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Osborn Clock

July 10, 2018

1770 Antique Osborn Grandfather Clock.

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Migos: Young, Rich and Outrunning Trouble

The mood in the car feels relaxed as we cruise through the city, but there's big drama hanging over Migos. The group's third member, Quavo's cousin Offset, is languishing more than 200 miles away in a Statesboro, Georgia jail tonight due to an ... June 24, 2015

Emmanuel Mudiay's Arrival Expedites Ty Lawson's Departure from Denver Nuggets

He's an athletic beast with the potential to develop into an oversized Russell Westbrook or John Wall. If his shooting ability catches up to the rest of his skills, Mudiay could emerge as one of the league's elite floor generals. Even if Lawson remains ... July 12, 2015

D'Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson Pairing Can Unlock L.A. Lakers' Future

But for the moment, the real excitement pertains to what's become of a young backcourt that suddenly includes two oversized point guards with all kinds of upside. Their promise is so intriguing that Bryant may spend some time at the 3 spot this season, ... June 27, 2015

Harrisburg Symphony Society Showhouse & Gardens 2015

“The room has the wonderful symmetry that's typical of Georgian.” The fictional user of this space, as imagined by Gantt, is a clock collector. Letitia, goddess of the home, oversees the room from the mantelpiece clock, while other antique clocks tick ... July 8, 2015


Georgia forward Cameron Forte (11) reacts after a Georgia player is called for a foul during an NCAA college basketball game between against South Carolina on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015, in Athens, Ga. (AP Photo/Athens Banner-Herald, AJ Reynolds).... February 18, 2015

The 25 Best Stats of the NBA's 25 All-Stars

The NBA announced the reserves for the 2015 All-Star Game on Thursday, a group highlighted by three Atlanta Hawks (Jeff Teague, Paul Millsap and Al Horford) and three first-time selections (Teague, Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler). As usual, the ... January 31, 2015

Christie: Liberal New Jersey prepared me for presidency

Republican Chris Christie said he wanted to explain to Iowans how the state where he's governor has helped prepare him to be president of the United States. New Jersey, he said during a speech in Iowa Monday night, was just named one of the most ... February 9, 2015


Harrisburg Symphony Society Showhouse & Gardens 2015 - Harrisburgmagazine

A gleaming 21st- century chandelier dangling over a 19th-century Steinway. Past, meet present – 1860, meet 2015. This is Lindenwood: A Country Destination. It’s the Harrisburg Symphony Society Showhouse & Gardens 2015 – the society’s seventh showhouse, where the region’s noted interior and outdoor designers decorate in their own unique flair, space by space. As showhouse co-chair Debra Yates puts it, “You walk in and feel that it’s taking you back in time, but then you come up to the 20th century, too. The setting is Lindenwood Farm, a sylvan hideaway outside of Mechanicsburg with history dating back to Pennsylvania’s native Shawnee and Delaware tribes. Since 1962, it has been in the Simpson family, purchased by newlyweds Jerry and Hilary Simpson and the home where they raised children (plus dogs and ponies), hosted weddings and welcomed grandchildren. “It’s a country destination where people can come and relax from the city,” says co-chair Phyllis Mooney. Maybe it’s the verdant setting. Maybe it’s the tasteful Essis & Sons carpeting guiding visitors from room to room. Maybe it’s the family feel and the property’s long history as a working farm. Though each of the spaces reflects the taste of the designer who got the assignment, it all flows together as if coordinated.

The 25 Best Stats of the NBA's 25 All-Stars - Bleacher Report

For the second consecutive season, NBA fans are seeing the Toronto Raptors point guard like never before. Both his 19. 4 points-per-game scoring average and 21. 8 player efficiency rating are personal bests for the nine-year veteran. There may have been some concern that last season's breakout had something to do with his impending free agency, but he got paid last summer. That's how the Cleveland Cavaliers have fared without LeBron James this season. The first James-less victory came against a Charlotte Hornets team that had lost four games in a row. 28 against Portland, required an NBA season-high 55 points from point guard Kyrie Irving. Even without an established criteria in place for the NBA MVP award, you'd think Cleveland's performance with and without James would make for quite the compelling argument. The Cavs are 15. 5 points per 100 possessions better when he plays. "And you don't have to look very far at our record to see what impact he has on this team when he's playing and not playing. Since taking a two-week break to recover from multiple injuries, James has averaged an absurd 30. 5 points on 50. 6 percent shooting, 6. 8 rebounds, 6. 4 assists and 2. 0 steals. A sore wrist sidelined him for Cleveland's last game, but that's been the only thing capable of stopping him lately.

Christie: Liberal New Jersey prepared me for presidency -

Republican Chris Christie said he wanted to explain to Iowans how the state where he's governor has helped prepare him to be president of the United States. New Jersey, he said during a speech in Iowa Monday night, was just named one of the most liberal states in America. "Now I came in with someone today, and he said, 'Gosh if you ever did run for president, if you ever did become president, how would you be ready to deal with the Congress. "I said, 'Listen, I've dealt with the Legislature in New Jersey for five years. As folks in Iowa will probably recall, this is a group of people that twice passed a ban on gestational crates for pigs, yet we produce almost no pork. MORE: Chris Christie makes Iowa trip No. 13 | Pataki, Christie to attend ag summit | How each Republican rates in new Iowa Poll. Fast-growing Dallas County has an oversized influence in GOP politics in Iowa — although its population is 10th-largest in the state, it ranked fifth for the most votes cast in the Iowa caucuses in 2012. Christie said he's heard political chatter... "I'm not too blunt, I'm not too direct to be in Iowa or any place else in this country," Christie said.

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Georgian Restoration

This 1920's Georgian-style home in Hillsborough was stripped down to ... A marriage of antiques, art and custom furniture pieces were selected to create a harmonious home. Textured wall covering to and graphic print fabrics on sofa window seat. March 4, 2015

I have been given a large (18) light brass Georgian chandelier.

it does not go with my other fixtures or hardware (oiled bronze). I would like to make it work in my foyer which has very high ceilings and white custom paneled walls. Any suggestions on how to update the look of this fixture to make it look more current ... April 22, 2014

Why the West Must Join the Ukraine Protesters

And he has been empowered by his successes in Armenian and Georgian politics, as well as in Ukraine itself—in 2010 he engineered the ouster of the government formed after the 2004 Orange Revolution that he despised. He seemed convinced that he finally ... January 26, 2014

Wallpaper designs: hanging out at home

It was Cotswold cottage, mock-Georgian or nothing, so I’m afraid we just capitulated ... Paper covers almost every wall; printed fabric hangs at every window and covers every chair, cushion, bed and light fitting. All of it has been designed by ... May 18, 2011


Active Living Oversized Digital LED Dynamic Wall Clock Review

Piedadh24 01.16.15

Active Living Oversized Digital LED Dynamic Wall Clock Review Active Living Oversized Digital LED Dynamic Wall Clock Built in Battery so it Never Loses TimeEasy to Read16-inch X 7.5-inch