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Bird Song Clock from

March 12, 2020

Available from, this birdsong clock is the perfect present for any bird watcher. Each hour is announced with the bird song of twelve ...

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The politics of time: why countries switch time zones

1, 2014, photo, a clock hangs on the wall as North Koreans leave an underground train station in Pyongyang, North Korea. North Korea Far from sending the fur flying, Dudley the Staffordshire bull terrier and Cracker the African Grey have been ... August 7, 2015

Garden Life: Don't let long, hot summer get you down

will cover a wall or climb a 10-foot post. How odd that these long summer days, with daylight lasting until 9 o'clock at night, can pass so quickly. The store carries a wide offering of garden gifts as well as seasonal cards, bird feeders and ... July 30, 2015

Images of Time

Below: Tree and House Shadow, West Wall, 2014 INITIALLY, THE PHOTO LOOKS LIKE A TYPICAL small-town scene: a public clock on a street, at 10:10 in the morning. Then you notice the big “I was blown away by the chapel built by the inmates, and by ... July 22, 2015

Spring 2016 Children's Sneak Previews

Arbordale watches the clock for Midnight Madness at the Zoo by Sherryn Craig, illus. by Karen Jones, spotlighting the games the animals play when the zookeepers leave the zoo; Cash Kat by Linda Joy Singleton, illus. by Christina Wald, a title featuring ... July 22, 2015

Up in the air: Paduol Ater's high-flying dream

The brightest thing in Paduol Ater's austere Brisbane flat is a wall poster, positioned above his armchair, showing instrument lights glittering like jewels in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 passenger jet. Both pilot seats are empty, To become an ... July 17, 2015

Top ten things to see at this year's New Forest Show

Jura is owned by CJ's Birds of Prey, a family business run by the daughter and father combination of Charlotte Hill and dad, John. CJs Birds of Prey will be just one In the Heart of the Forest area, youngsters can even try milking a cow or building ... July 27, 2015

Jane Green's Creaky Cottage

“Welcome to the creaky cottage on the creek. Our happy home.” That's the chipper message, with accompanying line drawing, on the blackboard in Jane Green's kitchen. While it doesn't sound quite as cozy and romantic, “colonial” is more on point than ... July 10, 2015

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Norwegian Dawn Cruise Review by sunluva7: Cruise Was Good but Bermuda was Great!

This one has colorful wall ... Gardens, the Zoo, etc., we decided to stick around the Dockyard on the first day, visiting the Maritime Museum and walking the perimeter around the grounds of the old military fort. It's a great place for a bird's eye view ... August 11, 2015

Pro basketball: Bird: Move good for George

INDIANAPOLIS — Larry Bird’s sales pitch was good enough to get two free agents to sign with the Pacers. He’s still trying to convince Paul George that playing power forward will be a good move, too. After announcing the signings of three players ... July 15, 2015

Bird given the fright of its life after flying into path of the One o'clock Gun at the exact moment it is fired from Edinburgh Castle

A bird was given the fright of its life after it flew into the path of the One o’clock Gun fired from the top of Edinburgh Castle. The freak incident was captured on camera by one of the many tourists anticipating the large gun being fired. In the clip ... July 1, 2015

Tour McKain home in Sellersburg, Ind.

Josh and Amber McKain have lived in their Sellersburg, Ind., home since August of last year ... Blue walls are enhanced by an oversized wall clock. Doors lead out to the deck with sweeping views of the wooded landscape. Oak cabinetry is brightened by ... March 26, 2015

Use wall clocks to enhance home decor

Even today, think wall-clocks and somewhere the thought of a cuckoo clock is bound to cross your mind. Most of these clocks are made either in the shape of a birdhouse or chalet. They have a small mechanical cuckoo bird pop out of a door on the hour to ... February 24, 2015

How the Turkey Became the Thanksgiving Bird

Weekend Getaway: The Best of Nantucket in Just Three Days This Thanksgiving ... clickin’ like the tickin’ of a clock,” which may have made other poets feel that nothing more could possibly be said about the bird. Only in the 20th century did the ... November 26, 2014

NNN Garden Walk 2014 set for Saturday

SOUTH BEND —— The Near Northwest Neighborhood Inc. (NNN) will host its Garden ... There’s also a vegetable garden, and both spaces are no-herbicide, no pesticide efforts that strive to be eco-friendly to birds and insects. There is a garden that ... August 9, 2014


Clarence Double-Sided Garden Wall Bracket Clock 44cm (17") Review

Rosamariavxu 01.05.15

Clarence Double-Sided Garden Wall Bracket Clock 44cm (17") Review