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DIY Gabion Walls

July 14, 2018

Here is a quick tutorial of how I build my own gabion walls from standard concrete remesh and galvanized wire. They are simple to build and can be filled with ...

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The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach gets colorized

The firm's iconic white birdcage chandeliers, which Ms. Draper first used in New York City's Metropolitan Museum cafeteria, are scaled down for the hotel's lobby. Two of the originals are at The Grand on Michigan's Mackinac Island, and one graces the ... November 3, 2014

Why I've given up on antiquing in China

Low-slung, curved metal-framed and preferably upholstered in green leather. The kind we like to imagine would have Dongtai Road was principally a road full of birdcages, green desk lamps and retro tin trays. But to the expat hipster, hoping to find ... June 2, 2015

Cheap toy roundup: 2012 edition

As for the birdcage, balls, and little make-your-own dice, the packaging suggests you're supposed to put the balls on the birdcage and spin it until they fall off, which doesn't exactly sound like a dollar's worth of fun. Perhaps you're supposed to ... December 21, 2012

How to be a tourist in Chicago

The fountain holds a million and a half gallons of recirculating water. To see this watery old friend anew, try looking at it while standing between the two curved walls of Richard Serra's minimalist sculpture Reading Cones (at 301 E. Monroe), which ... June 5, 2013

1905 Floods: A First Hand Account

We are just beginning to find out the exact spots where chairs may be planted so as to avoid the searching draughts which go far to make our happy home like a very airy sort of bird-cage. Well! we might have been . As we had arranged for a four o ... October 28, 2014

The Story of Lady and the Tramp Part Two

The Siamese troublemaking cats, Si and Am, peer hungrily from the curved opening at the top of an authentic Queen Anne high chest at a tropical Angelfish swimming below in a bowl. From a tall, twisting white stand hangs a simple birdcage that houses ... October 16, 2013

Celebrity MasterChef: She boils over quicker than Gregg Wallace, yet JANET ...

From 8am till midnight, day in and day out, we've been ordered about by egotistical chefs in Michelin-starred kitchens while cooking complicated dishes against the clock for disgruntled customers. Hotting up: Janet I actually cooked my pheasant ... August 30, 2013


The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach gets colorized - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

-- Facelifts are as common as blue skies in Palm Beach, so it was only a matter of time before the famed Colony Hotel had some work done. Taking the 67-year-old hotel from worn to wonderful, from staid to stunning was renowned interior designer Carleton Varney. Known as “Mr. Color,” he used pinks and greens, sea blue and coral to bring out the Southern charm of the family-owned hotel that is steps away from the shopping mecca of Worth Avenue. Since 1947, the hotel has hosted the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, President Bill Clinton, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra and many more famous names. Updating and redecorating all 90 rooms, suites and villas has cost between $9 million and $10 million, according to hotel manager Roger Everingham. He has redone many of Palm Beach’s major hotels including The Breakers and The Brazilian Court. The renovation’s grand re-opening celebration was held last month, with Mr. Varney hosting a soriee for nearly 400 guests including Rosamond Clark, the matriarch of the family who owns the hotel, along with her daughter, Valarie McNally, and son,... Guests also included Pittsburgh Varney fans Nancy Kmiec and Sandy and Richard Roberts of Roberts Jewelers. As president and owner of Dorothy Draper & Co. the oldest design firm in the United States, Mr. Varney’s signature style is rooted in that of his mentor, Ms. Draper, and her flair for the dramatic and dynamic. “The real secret is color,” says Mr. Varney.

Why I've given up on antiquing in China - (blog)

All my friend wanted to buy was a couple of classic 1920s lounge chairs. Low-slung, curved metal-framed and preferably upholstered in green leather. But the closure of Shanghai’s most famous antiques-ish market on Dongtai Road this year has put such simple furniture dreams even further out of reach. Dongtai Road was principally a road full of birdcages, green desk lamps and retro tin trays. But to the expat hipster, hoping to find an authentic retro chair or two, it gave us a reason to hope. Shanghai’s retro furniture market is far from thriving. Ask where you can buy cheap, second-hand furniture and you’ll be directed to shops selling old ‘80s desk chairs and leatherette three-piece suites. However, my expat friends and I are hardened hipsters at heart, and continue to believe that we are just one furniture warehouse away from an authentic bargain. This is how my eight-month pregnant friend and I ended up an hour away from home last weekend, wandering around a vast, dusty warehouse looking for furniture.

Cheap toy roundup: 2012 edition - A.V. Club

Every year, The A. V. Club ventures into the skeeziest, sleaziest dollar stores that haven’t yet collapsed under the weight of their own grime, and scans the shelves and walls for the toys that convey the important holiday message, “Eh, good enough. ” As always, Cheap Toy Roundup aims to help modern-day Scrooges with a guide to the money-saving joys of inexpensive toys, for those who care enough to pay the very least. As everyone who saw the Disney movie knows, the Native American princess Pocahontas was a real historical figure who fell in love with English soldier John Smith, sang him a bunch of pretty, consciousness-raising songs, saved his life when her... That history isn’t entirely reflected in this toy, which was apparently created with the understanding that Pocahontas was some kind of red-headed, ass-kicking action-movie heroine who saved John Smith by flashing her considerable cleavage at his... Bet this Pocahontas doesn’t hang around singing with a cute raccoon and hummingbird all day. In case the term “flarp” isn’t evocative enough, the front of the package of this three-pack of “stink bags” works overtime to telegraph what’s inside: “Stinky.

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20 hidden spots in Sonoma County

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Death is just a lonely visitor

As I worked at my book-cluttered desk early Monday morning ... to be squawking in code much like an alarm clock signals a reluctant riser it's time to wake up. When I finally looked up, there she stood her bird-feeder ground -- and that ground was bone ... July 19, 2015

Nerd decor takes on a modern, tasteful look

A couple of years ago at C2E2, during the second edition of the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, I bought a small terra cotta pot from an older man seated at a table. He never looked ... Wars" toys into our frozen garden in winter and imagine I had ... July 19, 2015

Woodshop has long history of giving

Children were told about how to preserve the birdhouse and how to attract the bird that would live ... free libraries, garden benches, and many other specialized items. A display book at the registration desk at the center can be viewed to see these ... July 18, 2015

Crows provide morning entertainment

My daily routine begins around 5:45 a.m. when my alarm clock — also known as my cat — awakens me ... I sit in my spot at the breakfast table and stare through the window, and that is when each day I witness a murder. I don’t pick up the phone and ... July 18, 2015

Wish List: Delicious new buys for your home

Hoxton 1-drawer chests €365, Hoxton double bedstead €914 Grey Matalasse cushion €52 Juxtapose jacquard double duvet set €104, Yellow Geometric bedspread €111 Kennedy grey table lamp € ... Clocks are a necessary ingredient ... July 18, 2015


Top 10 Memo Holders - best buy

dickhub 05.21.15

1. Creative Co-Op Metal Birdcage Card and Photo Holder, Rust 2. Rustic Wood Wall Mounted Mail Sorter Key Hook Organizer Rack w/ Black Memo Bulletin Chalk Board Sign 3. Displays2go Set of 50, Tabletop Photo Holders with Alligator Clasp for Pictures, Memos and Table Numbers -...