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Folding Travel Alarm Clocks // New & Popular 2017

April 17, 2018

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I couldn't sleep past four in the morning, when individual alarm clocks started going off one by one in the dark. Each seemed to have a sound unique to its owner; all were loud. I got up to shave, tracking dust into one of the little shower buildings ... May 27, 2015

21 Struggles Only Chronically Late People Understand

Our alarm clocks come equipped with this thing called the "snooze alarm. And as we fold it, we remember that we need more detergent, so we run to the kitchen to add detergent to our shopping list and realize that the dishwasher needs to be emptied.... June 24, 2015

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The light intensity we get inside buildings is up to 1,000-fold less light than outside. And with our We get much less sleep during the workweek, one to two hours less than if we weren't using alarm clocks -- and that sleep debt accumulates. Your ... July 21, 2015

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Why a Healthy Person's Perception of Time Is Inaccurate

Update, April 13: This article originally included the story of Phineas Gage, a historically famous patient who suffered orbitofrontal cortex damage after an iron rod punctured his skull, inaccurately asserting that Gage experienced distorted time ... March 17, 2015

9 Science-Backed Reasons Why You Should Go to Bed Early

People who sleep for five hours or less increase their risk up to five-fold. Go for 24 It's a lot easier to deal with the morning when you're feeling refreshed, and you may even find you don't need an alarm at all when your body gets adequate rest ... May 1, 2015


Why a Healthy Person's Perception of Time Is Inaccurate - The Atlantic

Can people reliably tell, without the help of a clock, how many seconds have passed. To test that, Berlin distracted people by having them read aloud a sequence of numbers printed on cards—this was to keep them from counting in their heads to see how much time had gone by. Participants were told to stop her when they believed 90... Berlin spoke to healthy people and people with orbitofrontal cortex lesions in Oxford and London and subjected them all to her time-perception test, to see if the brain injury made a difference. Participants with undamaged brains tended to let a few more than 90 seconds pass before stopping her, indicating a slightly slower perception of time. Participants with orbitofrontal cortex damage, however, would stop her at almost exactly 90 seconds, indicating a more accurate perception of time. One reason why people with healthy brains might perceive time as slightly slower than it actually is (and therefore wait until 95 or 100 seconds have passed before saying 90 seconds have passed) may come down to a neurotransmitter called... He assessed soldiers prior to training to establish a “control” group, then tested soldiers after a high-pressure, 24-hour survival training, or after what he termed a “P. O. W. experience,” in which soldiers were interrogated, for training, in a...

Atomic Scientists Say Humanity Is Closest to Destruction Since 1984 - The Atlantic

We've been as close to doom o'clock as we are now on three occasions, including today:. 1949: When the Soviet Union tested the atomic bomb and the arms race began 1984: When the arms race intensified during the Cold War and relations between the United States and the Soviet Union reached "their iciest point," according to the... Back in the halcyon days of 1991, just after the end of the Cold War, the Bulletin declared humanity to be 17 glorious minutes away from doom—practically an eternity compared with previous and subsequent Doomsday Clock readings. Clocks have always been a way of looking ahead (or, around and around). People wear watches with the assumption that time will continue to march forward and that we will continue to have a need to keep track of it. What time is it. is mostly a way of asking, What time is it about to be. We set alarms with the... What might the world even look like at 11:01 p. m. on the Doomsday Clock.


Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review

Corneliamn 08.28.14

Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Easy-to-read analog displayWith Night light bottomStainless metalVintageTable