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Small German Wall Pendulum Clock At Leaping Frog Designs

March 12, 2020

This is a tiny German clock plastic housing, metal enamel face. This short video is to show that it does work and how it sounds. This beautiful clock can be found ...

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Starfish Ruin an Experiment and Reveal a Superpower

Once the magnets were in place, Trine tugged out a strand of her long hair and attached a matching magnet to its end, creating a delicate pendulum. By dangling this pendulum over a starfish and seeing where it was attracted, the researchers could ... June 19, 2015

Exotic motmots are just another bird in Costa Rica

They use their powerful beaks to swoop down and snatch up prey such as large beetles, spiders, lizards, small snakes, and even Costa Rica's famous poison dart frogs. Adept fliers, they also easily overtake and capture butterflies, bees, and dragonflies ... June 18, 2015

Report: UAB could announce decision to not reinstate football Friday night

Except the news cycle is more around-the-clock as it has ever been, so UAB and Watts would not be escaping much turmoil if an announcement is made Friday night. After all of the negativity surrounding the way this UAB situation has unfolded, it would ... May 21, 2015

Summer camps offered through Notre Dame's Alliance for Catholic Education

Two sessions are available, covering forensics, engineering, concepts, ecology and life science. Camp highlights: Field trip to St. Pat's Park to study ecology; Build an electric circuit; Create a pendulum clock; Build a bridge; Dissect frogs ... March 30, 2015

The most accurate clock ever made

Early mechanical clocks, ticking to a pendulum's languorous swing, were accurate to within about 15 seconds per day. In the 1920s, scientists realised that quartz crystals, which vibrate thousands of times per second when electricity passes through ... May 4, 2015

Stability equals playoff appearances

Whoever is right about this call -- Dallas would have been better off to rush, convert and continue to milk the clock, aiming for a touchdown that would leave Green Bay no time to reply. Doubly sour. Sweet 'N' Sour Play: New . 2 -- the Buckeyes ... January 14, 2015

No Hoof, No Horse

“They are all levers (the bones) and pulleys (the tendons) and pendulums,” she explains. “My job is “The coffin bone sits in the front of the hoof capsule,” just above the sole, Cloos explains, in front of the tender V-shaped tissue called the ... February 17, 2015

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Allen Designs `Big Croak` Pendulum Wall Clock

It looks like this tree frog is in for a ... on the back side allows the clock to hang from one screw or wall hanger. The Quartz clock movement runs on 1 AA battery (not included) and swings an electromagnetic-controlled pendulum, in the shape of a dragon ... January 1, 2011

Frogs & Canaries: When to worry about the US. (poll added)

As the story goes, if you dump a frog in a pot of boiling water ... These are events in the media or government that are turning back the clock (turning up the heat) legally or socially. There are several more I've missed. I'll keep looking. December 28, 2004


Carmen Maki & Oz "Furiko No Nai Tokei (Clock Without Pendulum)"1976 Japan

John Dug 04.14.15

Carmen Maki & Oz "Tozasareta Machi" 1976 second album From ' Introduction ' Hirofumi's guitar and Masafumi's keyboard solos are so bluesy that we cannot help foreseeing the next explosion. Yep, exactly ' The Day Before Eruption '! Maki's dark but aggressive voices can encourage us against the eruption or collapse of the town where we are. In this album, each song should be a part of one story titled " An Entombed Town ". In each part Maki can show a different appearance, that can make us...



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Edgar Allan Poe

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