up around the same time our alarm clocks blare, wresting us from our peaceful slumber. I have a limited amount of time to get ready My time traveling to work is "me" time, spent reading, perusing social media, texting with friends ...

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Weekend Watch: Booker T. Jones travels 'The Road From Memphis'

Were you flipping burgers at a fast-food joint? Did you work at a movie theater? Did you In the early 1960s, while other kids in Memphis, Tenn., were punching a clock after school, Jones would head over to Stax Records and punch out hits. As a ...

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Road Less Travelled: Sowerby's workin' the day shift

Indeed, a wake-up alarm at 3:45 a.m., the middle of the night for most people, almost always means I'm about to hit the road. Because it's Saturday there are few trucks on the road but lots of vacationers headed to the Maritimes, hauling travel ...

thechronicleherald.ca August 19, 2015

The cottage experience is dreadfully fun

That waking up to the sound of a loon calling across a quiet lake kicks an alarm clock's ass and can make you feel prouder and happier to be Canadian than any over-produced beer commercial ever could. That a little rough-and-ready living makes you ...

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23 Signs You Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Smartphone

The best part of air travel is airplane mode (finally, some peace and quiet). Chat up the person That's what an actual alarm clock is for -- or your pets. But not your phone. And on the flip side, you don't freak out when others don't respond ...

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15 common expressions younger generations won't understand

Clocks used to be a circular array of numbers, with pointers mounted on a controller in the center that moved around the circle over the course of the day. The direction that the pointers moved, beginning towards the right at the top of the circle, was ...

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How Luxury Hotels Decide If You Deserve a Perk

It's one of the mysteries of travel: Why do you sometimes enter a hotel room to find free treats—a bottle of wine, a plate of snacks—and sometimes get nothing? Not even a lone chocolate on the pillow? Even at the same hotel? Hotel amenities, as these ...

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I Have a Case of Mommy Guilt - POPSUGAR

My daughter was just four months old when I went back to work full time. Although I had moments of mommy guilt when I left her with loved ones while I was on maternity leave, intense guilt didn't strike me until my return to work rapidly approached. One hot morning in the late Summer, a few days before I returned to work, my daughter spent some time at the daycare center where I had her enrolled. I felt uneasy about leaving her with a woman who was a stranger to me, even though she had been an employee of the reputable center for years and seemed warm and loving toward the four infants, all under six months, in her care. I clearly remember the moment — she was dressed in a pale blue and white onesie with a pale blue ruffle around the waist and looked content while moving side to side in a swing. I filled with uneasiness about leaving my child — so innocent and dependent on me. In the year since I first left her, my daughter has grown tremendously. I have partially come to terms with leaving her while I commute to and from and spend time at work, trying to think of the many positive things that have come out of the situation. My daughter wakes up around the same time our alarm clocks blare, wresting us from our peaceful slumber.

Weekend Watch: Booker T. Jones travels 'The Road From Memphis' - INFORUM

, were punching a clock after school, Jones would head over to Stax Records and punch out hits. As a senior in high school, Jones and his band the M. G. s would create the enduring top-five hit "Green Onions," one of the biggest instrumental singles in popular music, ranking at 183 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. "There were a lot of restrictions musically," Jones said. I really loved jazz from the time I was a kid. But we didn't play any jazz at Stax. And I love country music, and I love blues.

Road Less Travelled: Sowerby's workin' the day shift - TheChronicleHerald.ca

The sound of the alarm pierced through dreams and cobwebs like the sharpest knife. Focusing on the clock I realize I’m going somewhere. Indeed, a wake-up alarm at 3:45 a. m. , the middle of the night for most people, almost always means I’m about to hit the road. I stumble around the hotel room sipping a coffee-machined brew, going over my mental checklist of ‘2P 3C Garry Went Driving. I program its navigation system to my home address 1,252 kilometres away in Halifax where Lisa is waiting for a dinner date I suggested before going to Toronto to pick up the Cadillac for a client. Sooner or later anyone who has spent a lot of time on the road will consider the all-night driving option. Practically, I overcame temptation and find myself with seven hours of Holiday Inn banked, the dregs of a paper-cup of hotel room java in the cup holder and a day shift of work ahead. So is the case for me today with 1,252 kilometres of blacktop between the Saint-Hyacinthe Holiday Inn parking lot and my driveway to soak up. I consider other jobs with 12-hour shifts, which is about how long it will take to drive home if I stop...

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Topsy Turvy Alarm Clock loves being flipped

and in order to keep the alarm quiet, all that you need to do is to flip the clock over in order for the “off” side to face up. There will also be numbers in the digital display that perform a 180° turn so that it will appear the right side up.

www.coolest-gadgets.com January 12, 2015

Alarm Clock Shuts Off Just By Flipping It Over [Pics]

Designers for French company Lexon have created an alarm clock that you are supposed to turn over to activate and deactivate, simplifying the morning routine. Designed by Adrian and Jeremy Wright, of London-based practice DesignWright, the FLIP clock ...

www.psfk.com February 13, 2014

Why alarm clocks are running out of time

London - Reaching for an alarm clock or searching the sofa cushions for a remote control ... to change channels is also contributing to the decline of the remote control. Flip cameras come in at fourth most endangered, watches at number seven, and ...

www.iol.co.za January 5, 2014

Alarm clock 'gadget most in danger of dying out'

The traditional alarm clock is the gadget most in danger of being made redundant by smartphones, a study claims. Stand-alone satellite navigation systems are also at risk of becoming obsolete next year due to smartphones, according to the list of the "top ...

www.telegraph.co.uk December 30, 2013

Retro Digital Flip Clock, Orange, Small

The timeless flip clock made DIGITAL! This compact alarm clock is perfect for any nightstand and illuminates with the push of a button. The battery powered clock comes in three different colorways, all have a sense of nostalgia. Fully digital, the changing ...

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Metal Clock Alarm Time Piece Home

Made of high quality aluminum. Stable base offering good balance. Ivory hued dial. Useful alarm facility. Bring home this compact yet elegantly designed clock to enhance the appeal of your study room. Though a small addition to your room this fantastic ...

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Profitable vintage item to sell on eBay - flip clock radios

Flip clock radios are back and sell for big money on eBay. As vintage continues to gain momentum in home decor themes, more people are looking for interesting conversation pieces to add to their homes. The classic flip clock radio has numbers on a chain ...

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Flip On/Off Alarm Clock Fuscia Review

Jerry3e 11.11.14

Flip On/Off Alarm Clock Fuscia Reviewhttp://is.gd/ECQgU8 Flip On/Off Alarm Clock Fuscia Turns on and off with flip movementElectroluminous dialTouch sensorSnoozeLight